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  1. Yeah, we're not doing well.... Setting QT back up now. He is bloated and very pineconed. Torn fins and very floaty again. Schedule from this past ordeal: Metro - 17 days, ended 12/31 Oxy - 20 days, ended 1/11 I will heat and add epsom but will not dose Metro (or anything else) without instruction.
  2. I didn't know what Yabbie meant so i just decided for myself that it was a cute dog.. a little disappointed... That's really cool! I'd want to keep it too, i think
  3. Wow Mandy!! :o They are all gorgeous! The colors on them now Pascal and Papi i think are my favorites from this batch
  4. Hey, thanks for checking in He seems great still, hopefully there won't be any need to consider another round of meds. I will keep you posted.
  5. Very cool! I have never really been a betta person, but like you said Kokos folk have been all over them lately and I'm coming to see there appeal
  6. He is in clean water for now. The threads I'd read where treatment was laid out, the meds were advised for 10-14 days, and in some cases a few days past the time where symptoms have gone away. In all cases, we're way past that. I don't know if I've done him harm. Will continue watching him. He seems ready to go back with his friends.
  7. I think i know what you mean But the goal was do as little work as possible and not have to tie anything down I'm over superglue, and I know myself well enough to leave fishing tie alone
  8. Awesome videos!! We have a Sony knockoff of the GoPro. It's great, but does not do underwater nearly as well as yours
  9. He is becoming more active No more floating, and swimming around more often (even when he doesn't seem to notice my presence). I still catch him in his corner though. I did not put the metro back in, don't know if I should have, but without direction I didn't want to do a lot and starting and stopping. He is still in the oxy, currently Day 15?
  10. Woah! And the growth is amazing, great job!
  11. Wow! [emoji813] He is big and beautiful!! Such a cool fish. Sometimes i like to think about keeping a giant fish like an oscar or flowerhorn. They are just impressive.
  12. Ok here he is today. He's been pretty active today, but slowed back down by the time i got to take this H
  13. Oh! I thought it was 14 days and done. Jeeze i will really get a video up today so we can see where this needs to go. Thanks for jumping in, sharon! Aww I'm so sorry to hear that it sounds like she was past any possibility of treatment, but i know that's never enough to console.
  14. uuuhhhhh :donthit 14 days on Metro ended on the 28th (began 12/14). So 3 days over. Oxy is at Day 9 (began on the 22nd) I'm changing his water now. Will add back the oxy. I don't know how he's doing. His shape seems back to normal. He's not flipping over. He just stays in one corner, all day long BUT when I come to feed him, he grabs the nori right out of my fingers. swims all over trying to find more. I think (well no, I hope) he's just miserable in his dark QT but I don't know. I'll post a video a little later that shows his behavior.
  15. They all look so happy and healthy! Gorgeous fish :wub:
  16. Oh i am SO happy you got those side-view shots! : They are just so stunning I hope everything goes well with them in the pond!
  17. Hi Queens4Fish To be honest I'm not sure if there's much improvement. It's time to do a recap and see where we're at and what we can change, if anything. The upside-down issue seems to have resolved, but Biff is still super lethargic. He just stands there most of the time, but as of today he is eager for food and will come to say hello if I'm fussing over him. I'm seeing a lot more poo than I had in the beginning of this. My duckweed has not come in yet after 2 weeks :blowup so I've been feeding him nori for now. Hope you can figure out what's going on with your fish and get her back in good health!
  18. Hi Taryl. I'm only doing a little a day, maybe a dime-sized piece, but he's going after it all. I don't think he's as bloated, but i could be wrong. When i take him out I'll try to compare better. I don't see any streaking. And do 1/16tsp? (Thank goodness for those tiny spoons!)
  19. I don't think he's getting any better Lots more sitting, he's just lethargic. But he does go after the nori I put in, just with erratic swimming. Super unbalanced, but he's rarely upside-down at least The floppiness you see in the beginning hasn't been going on a lot. Just caught him at a bad time ****Oh and the oxy that Mikey sent me arrived today! Haven't done a water change today, so if I should do anything differently please let me know. Not in a rush to get that moving.
  20. Quick question - If i start Biff on oxy, what dosage would we use? Mikey has kindly offered to send me some (will be faster and save me some dough) but the instructions are conflicting. Just trying to figure out how much i might need. Thanks Mandy!
  21. Thanks Aubrey Just making a note for myself - Didnt see much change today. I added 1/2 tsp epsom today, as well as a second scoop of metro.
  22. ummmm would anyone like to link me to the oxy they use? I am really confused. Injections and tablets, and a few huge bags if you need any in an emergency let me know! I have some on hand. hope Biff feels better soon Thanks so much!
  23. Wowzers! Thanks for the lovely compliments! It came because I wanted the plants, but not the space on the ground taken. And I'm happy you said it looks like a vine, because that's what I was going for Thanks! And i don't mind at all, this wasn't my idea to begin with. Jared got me started on this idea. Have fun!
  24. I will double check in a few hours to be sure it wasn't just slime coat. But I'm near certain there were just a few near his pec fins. I'll do the second scoop of metro tomorrow, and will go ahead and order some oxy just in case. One that i knew i should have had a long time ago.
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