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  1. So I have been reading a lot of posts all over the site and I see some people saying they had stuff on hand and got something under control quickly... or offering to ship meds to someone who needs it. So far I have been reactionary with my goldies. (waiting for meds to come in the mail while fishies died, not pleasant that!) I want to be PRO active. What meds do you keep on hand? What regular treatments do you add to the water and how often? Assume I know nothing (not far off there with that) ... what would you suggest I do/have ...... (I generally shop at Petsmart ..... although there is a Petco in town. I did order the ParziPro from Tastyworms ... and Amazon I have free shipping)
  2. ummmm how can you tell a male from a female? I only figure it out with 2 of my goldfish because #1 ... there were only 2 and they had kids. So i knew one was boy and one was girl. Then when the tank go to hot .... male nudged females tummy ..... but how can you look at them and tell? a a pet store .. when they are small? I think we will buy more oto's first. Bruce needs some friends ..... thank you so much for the help .....
  3. Also ... if I went and bought all the fish at once ... would I have to QT them in the same tank .. is 10 gals OK ? or should I get the otocinclus(s) at one time and then next month add the other fish? The 10gal tank I have is all clean, so no biological is set up .. will that be OK? and how long do I keep them QTed?
  4. OH GOOD! I have a plan for the tank! heeheehee I really appreciate all the advice! I am sooo glad that little guy will stay small. My petsmart has a tag for a green Glo fish .. But I have never seen it. I think that may be fish #6. And I love the Idea of Bruce Wayne having friends. Maybe we will end up with the "super friends" in our tank! LOL Hummm googled a dwarf gourami ... the blue one looks OK ... but I read somewhere Molly's work well with these guys, is that true? I LOVE the black and white molly ..... Would I be able to do that with this tank? would a Molly be OK by itself of does it need more friends?
  5. Thank you! Love the fishies! Yea I have been tanking a few things out every water change, not a lot ... last to start going with be some of the rocks .... but not for a few more days ........... Taking the under gravel filter out probably shocked the system .. so I didn't want to take anything else out. Poor fishies are still sick and stressed. So I am doing things slowly. I figure it easier for them to adjust. Hubby really likes the look of rocks ... so we will be keeping some.
  6. WOOHOOO!! happy birthday little fry guys! have fun! I cant wait to see pictures!
  7. bad pet store saying he will only be 2 or 3 inches long! LOL oh well. it will be easier to see his tail sticking out of one of those barrels then ... LOL I told hubby we are either keeping them in the 20 gal ... or moving them to a 55gal and getting a swarm of them .. LOL haahaaha that would be fun to watch! He rolled his eyes at me!
  8. How big will the Chinese algae eater get? Is there a reason he is hiding? does he not have enough food to eat? I NEVER see him ... I have tossed algae chips in once in awhile to make sure he isn't starving in there .... but I never see him eat it .... Just worried I shouldn't have gotten him. Glo tetras hummm... sweet! Seeing them school would be nice. BUT each one is a different color and I can tell them all apart right now. I am afraid of loosing the personal touch with them. I don't want fish, I want swimming members of the family. BUT I want them happy too ..... Does that make sense?
  9. I an trying. I just don't want to be hurting these fish while I work so hard on my goldies. The pet store people told me the sucker fish wont grow more the about 2 - 3 inch fully mature. it was a long name that I promptly forgot. There was a differ one they pointed out to me that they said grew bigger and I chose the smaller one, since the fish in this tank is so small. I think they are neon tetras ... but I really am not sure, I am very confused about tetras ..... SO here is there tank. Its all used stuff that I cleaned with hot water real well before putting it in the tank ($20 for all that - WOOHOOO) these little guys are fast ... so here is the best one I got of them ..... sorry it sucks. The one that we have had for a year now is less then 2 inches long and blue. (Gnomeo) we also have a magenta one (Juliet) and a hot pink one (Featherstone) and a yellow one and an orange one (no names yet) This is the only one I have of the sucker fish. I have seen him 2 times since we bought him 2 months ago. His name is Bruce Wayne cause he hides in his secret bat cave and we never see him! OK let me know if there is anything I need to do for these guys. Even if I have to wait to do it ..... its good to know the plan.
  10. SO pretty! SO happy for you! newbie question .... so where do you bid on goldfish and win them?
  11. So do I want stuff in the tank (rocks) for things to grow on? AND if I do have rocks under neither live plants.... how about cleaning up after the goldfish? TY for the answers on the co2 ... makes a bit more sense now ...
