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  1. Great fish (those are bubble eyes not celestials BTW)
  2. He looks AMAZING!!! hopefully my little tip will do something like that....
  3. are you not on a computer, it seems to be working mine/ but not on my phone
  4. thats strange it's doing that for me too, I'll get too the bottom of it
  5. Some pics of my ryukin Cody, sorry they aren't great he never stays still when i'm close to the tank. LOL http://s1283.beta.photobucket.com/user/donut5unleashed/media/531953C1-89EC-4EE5-A800-E2CEDAEEDDD4-1086-000002CE5CCF446E_zps556c9ee7.jpg.html#/user/donut5unleashed/media/9CB30A72-235F-4A97-A440-5D10FFE3F873-686-000001681A9E3729_zps840941eb.jpg.html?&_suid=1362949426015004909025715828136 http://s1283.beta.photobucket.com/user/donut5unleashed/media/531953C1-89EC-4EE5-A800-E2CEDAEEDDD4-1086-000002CE5CCF446E_zps556c9ee7.jpg.html#/user/donut5unleashed/media/951BB4F5-796E-40E2-9B19-99FFBD38E565-686-000001683E9CA8FC_zps01c9b12b.jpg.html?&_suid=136295057075004277729364884539
  6. My ryukin Cody is very friendly and follows me around when I'm in the room
  7. http://s1283.beta.photobucket.com/user/donut5unleashed/media/531953C1-89EC-4EE5-A800-E2CEDAEEDDD4-1086-000002CE5CCF446E_zps556c9ee7.jpg.html#/user/donut5unleashed/media/531953C1-89EC-4EE5-A800-E2CEDAEEDDD4-1086-000002CE5CCF446E_zps556c9ee7.jpg.html?&_suid=136285175040605905062432298935 sorry
  8. http://s1283.beta.photobucket.com/?ns_campaign=sem&ns_linkname=my%20keyword&ns_mchannel=cpc&ns_source=google&ns_clid=photobucket There you go
  9. I just picked up a new black Moore, I'm naming him Tup! He's so skinny, I really need to fatten him up. hopefully this works (trying to do this my phone lol)
  10. http://s1283.beta.photobucket.com/user/donut5unleashed/media/E66C7E70-0119-4FEF-8064-A3103C7C0D9C-288-00000036533DA52E_zps05dbaa54.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0#/user/donut5unleashed/media/E66C7E70-0119-4FEF-8064-A3103C7C0D9C-288-00000036533DA52E_zps05dbaa54.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0&_suid=136243221014003682731082596873 I'm still new at this but I just had to post this funny pic I took with my phone.
  11. Such a cute lionhead, I wish the ones in my area were this nice!
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