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  1. Guys i need your help with my black moor Lucy. Shes laying on one side , the left side of her belly its swollen . She still eats but cant swim ,or swim erratic ,like angry when i touch her . Recently i see under belly like red long line , like shes bleeding. I put her to 20 gallon hospital tank and Aqua clear 70 filter from main tank so i don't have problem with water quality.I think is some kind bacterial infection that attack her internally . Shes still eats .Wright now i put seachem kanaplex to water . should i add aquarium salt ? I also don't see any fecal matter , no poo. I feed her peas so i see little poo but not much .Please guys if you have any idea what is wrong with her . Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10 PH 7.6
  2. You think they have a parasites ? Yes they in Hospital tank 10 gallon
  3. I am in New York , no they still seating in the corner . : (
  4. I put little bit of pellet the Tomek which is smaller fish eats a little and Teresa the bigger fish eats one or two and they go back sitting in the corner . From time to time they changing the corners that's all they doing . The poop is light like coffee with milk and is 2 inch long maybe shorter . Than you all of you guys for trying help me with this fishies i hope we figured out something together.
  5. i think they have some kind infection i don;t think the healthy fish acts like this.
  6. The two fish is my sisters , maybe they depressed i don't really know. I change the water maybe they come out from this .
  7. I change the water 100 % i matched the temperature and PH , I hope the behavior change . I will wait and see.
  8. the Ph in the top is the same . The hospital tank is 10 gallon , i put 1 tea spoon of epsom salt . Im afraid to put more.
  9. i change the water every 4 to 5 days usually 50 to 60 %
  10. ammonia 0 , nitrite 0 , nitrate 20 ppm , Ph 6.8 this is my tank which is running for 2 years , i have 2 emperor 400 filters and aqua top CF 500 canister filter . I am using pond matrix in my canister filter which is great keep my ammonia down , For conditioner i use seachem Prime . temperature in the tank 73 i have a 75 gallon tank with 5 goldfish . To this time they eat saki Hikari pellets , brine shrimp , peas , broccoli , i feed them only twice a day . I do not overfeed them. No new fish added to a tank accept the two of my sisters fish. i put little epsom salt and melafix with pimafix only to the hospital tank where the two goldfish are wright now. most of the goldfish are small like 4 to 5 inches .they was ok and happy but last Monday i see Teresa is seating in the corner and she dose that every since. My top water are good no ammonia nitrite or nitrate , i didn't check the kh gh and chloramine i don't have a test for that , I use Prime to condition the new water.
  11. Thats the thing they don't have anything on the body the tail i look closely i don't see anything. They seating all the time in the corners refuse to eat anything, Thats why i am worry , I really dont know what is wrong with them, Nobody bother them in the tank also. I thought the big one fish was bloated i put little epsom salt and give them peas they eat little not much and they poo . But now getting even worse they refuse to eat and freaking out when i walk close to them.
  12. I dont know how to post a picture or video i tried but i couldn't ,
  13. Thank you for answering , Actually this is my sisters fish she died in October 2013 from cancer. I have my own 75 gallon tank i put them in there with my goldfish , My tank is running for two years . My ammonia is 0 , nitrite 0, nitrate 20 and PH is 6.8 but i have very soft water my sisters aquarium was the same she lives in the same city. Believe it or not she keep 2 goldfish and one gourami together , they were rays together she have aquarium for three years with out the fish being sick. I see her seat at the bottom of tank and sometimes she lay on the side cant get up so i put her in the hospital tank 10 gallon and i put epsom salt, dont feed her for 2 days and today i feed her peas but i put close to her mouth she eats and seats again.the other goldfish start seating today the same way so i put her in 10 gallon hospital tank with the other fish, sometimes i think they depress or something, I also put melafix and pimafix to the tank. I don't know what to do . I don't want to loose this goldfish that's all i have from my sister i don't want to loss them too.
  14. Please anyone can help me ? My goldfish suddenly starts seating in the bottom of tank . I really dont know what is wrong with her. Sometimes she changes corners and seats in there, I did not feed her for two days then i give her peas , she eats but not much and seats again, Please help me Angelica
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