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  1. Would the eggs still stick if they weren't fertilized?
  2. It's actually a goldfish pond with 4 comets and 20-30 guppies, i don't think it's poop because while I was looking at strands I saw my biggest fish poop and it's brown, the guppys could be mosquito fish but I just know them to be guppys do they lay eggs?
  3. Just feeding my fish and noticed about five short strands of white stuff? I did take a pic but very hard to see Do eggs float, sink? Do they even look like that or are they layed in singles? Should I try remove them as I have lots of guppys?
  4. Her scales are definatly not raised it seems to be the ripples in water along with her pattern that makes it look that way, will have parameters up later if not first thing tomorrow.
  5. What I meant was swelling is both sides but a little more on left side my other fish are all normal and she still eats and swims fine
  6. It is a bit asymmetrical, what does it mean if it is?
  7. The fishes belly is really firm scales arnt raised at all. She is a even swimmer ( not staying on bottom or top) please help now I'm scared for my fish, I will buy a test kit first thing tomorrow
  8. it might just be me but I looks like pine coneing but with out a direct above pic I can't be sure Sorry to bud in Pine coneing??
  9. Sorry what do you mean parameters? Will get back to you soon
  10. Here I have the biggest of my 4 fish (the large red and white) not sure on the sex but the belly is very swollen and has been for about 2 weeks, the last 2 days the little one pictured has been chasing her and also the other two, I want them to have babies but have little knowledge on raising fry. If anyone could help I'd be really grateful. Thanks
  11. Update on my pond!! Finally finished and fish back in, of course the day after I finished we had a big wind and it blew heaps of dust in it but I'm so happy!! My fish stand out so well in here! Today I saw some chasing going on if anyone could give me tips in breeding in a pond, I have a smaller tank indoors I could transfer to, but I have no idea on how to move eggs safely.
  12. Thanks, could you tell me what other goldfish would go well with these? I want some fancies but dot want them to be eaten will fancies get this big (20cm)?
  13. I bought this house 3 months ago and fish were here the pond is 1500 lt, before I cleaned it last week it was disgusting and there were heaps of spots he could of been hiding I also have 3 comets ranging 20-30 cm. I haven't had much to do with fish before but I love these guys and want to expand or breed more! This guy Just surprised me when I was cleaning and fixing the pond I had no idea he was there
  14. Thanks for that I'm pretty sure it wasn't there 2 months ago, there are plenty of spots to hide, it's about 7-9 cm how fast do they grow?
  15. Can comets and commons breed? I would love babies!
  16. I was hoping one of my larger comets gave birth to it, wonder how it got there? Haha
  17. Thanks! I've got eight teirs of garden around it that I'm doing up to!! I'll post pics when finished
  18. I don't know what the pump was but I plan on getting a bigger one or one suitable for the size before fish go back in, is it true the pump needs to pump the total amount of litres in pond per hour?
  19. A lady at my local fish store said my pond most likely holds 1500 liters based on te same dimensions I gave above, so that should mean I could hold more then four fish.
  20. I live in Victoria aus and I'm redoing my pond and want to give my comets somewhere to breed and hide I have two sepperate Lilly's ATM one planted and one that looks like it detached from original and just floats but I don't really like the looks of the Lilly. I've read grass is good for breeding but I want to keep the floor of pond relatively clean from dirt and stuff. Any suggestions?
  21. Oh that's good news do you know if mosquito fish are a good diet or them? They won't eat anything else!
  22. How big can comets really get in cm please, my two white ones are around 25cm each my large gold and white is 30 cm and small gold and white is around 10-15 cm I don't know their ages
  23. Just did a google search and they are most likely mosquito fish
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