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  1. I'm so sorry Allie. I was so looking forward to watch her grow.
  2. omg. those are some biggins! I've been twiddling my thumbs for three years waiting for one of mine to break 100g. gimme the veiltail!
  3. Chappie is nearing the end of his color change. and is growing a lil tumtum on him action shot of all (most?) of them. His little sister is in there. She's got floaty problems and will be moving to the 40B sometime this week. Thanks for looking!
  4. omgggg aubrey!!! :lisa: I love them both!! They are both incredible, and those taiaiiallss! They're perfect from every angle, and I love the stripes and spots. And I also like how the bluer one seems to have a two-toned wen.
  5. such a cutie It is not your usual little, compared to the tinies you normally take home Adorable, good luck!
  6. So cool!!! Way to go, and what an awesome first experience with goldfish shows!
  7. They are sooo cute! Those are gonna be some fins :o I love button eyes, and think you guys will too.
  8. woo! I thought that was him! Awesome, have a great time!
  9. Where's Waldo: The Koko Edition Awesome, congrats! Have fun with em!
  10. Seven years!!! :pease: Happy birthday, Googs!
  11. I have no suggestions, but omg I feel for you. This must be so scary! Good luck!!
  12. Love it... it 100% looks like you did a fast-forward effect on this video
  13. WOW how did i miss this!? SO cool! What an awesome job. You made it look so easy!
  14. Ohh no! Not a fun thing to watch. I hope you can find some way to help her balance.
  15. Did you all know I even have enablers at the lfs? Such a lucky girl! A month or so ago I came across a tank full of tiny celestials.... and I just couldn't not. I haven't said much about them since. :donthit Honestly they did not seem the happiest when i got them, and didn't want to make a big stink of it if it wasn't going to go well. Also, I have no real plan for them? I just needed to get them. For a number of reasons they will not be going into the big tank. I think they'll be hanging out in the 10 gallon tank for a while, until I can dig up the 20 long, and until I eventually figure out where they will be permanently. These were about a week after I got them: And Today! eheeeee! I have to say I'm pleased with their growth! Now I am, anyway! I knew the bigger one had grown a lot, but I couldn't tell if the little one did... he's always little, relative to the big one, right? But these pics seem to tell me they both have. Phew! I'll see if I can get a video of them. They are so cute and fun, little puppies.
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