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  1. this one http://www.seahorseaquariums.com/JBL-Sansibar-Black-Sand-5kg//5563
  2. the tank is 340 liters . At first Mr crabs my 10 year old gold fish did try to catch and eat the danio's . but they are to fast and he's to old lol. So he has given up. They all get on fine . the danio's are very bold little fish and have no fear. they come up to you to be fed and will even take food from the bigger ones. Thay can dart very quickly about and Kimmy the subunkin even plays with them
  3. Is that what ? what ? yes they love it. the Dojo's love all the extra space and too
  4. Well I finely Got my new tank set up
  5. you can get the kits on ebay too.
  6. first and forgive me if i am wrong.I would not be adding bacteria. You need to do water changes every day for a month. you need a Air stone too, as that get more oxygen in to the water. you need to stop feeding the ill fish as he may be constipated. so give him a day of no food and then offer half a pea. water changes every day will help to control the Amonia . do a 50% water change a day and a 90% water change ones a week for at least a month .
  7. Used the windscreen kit on it today. Don't know it its helped but the scratches do look a bit better. think they where not deep enough really. tank now stinks of the stuff. will put the silicon on tomorrow. that's about all i can do ,so should be ok . will then need to fill it up and run it for a day then do a water change to make sure there's no toxins in there. I wish i didn't worry about things so much
  8. I think I am over overreacting but im going to air on the side of caution. Tomorrow I am going to get a Windshield Repair Kit and use it on any scratches that worry me. then i will silicone them. wait two days and start my set up again
  9. Moved the Danios out today in to a small tank. just waiting for the silicone to come so i can cover the deep scratches . have added the second lot of sand. All this has set back my cycling .which is very very frustrating .
  10. I cant go out or i will miss my delivery of more sand lol
  11. yes the scratches are only on the inside. I dont think they are cracks just deep scratches .the outside glass is fine
  12. Had a better look with a torch. it seems to be either a deep scratch or a hair line crack. Also found another on the front. so im going to waite for the silicone to come and will treat both just to be on the safe side
  13. Right i decided to drain the water and have a look. but now i cant find it ???? i cant see anything. i cant even feel where it was.
  14. I have Ordered some silicone repair , wlll drain the water out in the morning and have a good look
  15. I wont know for sure if its a crack till I take all the water out as its quite low down. the tank has quite a few scratches being old. but only this one looks black through the water ?
  16. I was taking a photo when i came across this crack. its about a inch long. I can only see it through the side of the tank. and when i run my hand over it i can feel it like a scratch on the inside .what should I do ?
  17. what is the best natural control? shrimp , plec?
  18. its got a red tint to it . my fella keeps calling it the red weed from WOTW lol
  19. Is this Red Algae? if not what is it, and is it good or bad for my fish ? this is a cold water tank
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