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  1. Have to say I like Your Method of decto. hehe
  2. Oh forgot to say, when you see there starting to get worn out, replace half at a time With New. This will save alot of Your good bio.
  3. All you need to do is rince it in tank water, when cleaning the filter. You might have lost some good bio then you threw them out. Would test the NeXT week or so, to know for sure.
  4. Sorry I missed you, my husband was playing around with my new touch screen while I was trying to type and your quote got deleted! Thank you. They really are still babies even though I've been able to sex everyone except Baldrick. \i'm really enjoying watching their growth and look forward to much more. LOL No problem. Glad you can sex them already, they still look so baby. Hope you enjoy them for meny years to come.
  5. Best of Luck, With getting them a New tank.
  6. Everyone looks so healthy.
  7. know what you mean, there`s always one that need`s help that you just can`t pass up. But you have done an awesome job With its Health. Would have never guessed it was as bad. Well done on these healthy Fish...
  8. Sounds good that he is acting normal and eatting,,, good sign. Would still give him another safer Place to hide than just under the Wood. (small Cave )
  9. Thank you. I leaned long ago, clean water and Fish can fight off alot. Try to keep the tank as stress free as you can. Dose he have Places to hide beside under the Wood ?
  10. Iam no help, because I`ve never seem the likes, but to me kinda looks like you might of got him With moving the Wood, Its to clean of a hole. How long have you had him ? How old is he ? Right now I would keep the water 100% clean. With WC`s every day. And add some raw Fish to his Food. Entil they can figher out whats going on. Good Luck and wishing the best.
  11. She has changed so much, can`t wait to see her in 6 months time. She`s awesome.....
  12. Sorry Your going through this. But wishig for the best for you both.
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