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  1. I did supply the information in the post directly after I don't know ammonia level but I do know it is fine as I had it checked at my fish shop. Thank you
  2. Had jaws (male) for 3 or 4 years. Bolt for 6 months (male) Sparky for 1 + 1/2 years unsure of sex
  3. Nothing else unusual on him/her apart from the growth. Has lost scales on same side 6months ago when he got trapped in an ornament. Grown back with no problems. In original tank the specs are the same but it is a bigger tank with a filter. Sparky is still a bit sulky but he is eating normally and is still tilting to the side when rested.
  4. It is my hospital tank so no filter. 20% water change two days ago Aquilibrium added to the water (aquarium salt I use in both tanks) Protozin white spot and fungus added Internet bioactive tap safe. Api aquarium test strips Ph - 7 Nitrate - between 0 + 20 Nitrite - between 0 + 0.5 Tank been running for a week He had the growth before, went away and has come back. Has had fungus on his fins before. Finally edges were turning black and disappearing. Not amonia burns as water was tested and not find rot as I took him to a vet. All fish get fed mostly flakes. Peas or cucumber if I have and they love pineapple. Also occasionally dried blood worms. They get fed once a day as if fed more sparky floats. He is the only one in the hospital tank.
  5. I have three goldfish. Two of them started getting breeding pimples and one of them (bolt) kept chasing sparky (who is smaller and not showing mating signs) so I put sparky in his/her own 17l tank. Last water. Change was 2 days ago. He started floating at the top of the tank, the right way around but pointing down and slightly to the side. We believe he was constipated so we gave him/her peas. A day later we noticed he had a white growth on his side. He/she had this before in the exact same location and it went away but has come back again, what is it? It is not red, it just looks like a big pimple. I added a small amount of aquarium salt and some anti fungus medicine. What is the growth? Find a picture below, blurry I know.
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