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  1. It didn't go this green until I started to feed them. My water temp was above 50F so I started to feed them. They ate like little piggys. I feed them twice a day. I want my fish to be well fed. I trying not to feed them more them what they can eat in 5 minutes. I guess it is the mother in me. I want everyone or every pet to go away from my table stuff and happy. May be that is what I am doing wrong. I also have a lot of goldfish in the pond too. I couldn't help myself. Every time I was at the pet store I would look at the gold fish and say "OOOOOh that one is so pretty and that one and that one" I would end up with 20 fish. I wish I had a bigger pond. What can I say I think feeder goldfish are so pertty, I just love them all. BTW My hubby figgered it out. He says my pond is 668 gal.
  2. Water green. The liner is changing a green color from black. But I am talking about the water. It has gone green.
  3. They say a green pond is a healthy pond? My water is green so my pond is healthy...right?
  4. I hatch out baby brine shrimp. Even as small as they are they caneat them.
  5. Ok shakaho I got your info you wanted on my pond. How big is my pond? It is 9 feet by 8 feet and 19 1/2 inches deep. Water temp is 50 to 60 F. What kind of filtration. A gravel one. The water goes throw about 4 feet of gravel plus the first part goes throw a cotton fibers. No plants yet. It was put up last fall and it was to late to try to get plants going. About mid May I will go for the plants.There is green stuff on the sides and bottom of my pond. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. There is about 100 goldfish in there now and they are about 6 m to 2 years old. BTW I know that is a lot of fish. But I don't know how many will live. Pet store don't always take care of their feeder fish. If I turn out to have to many live I know a pet store way far from me that will take them and sale as pond fish. I also got my filter fix today. It took me about 4 hours, but it should be good for a long time.
  6. I will get back to you on this later...When I was fixing fruit in my kitchen I could tell my filter was making a different sound. I looked out the window and saw nothing. The noice was still there. So I went out side to the filter. The inside part had split open. That was the different noice I was hearing. I will be spending tomarrow trying to fix it. I have such a head ache now.
  7. I ask question as things come up. Right now I want to know about food and how often to feed.
  8. This really my first spring/summer with my goldfish pond. Last year I got some goldfish to put in a hugh water troff. This was to keep all the little nasty bugs out that like water. I did throw in fishfood once aday, because I didn't think there would be enough bugs all the time for them to eat. At the end of the summer most of them where still a live. I kind of liked that and the fish themsleves. I ended up with these bricks read somethings on line and put together my pond. I know they should live throw the winter "from what I read" . and they did! Now that I have gone all in I want the best for my fish. I want them to be healthy. I believe if they are healthy they are happy. So help me out please! lol P.S. I love these pop ups!!
  9. I don't understand why we need to feed other stuff to our goldfish like peas. I mean I know what it does for them. And how helpful it is, but what we buy over the counter is suppose to be completely balance. That should be all they need?
  10. Grooming a fish? Didn't know you can do that.
  11. I hear the can live up to sixty years. But ten years that is great. I have never seen one that old.
  12. With the warmer weather my goldfish are starting to come out of their hiding place. I also have started to feed them again. I had a chance to sit down today and watch my goldfish. I fed them a treat. Brine Shrimp. This was the first time since last fall I could get a good look at them. This is the first time I also saw them up close. What happen to my fish!?! They where not that big when fall hit. Someone must of traded my fish for ones almost twice the size. I might add same markings too. If they keep this up I might need to go fish for the whales in my pond!
  13. ok. I could try to take pictures. but after the snow storm! We are in a blizzered today. Should end tomorrow, but that would be church and family day. I see if sometime this week I can get some pictures.
  14. Picture? I don't know if they would let me do that.
  15. I saw something and I wonder why it was that way. I went to our best garden shop. Love to go there and just wonder sometimes. Anyway I went there to look at there pond plants to get an idea what to do when spring comes around. In their 3 little pond set up 2 they have goldfish in them. Big ones too. Eight inches is the bigest from tip of nose to tip of tail. Now to what I was wondering. There fish are fat with small heads. Is that what a normal fish looks like? Yes these where all comit or common goldfish. Very fat. Not fat as in egg laying time. Just fat. Is this how my fish will look as they get bigger? Even the small ones "about 3 to 4 inches" where shape the same way. Mine don't look that way. Even my 4 to 6 inch ones. Is their fish normal? They looked very healthy. BTW their ponds are all indoors. So they never freeze.
  16. Thanks for all the help. But after reading this I have made up my mind. No Black Moors outside. I do have the empty tank down stairs. Besides when the pond freezes for winter and I won't be able to enjoy my goldfish I will have the black moors inside to enjoy.
  17. hmmmm ok. Well I do have a 20gal tall tank down stairs. The only thing in it is one punctatus.
  18. Growing up I had tanks. And I "always" wanted a popeye fish. or Black Moor. I still remember the name of my fish after all these years. Chubby. How would Black Moors do in a pond? Can they take a winter outside in a pond? Also how big would they get in a pond? Can they get along with my gold fish that are in the pond? I would love to have a few of my favorite fiskys in there. Also thinking back on my childhood, when the school would have their halloween carnival the first thing I had to do was win a goldfish. I would do nothing else until I got that fish. I guess I have been a animal love for all my life.
  19. I hope this is the right area to post this. I have no plants in my pond yet. With the late date of getting it set up plantes would have never made it. But now it is getting close to spring it is time to think about it. Here are my 3 choices. 1. I could go with water hyacinth only. The fish love to spawn in them. They have a lovely flower that blooms out of them. At the end of the season I just through them away. A very easy plante to have. BUT they do block the view of the fish. And once they get going they cover your whole pond. These are easy things to fix. 2. Water plantes they make it seem more natural. It is fun to watch the fish swim through it. BUT I have to have a planters for them. That can be very heavy. In the fall I need to trim them back for winter. Don't even know if the plantes will come back next year. Also to deal with the plantes I will have to put my hands into the water. Not that I mind that, but I feel it is btter if I stay out of the water as much as possibel. The water plante I like the most id Egenia Densa 3. I could do both. The fish might like this the best. What I need to know most of all is which way will best for the fish. The only reason for plantes is to make my fish happy. If no plantes is best then I will go with none. I know they need it.
  20. It is about 6 by 8. Maybe I will go out there and measure it for sure to know. Because I think I chalked out 7 feet by 9 feet. But if you make it out of Retention blocks "DON'T" try to make a long one. I did. The first one was like 4 feet by 12 feet. It was almost full when I heard and bad sound come from outside. I was watching TV. It could not take the weight of the water. It was only 2 inches from being full. One side gave out. My good luck it gave out to the back yard. Ripped the "new" liner I just got. Made it no good. What could I do. I took a deep breath and said at least the yard got watered.
  21. OMG! I think I did it! Top pic is to show that I can watch my fish from my kitchen window. It is great. I can almost see the whole pond from there. Middle They like to hide behind the filter. So I went back there and zoomed in on them. I hope the flash didn't blind them!LOL Last is just a pic from the porch. I stood as close to the Kitchen window as I could to give you some idea what I see. Now let me say. I put this together by myself. I will have plants in there when it heats up in the spring.I know there is a lot better ones out there but I did my best. It will look better when I put the potted flowers around in the spring:)
  22. Ok here I will try again to upload my pics
  23. I set up late in the fall. So it was about September time frame that it went up. It has been sitting all winter.
  24. How often should I test my pond water for PH and so on?
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