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  1. Happy birthday Waldo!!! Your fish are so pretty - and those ranchus are such cuties!!!
  2. Thanks so much, everyone!!! I'll tell Mr. B that Chai has given him a run for his money in the favorites department It's funny - I actually didn't even get a sense of the pompoms until Chai arrived at my door! They don't really photograph well, and are even prettier in person! I'll try to take a video sometime...it's a bit hard with my iphone camera. These photos were all taken with a DSLR. As far as the glass snail: I wish I could tell you guys where I got it!! My mom brought it back for me probably 10 years ago from a trip to Bermuda, and it had just been sitting around my house until I decided to add it to the tank one day. I really like it and will probably try to find some more glass animals to add someday The eggs: those are from my ONE nerite snail!!! She's by herself, the only one left out of 5 that died 2 years ago. She just keeps laying and laying...everywhere. She's even laid eggs on TOP of the mystery snails! I'll have to get a pic of that sometime The fishies humbly thank you for all your kind comments!!!
  3. Hi everyone! I know it's been such a long time since I last posted anything besides sick fish, but I've finally got a few free minutes to show you how the tank has been doing over these past few months! As many of you know, I had to euthanize Speckle in November. She was suffering from issues related to her swim bladder, and her abdomen had become soft and swollen I was very sad to see her go...she was my very first fish and I had a great attachment to her. In addition, I had to euthanize my ranchu Dorito in December also due to swim bladder issues. Dorito had been a sinker for months, and was at the point where he (found that out towards the end) could no longer move up from the bottom of the tank. He had developed lesions from sitting on the bottom for so long...I didn't think it was right to let him live like that. He went peacefully and let out a big sigh as he fell asleep. I knew I had made the right decision. I got another fish in December - Chai, a pompom oranda from Dandy Orandas! What a pleasant company to deal with Chai has thrived with her new tankmates, and holds her own against Mr. B!!! My tank dynamic feels "just right" now with 2 females and 3 males. My nitrates have been high lately, so I'm doing some more frequent water changes. All in all...despite the tragedy of losing two fish so close together, things seem to be going well *fingers crossed* Without further ado, pictures! Chai! Isn't she pretty? Clem says hello Before Dorito passed...you can see where he would sit. Anyway, Mr. B, Clem, and Chai dancing! Pickle, Chai, and Marshmallow (foraging) Mr. B!!! Everyone's fave. Marshmallow What a pretty little chu! Mr. B getting some booty - Chai's tail is a bit nipped up here. It has completely healed since I took these photos Last but not least...Clem getting a yawn in! I'll be sure to post more often with photos, everyone. Thanks for all your help and love!
  4. This thread really took off while I wasn't looking! Thanks for all the input I'll probably try and get some earthworms when the weather warms up, but for now I'm sticking to the usual food...repashy!
  5. They are, unfortunately, out of business! But as far as food goes, I can suggest a few brands that I like! I mostly use New Life Spectrum Thera A+ (and their Goldfish blend), which my fish love and are doing very well on. I also love Repashy soilent green gel food. It's easy to mix, can be frozen for later, and the fish love it! Good luck finding something new...I'm sure more members will come help you, but there are a lot of good food brands out there.
  6. It's a sausage fest in my tank, because there are so many males!!! That's all I mean...now I'm confused lol
  7. Sorry, the name of what?You said you couldn't say the name cuz it was a sausage fest. That's the name i want I think Lacey said can't say the same Haha! Yup, I said the same I wish I had another female in there!
  8. My tank is a sausage fest (lol) so unfortunately I can't say the same. They don't fight any more, but there was a time where a few males came into sexual maturity at the same time and that was rough.
  9. I find this very interesting! I definitely think he's the boss-man, and he totally knows it. When Clem (my fantail) sexually matured I thought I was going to have to give one of them away, because Mr. B was tearing him up. Then, they established something in their fish-way and they've been fine ever since. But he's always the first to the food, the first to the booty (when Speckle was alive)...if he's not first, he fights the other fish. This would be interesting data to collect, I agree!
  10. Haha!! Glad I could bring some smiles!!
  11. Thanks, Helen!!! I was getting all worried after Speckle got so sick. It just looks like Mr. B wants to make sure everyone knows he's the big man of the tank In any case, I'm going to make absolutely certain that whatever fish I decide to add to the tank, in Speckle's place, will be female.
  12. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where the right place is to put this!! So if a mod thinks this board is wrong, please feel free to move the post elsewhere Don't worry, no one else is sick, I hope!! I've attached a recent photo of Mr. B. I realized when I took it that it looks like his breeding stars have expanded...everywhere. But...they don't do that, right? He's not showing any symptoms of ich - no itching, darting, loss of appetite, anything. His behavior hasn't changed at all. No white dots on any of his fins, just on the scales and front rays of his pectorals. None of the other fish in the tank have anything like this going on, but Mr. B is always establishing his territory and has pretty much deemed himself king of the tank. I have 3 males besides him in there, one female (but that's Dorito...so no breeding there) What do you think? Ich, or a need for some booty?
  13. Yeah she is still the same today. Still eating, still looking fine. I'll just keep an eye on her, and if she gets really bad I'll decide from there. It does seem like she might just be like this... Thank you all so much for all your help, now and always. I'm hoping to make some update posts soon, so you all can see how all the HEALTHY ones are doing!
  14. Just wanted to update everyone - I got home from vacation today and everyone was fine, Dorito was still the same. I've done the "silver bath" with her today, and so far no changes! I'll let you know how things progress
  15. Mine used to do that! I didn't get rid of it until I started using a canister filter on my tank. I have no idea where it came from, but I thought it might be the prime coming out of the water. Anyone else experienced this? I have a 2 gallon bottle of prime, and sometimes it drips...underneath it is this same salty deposit. I'm wondering if components of the water conditioner might separate after making contact with air. Good luck!
  16. Im sorry hun.. Are you still using the silver hun.... I think Dorito may be a permit sitter I actually ran out, and am waiting for a new bottle to come in the mail. Any new instructions once it does, or should I do what I've been doing?
  17. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words. I'm going to keep track of Dorito, and perhaps start a new thread after I get back from being away next week documenting the process with her so far. Maybe, from there, I can figure out some kind of solution. You've all been wonderful and I thank you for your knowledge, thoughts, and support.
  18. So, Dorito is still the same, but tonight I euthanized Speckle. She went peacefully in a bath of clove oil and tank water...I was going to wait, but after I fed her a pea I watched her and she could barely even chew it. The poor fish must have been starving...she was so hungry, but couldn't chew. Her lower abdomen is all black and blue now that she's gone...I think I made the right decision, though I don't know what was wrong with her. She'll leave a big gap in my heart. Thank you, especially, Helen - your video on euthanasia made things much easier for me. I'll keep everyone updated on Dorito, and hopefully won't have to go this route again. RIP, Speckle...
  19. I want to give an update. I may be euthanizing Speckle tonight, if you all think this is something past saving. I just went over to the tank to see how she was doing and lightly feel her abdomen...it is nothing but squishy, and looks swollen she looks tired and sore, though she's not dropsying. I know I've seen on here that squishy abdomen is bad....any thoughts? I'll be in all night. I have clove oil.
  20. Speckle has still not gotten better, and is listing in the corner of the tank. Still floating upside down, on the same side. As sad as I am, I can't bear for her to live like this...I want to make some kind of ultimatum and at this point it's looking like Sunday. I leave for 5 days on Monday. Do I start the MMs, or not? What do I do?
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