  12. I have a 20 gal tank with 5 tetras and a sucker fish that we never see. Its a over the back filter, with some rocks and barrels to swim in and a few plants. I read they are fish from teh amazon so they like bright light, with floting plants to shade them a bit .. so I have some plants floating on top. ( all plastic - is that safe?) my fish love swiming around the plants. I just would like some advice on how to best care for these fish. How many in a tank (I am good with 5 but have read that they preffer more friends with them in the tank?) how many water changes? how much water at a time? I just don't know much. Hoping to understand my fish better. One of the tetras is about a year old, the rest are a few months. they are all nice.
  13. Well its been real hard to see white fuzzys on anything but the gold toned fish. I have 3 of them. And all three still have a smidgen of white fussy left. But it is less then before. So i think its on the way out. The fish that was darting today, doesn't show any outward signs of bad things. No fuzzy's, no fin clamping, no gasping, no bottom sitting or stuffing there nose in the sick corner. And he still eats. OK writing all that down ... will keep you updated
  14. What about the plants competing with the fish for o2 (like at night) or something like that? I read that somewhere ...... And since I am currently overcrowded ... I don't want to share the O2 in there with plants. I took out everything but the rocks right now while they are on the mend.
  15. Alex .. I was thinking of writing up what I need to do for my fish on the calendar, so I don't mess anything up. And I am prepared, as in work my day around the fishes scheduled. Can you please describe what I need to do and when ... so I can write it down, please and thank you. Fishies look happy today. I did see one of my bigger fish darting in a weird fashion. I hope that doesn't indicate she's going downhill.
  16. I am not an expert at all ... a Mod will help you. However I can tell you that his tank is to small for him. Can you can jump on your local Craigs List and see about getting him a bigger tank? I think you need a min of 40 gals for a goldfish? (wait for someone more experienced before you buy to say yes 40gals is good) I had my fish in too small a tank and lost some. Hugs and good luck.
  17. Yes I got REAL lucky! The tank and stand (which also came with a top) was only $220 and the delivered it for us about a 30 min drive one way. Nice People. The stand was home made by him for his wife. (solid wood VERY well made) We took the top off since we are living in a basement ... the ceiling is too low to stand the top up for feeding times and with the top on, the water temp gets to over 78 degrees .... So we took it off and now the tank is around 72/73 degrees F. They like it much better that way. BUT we miss the top on the tank, it gave it that extra pzazz .....
  18. Rojo - I think we should call it synchronized "eating" LOL .... that is how I got them to hold still ... I fed them!
  19. Thank you everyone! I love them. They are so playful. I never knew Goldies were playful. And they certainly are addicting! That is how our tank got overstocked (before I knew better) I let the kids talk me into a new fish here and a new fish there at the pet store, before I knew better. I figured hey its only .13 cents! Now before we go in I make sure they know we are NOT buying any new fish! LOL (and I have to tell myself that too). They are all just so darn CUTE!
  20. Thank you! I love them. I don't think they are expensive or anything, but they are sure worth a lot to me. They have brought me great joy.
  21. hummm OPPS! that posted too fast .... anyways ... above is our 120 gal with 15 goldies. And next to it is out 20 gal with 5 tetras and 1 invisible sucker fish. (end of day = messy house sorry about that) This is the best one I got with MOST in it ..... 3 fish on the rt (larger then the rest) were rescued. The top 2 were my neighbors, the bottom one was our back yard. Top is Bixie, middle is Trixie and bottom is Miss Kitty (who turned out to be male - Oh well!) Rt next to those thee is an orange with a white tail his name is Boyington. On the bottom left is "The artist formaly named Prince" (hubby is arguing that name, so he may be renamed shortly) to the left of him white with orange spot on nose is Aundrey. The others are hard to point out on this photo ... but near the top left you can see 2 gold toned fish. there are 3 of them that look alot alike (rescued babies from Miss Kitty) and I call them the golden girls This is I think the smallest fish in the tank. All white her body is less then an inch but her tail is sooo long she swims a bit funny. Her name is Galadriel. This is the only fish I picked out myself, for me. His name is Boyington (but hubby thinks he may be a she) Hungry fishies! I just loved his picture! Just wanted to share. I have a few more that wouldn't cooperate for there photo shoot ... So you will have to meet them later I guess.
  22. Well since things are (hopefully) starting to head in the right direction with my tank and goldies ... They want to say HI! We are almost starting all over. So here is where we are now. And fiddling with my camera to learn to take good fish pictures. (it is hard!) This is a pic of the 120gal we got off CL, for our rescued fish (story in the pond section under rescued fish).
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