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  1. Aww so cute! I love the coloring on his tail. Congrats on your new baby
  2. I still couldn't find the legal limit of ammonia in our tap water ...but Clementine seems much more active, and the cloudyness on her eyes seems better.
  3. It is very plausible, and PE may have demonstrated it. The only thing is detecting ammonia in the tap with our test kit doesn't actually tell us if it's actually ammonia in the tap, or chloramine. Both will register as ammonia with the API ammonia drop test. Flips, we actually need to find out if it's ammonia, chloramine, or both. PinkElephant, could you call your water utility and ask them: 1. if they use chloramine instead of chlorine, and 2. if there is ammonia in the tap? Thanks. My water department uses chloramine...I am having a hard time with figuring out how much ammonia is supposed to be in the tap. The water dep. isn't very friendly. I am working on getting a pic up. She seems a little more active, but one of her eyes seems better, the other seems like it has a growth on it? I did a 60% water change, added prime and salt...
  4. Yes, I have a bubble curtain. Will the cloudy eye heal over time? I'm worried about her
  5. Let me post again, that way my parameters are all in one place. pH (in tank): 8.0 Ammonia (in tank): .25ppm Nitrite (in tank): 2.0 ppm Nitrate (in tank): 10 ppm --- pH (tap): 7.8 ammonia (tap): 1.0 ppm almost 2.0 ppm. nitrite (tap): 0 ppm nitrate (tap): 5.0 ppm
  6. In order to get the toxins down you will have to change more than 30% If you have almost 2ppm ammonia, then by changing 30% water you will only remove 30% of the ammonia, meaning the level will be at about 1.4ppm, which is still too high. You will want to do water changes as big as possible, around 75% Okay, I can do a water change now, should I add extra prime instead of the normal dosage? or salt?
  7. I did a 30% water change today (added prime) and the day before we added 2 teaspoons of salt... pH (tap): 7.8 ammonia (tap): 1.0 ppm almost 2.0 ppm. nitrite (tap): 0 ppm nitrate (tap): 5.0 ppm
  8. It was completely cycled before all this... pH (in tank): 8.0 Ammonia (in tank): .25ppm Nitrite (in tank): 2.0 ppm Nitrate (in tank): 10 ppm
  9. Two days ago, my husband did a water change, and forgot to add Prime He realized about two hours after and one of our fish died! He immediately added in the conditioner and figured our second fish was okay. When I saw her in the morning she was at the bottom of the tank, gulping and had cloudy eyes. We moved her to a smaller tank and made sure to give her oxygen. By the next day she was moving more and eating okay...so I switched her back to the tank. She still has cloudy eyes and her fin is a little frayed at the end (( Will her eyes and fins heal? Is there anything I can to help her?
  10. the temperature usually ranges from 75-80 without ice bags. So it would be better not to worry??
  11. I didn't know where to post this...hopefully it's in the right spot =/ I live in Texas and my mother keeps the house super hot because she is always cold... I always have to keep 1-2 ziploc bags filled with ice in my tank. I am constantly refilling them once the ice melts. This keeps the temperature around 73-74 degrees. I bought some ice packs today...I am afraid that the tank will get too hot in the summer because I won't be home as often to put in some ice bags. Is there an easier way to cool off the tank?
  12. I got rocks from outside. I boiled them, but I've heard rinsing the well should be good enough
  13. The water is polished better if it's on low. You can try it on low if you like...just make sure that poop etc can still get sucked up. Okay did the 100% water change, added the seachem prime and salt. And will continue you doing this until cycled. Thank you dnalex and everyone else that helped
  14. Also...I have a fluval 110, would it be better to keep it on low or high? The box said it filters better on low, but I'm not sure what is best
  15. Thank you for all you help dnalex! When my tank is done cycling, what should all the levels read?
  16. TANK: Ammonia: 0.25 PH: 7.8 Nitrates: 10 or 20 ppm...I can't really tell, they look the same color on the chart. Nitrites: 2.0...looks the same in the pic I took. It could be worse than 2. ^^ on the right is the tap,
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