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  1. Hi guys - has any of you ever used Fungus Cure to treat excessive body slime? Is it a safe treatment?
  2. They are soooo cute!! My very last baby, Lucky, was tiny for a very long time. I was actually convinced that he is a runt. I even nicknamed him Bonsai. And then, suddenly, he nearly tripled in size and caught up with everyone else in size. So who knows, maybe a growth spurt is just around the corner for your guys, too
  3. I am very happy to report that Miss Zuzanna is back to her perky self. I have no clue what was wrong with her but she is clearly happy now.
  4. Hi CourtneyandThunder I read the article - are you referring to nitrite poisoning? If so, then it is not very likely as water in the tank is being tested daily, if not twice a day (what can I say.... My dad feels very responsible for the tank gang.... Or feeling extremely bored as he has been on sick leave for month now ). As for the photo, unfortunately I am not able to provide it as I am currently away with work and my parents are looking after the tank gang. I saw Zuzanna on FaceTime and she seems to be doing much better. As a matter of fact, she was de only one active while the rest was "napping". I will see her again in about 1 hour. As for her tummy, my mum reported it looks better today. Fingers crossed she continues to improve. I am begging to think she might have "overheard" our conversation about separating her and she has decided that bottomsitting is not cool at all
  5. Hi Susanne Don't be surprise if I make appearance in LOTP
  6. Thank you so much for the check list, Koko I am hopeless with Tapatalk and I cannot find anything while using it. Hi Jared She has had peas twice in a raw; and yesterday my mum gave her a grain of Epsom in her food. She doesn't seem bloated at all. Medication: Metronidazole; Kanaplex, Triple Sulfa; Furan 2 and Bifuran; Neoplex, If she needs to be in QT then I will speak to my parents about setting up one for her. I admit, they won't be happy about it but realistically I don't see a way of treating her in the main tank.
  7. Hi guys - I haven't been here for a while and I hope you and your water pups are all fine. I am worried about Zuza. So far she has been in good health (she is 2 years old), except for occasional issues with SB. But for the last 4 days she has been bottomsitting pretty much non stop. She doesn't get excited when she sees me or my parents but she eats ok. She is not really clamping, and she doesn't have any other symptoms (though her belly is red from sitting). I am baffled as to what may be wrong with her. Any suggestions regarding appropriate course of action? Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 15ppm Ph: 8 Recent treatment: 6 rounds of prazi throughout November and December 2014. Metronidazole added at some point as everyone in tank reacted to Prazi. In February we lost Bandit - he was sick since September; his symptoms were similar - bottomsitting and gasping.
  8. Beautiful tank, Isa! And your fish are gorgeous!
  9. I am slowly loosing hope with Bandit. I just watched him on Skype and he is not doing well. Last week I started him on Medigold as he started deteriorating rapidly - almost no control over swimming, sinking, spitting out all the food, bloody tail, clamping. He started looking much better 48 hrs after first dose of Medigold. Today is Day 7 and he is getting worse again. This is also 3rd round of Prazi.
  10. Poor girl! Fingers crossed she recovers quickly! My parents are doing the best. Within these past weeks they learnt which behaviours are normal and which are not. They noticed deterioration in Bandits health and called me immediately. I got back home yesterday and noticed few more things. I need to have an action plan in place as I will be leaving in two days time
  11. Thank you, Kat. I am at my wits end with him. Hope Big Red is doing better x
  12. Hi Jared - he was on MMs for 30 days because he hasn't fully recovered when he approached 14th day of treatment. Only around day 20th he seemed to be back to normal. I really don't like the way he acts. He is bottom sitting, has hard time swimming, he eats but a lot of it is spitter out, his tail is ripped in couple of places and red veins are prominent again. Two other fish are pouty, too, but no one is as severely affected as him.
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