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  1. What is a bio wheel filter? just read that these are the best for non canaster filters... what are peoples thoughts on them?
  2. oh sorry not that the fish breeding is unnatural but i feel it would be unnatural to try and stop it.
  3. Hey thank you all. sorry i get a wordy....I was wondering for a few reason mostly just out of curiosity and reproduction in so natural that I feel like it would be a bad thing for to try and stop them. but still the idea still came to me so thats why i was asking. I dont mind her dropping eggs or cleaning the tank, all the critters in the tank eat them before i really need to get in there any way . I do worry about her getting egg bound. Is there a way to tell if she might be? what are the raeson behind a lady fish becoming egg bound? (sorry if there is a thread on this already let me know or if it should be) but do males spawn and cover the eggs and tank in their milt? (is that the right term with goldfish) I read some stuff on line and then read some threads about people thinking their fish have spawned and they may have fertile eggs but nothing about the water in the tank be milky due to the males input in the possess? (should I start this in another thread?)
  4. Can you discourage fishies to breed? I feel like it is totally unnatural and possibly departmental to the fishies health in the long run. but im still wondering. I assume its better to just let it happen and clean out the eggs? Ranchu dropped eggs the other day not long after doing a water change she did this last year too when the weather temp was changing but she lived by her self then. Now she has a cute tankmate and it has quickly became an on again off again romance. The little oranda chases her like crazy being um...well...all up in her grill…so to say… :S Is he (i am assuming a he still) trying to spawn with her or is he eating the eggs super fresh?! They have only been together a month. She is a year old and 4” he is close to 2” age not sure. What age do males start to show they are males and able to produce milt to fertilize eggs? also is there a gentics chart any where as to what characteristic are recessive, dormant and all that jazz?
  5. in summer i will throw in a quater piece size of frozen orange every now and then with no rhine. Ranchu thrashes it about taking bites or sometimes she will just push it around till its no longer cold. I scoop out what ever is left after an hour. when i make it small like one bite size she does not care about it so i think it is more for a bit of entertainment. Frozen peas are good any time of year but no skin. I defrost one a bit under running water pop it out of the skin and in to the tank. I always leave them whole so she can play with it and work on it she was pretty good at taken out chuncks now she just eats it in one go. Have tried other things but that is all she has cared for. you can get lettuce/seaweed clips from the pet store or on line its a clip with a suction cup. Your fish might like that
  6. Deffs need to make snaps smaller from now on before posting. this was taken in december. Her head has grown so much more since then so you cant see in her gills as much any more.
  7. Ranchu is missing a gill plateits. It is not so noticeable now her wen/head is getting broader. I dont think it effects her day to day but assume it will mean she wont live as long as she could... GUH how do i get photos on here? i have a real good one of the missing plate to share :/
  8. ok i have a 16 gal tank that suddenly became over crowed. It has a HOB up to 40gal @ 240gph. I want to add a canister to it for a few months till i have the space to up grade to a 50+gal. Is a 75gal with 160gph going to work now and in the future tank if i up grade the HOB to suit size of new tank. Also with filters is it safe to say that the capacity of a filter so where it says 40 gal part in the description is important as its purpose for that quality is for growing good bacteria. The GPH part only refers to the speed of moving the water through the filter and that = current of the tank and currents need to be right as not to stress and tire out the fish? AAAAAAAAAND what is the benefit of a gravel filter. Coz in my mind i see it as something that is bad and going to help harbour bad bacteria more then do something good....which im still not sure what the good is meant to be. Thank you lots.
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