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  1. Aww that is a great name!! And thankyou! Blimp is very special to me. [emoji813] He and my telescope ranchu spawned. She's kinda calico/kinda sakura. I found two eggs which became the matte white fish, and the weird sharkfin one. I think matte fish are hard to find because they're so often culled, not necessarily because they are hard to produce... i think I made a funny
  2. That's right!!Since we have the same tastes in goldfish, we should breed lol I'm looking forward to seeing your fish you could start with taking me for dinner! uuhh here are two links, both in a giant thread of pics and videos. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/118914-jenzaars-pics-and-video-place-picture-heavy/?p=1999453 http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/118914-jenzaars-pics-and-video-place-picture-heavy/?p=1991349 this post has a video of them attached
  3. matte fish and button eyes for the win! I have two matte fish, and lots of button eyes all around
  4. very cute. it'll be fun to watch them grow out
  5. oh my! Those colors are awesome!!!
  6. You've got an eye for goldies Very gorgeous fish! Does the red ranchu have matte scales?
  7. I'm late to this thread! I haven't looked at all the links supplied so maybe this has already been mentioned But on the 40B, I just got a few sheets of scrapbooking paper and taped them all together. I got this cool shiny, crinkly purple paper which 1) adds a nice texture if you don't want a flat looking back, and 2) hides the seams a little bit. Tape em, cut it to shape, add a tie-dye peace sign I have made plenty of messes on that tank (it's the one I always seems to overflow ) but it still looks good. I can't for the life of me find good full-tank shots, or the thread when I first set it up, so here's a crappy video?
  8. That fish is stunning! Mooaarrrr pics!!
  9. Ohhh it looks great! The driftwood is gorgeous! and all the fishes are
  10. thanks! thanks, I think she's really cool too. She and the matte white one that you also like are siblings. They are the kids of Blimp and Betty (the telechu) Thanks Mandy. Yeah there's really not much more to do about it, but it still makes you wonder! and get jealous!
  11. I bet Citrine will given that crazy head start, and Callisto looks like he could too. Myrtle is 2 and a half now so.. she definitely took her time woo woo!
  12. Apparently Blimp was not pleased to hear the news, and has been chasing Myrtle ever since. I'm not sure the last time i weighed her, but only a few months ago i weighed the two who seemed biggest... only to be fooled I don't mind them being smaller if they're all healthy, but i do have times of asking just ONE of them to please be a big fish!
  13. I have finally, officially, grown a fish to one hundred grams!!! :o Yeah, I know, for many of you this is nothing, but this is three years in the making and no small feat for me! I present to you Myrtle the Mammoth See, even she is shocked! woohoooo! Biff is almost 70g now - and probably the youngest in the tank - so who knows, maybe he'll be next
  14. Your tank is looking great! Plants are gorgeous too Congrats on new fishy's debut
  15. Lookin good! Robin's shape is coming so nicely... her belly too [emoji813]
  16. Woah, that is one rad looking betta! And i really love your anubias tree
  17. uuggghhhh I wish I hadn't read that last post I'm in NJ but have nononoooooo space
  18. Thank you! they're so fun! Thanks! That's Edna Thankyou Mikey. They're so wonderful
  19. Beautiful! Valentine is just :o He's beautiful, and those reds are incredible. Congrats on such an awesome score and beautiful setup
  20. Spice is magic [emoji813] It's such a good feeling when the rare handfeeder takes a bite!
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