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  1. Bleaching the tank today. Gotta admit - I am freaking out about having bleach in the tanks ...... maybe I will get OCD and be extra special good about getting it all out.
  2. There is one in Riverside Ca CL its the rocket ship type about 35 gals most people say ..... I saw you were in Cali somewhere ..... http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/fuo/3666230760.html background looks like a thrift store ... so you might be able to call and talk them down a bit ......
  3. It matches perfectly. I love vintage so most of the furniture has about a 1950's look to it. My curtains are ones I made years ago, with a hibiscus theme to it. I have shells and beach items everywhere. Partly because of growing up in LA ... that is what I could find at a discount (I am a thrift store shopper, eBayer and Craigs Lister extraordinar! LOL) Its the middle of winter here and when people come over to my house for the first time walk out of snow into the beach ... they usually laugh (in a nice way - it just takes them by suprise) LOL I have told my mother many times I want to be a mermaid and just swim in the sea all day .... Thanks Koko ... I will plan for a complete overhaul, if I ever find this tank close by. The one thing I am having a hard time adjusting to up in the snowy north ...... is small town living. I am used to Los Angles! WOOHOOO you can find anything there ..... I told hubby he needed to give me $1200 and take me on a 550 mile drive one way, so I could get a new fish tank. He liked the idea so much he didn't have anything to say (at least that's my version of the story ...)
  4. I love the single tails myself! I LOVE the yellow one! IF I had room in my tank I would add a yellow .... but alas it is not so .... LOL They are beautiful fish! Congratulations!
  5. I think I have saved up enough for the Fluva FX5 ..... should I get it now and set it up, or wait until we have killed all those nasty little flukes?
  6. I just looked guy up. CUTE! but wow - huge! Good luck, re-homing a fish you wanted is very hard.
  7. SO .... ph is 7.6 high ph was 7.8 Amonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Did the water change, added back in the salt. once it dissolves I will do the PP ... I figure one thing on the tank at a time. Cleaned my filter too (fluva 405) - in one week it was SOOOOO nasty! But I think a large part of that is the under gravel filters we took out last week. It was nasty. This week a lot more stuff in the rocks then I want. I have been careful feeding, so I think a lot of that was stuff that settled on the bottom after I took out the filters. I figure it may take a few water changes to get it all. But the testing kit says all is well, so I am going to just keep at it every week, until things are better. Good plan?
  8. haahaahaahaa OK just upgraded my dream tank from 55gal to 100gal ...... http://fortcollins.craigslist.org/fuo/3622351925.html OH HOW I WANT IT!!!!!! this one would even be in the running for a goldie tank .............
  9. How about getting a 5gal bucket and an air stone and getting one of those car charger/adapter things that plug into the cigarette lighter and then use that to transport them in?
  10. Today is 2nd PraziPro treatment day! No more dead fish, and the white fuzzy's look to be all gone. Some-day's I don't like how the fish are darting but there tank is empty of everything but rocks on the bottom, I think they might be board. I plan on checking water levels. doing a 50% water change, add back in the salt and a double does of PP. Sound good to you? I will also be taking some of the rocks out of the bottom, I will eventually have a level thin layer of rocks for them to play with but get it down from the thick level its at.
  11. Maybe I can cut some holes in the back of the bamboo for the filter hoses and use a canister ..... ?? The one I saw that I really want was a 55gal. I have only see the one. BUT I now know they existed. Yes the hoods come off and it will be for tropical fishes not goldies. I keep seeing a tall rocket shipped one and I don't like that one. I would settle for a 20gal since its tropical, but I would rather it say "pizowie" look at me, when people enter the room. I think I will just plan on a COMPLETE overhaul if I find one. And you lucky person who has seen more then one in a thrift store. I am looking on LA, CA, Las Vegas NV and Phoenix AZ CL's cause I have close friends or family that I will see every so often and they would be willing to hold it for me. Heeheehee I love vintage, and I was raised by the beach ... so even thought I live in the snowy north how ... my whole house is still beach themed. LOL!!!! (including a giant fish tank ...I don't think I ever left the ocean.....)
  12. It is the BOMB diggity of tanks ... but I need to find one cheaper, closer to home and know how much $ I will need to put into it when I find the size/shape I am looking for ..... but what is life with out some sort of fun quest ....
  13. I recently found a picture of an 1940's tank that I absolutely adore. I am looking to find one 'someday'. So are vintage tanks something I will need to plan on taking completely apart and redoing the glass and everything? The tank I like sort of has a bamboo look to it so there is stuff attached to the sides hiding the metal frame. How big of a project will this be once I find one ..... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Vintage-Bamboo-Pagoda-Fish-Aquarium-on-One-Drawer-Stand-Lighted-Top-/230907773728?pt=Antiques_Decorative_Arts&hash=item35c32d0320 This is the same thing - outside- that I like ... but this isn't the tank size I want. but you get the idea of what I mean about the outside ..... Just wondering if I should give up the idea completely or not. Thanks .............
  14. I am a CL queen ..... buying and selling. Always include OBO ... Also to get your sold before anyone else, use all the pictures you are allowed. If you know any HTML link them to your CL add with med sized pictures. The more pictures of the things you have the more likely yours will sell before the one that costs less but with one one picture of the whole thing. Try to have a background that is a wall with only the stuff selling in your listing is pictured, cut out all the extra "noise" in the picture you can, and have everything as clean as possible. People are judging you on how took care of the tank by the surroundings of "your" place. Its all in the pictures. Good luck! And don't take the first lowball, unless you want too
  15. I am not sure they will do this .. BUT it wouldn't hurt to call and tell them you have special fish ( hey they are special to us right?) that require the electricity to be on and you are worried about filter turning on and off. Maybe they could at least tell you the specific day. It never hurts to ask (or beg) LOL Good luck!
  16. This confused me too in the beginning .... I feel your frustration!
  17. OOOOOOO you are wonderful! SWEET! Then I can buy a cheap-E around here. simple. Now I need to put those lights on my list .............. hubby is getting excited about the 20 gal tropical tank .... (lets hope we can move that excitement to 55gal .....)
  18. That one is OK ... I just really liked the color of the SUPER blue one ...... I found this image on google and its someones photobucket My LPS said they new have seen bright blues ones before only the powder blue ....
  19. OK got the Prime .... going to get going on the QT tank. SO VERY EXCITED!!! I looked at there Drwarf G's ... they are all light blue. I like the bright blue one I saw. is there a place online that I might check to see if I can buy it and have it shipped to me?
  20. OOOO awesome! I am so excited. I think I will just have to set up the 55 gal one day and say - surprise! LOL bwaahaahaa Kingons don't ask permission ..... or forgiveness (snicker!)
  21. Good luck. I am 37 and my parents think I am nuts with all I do with my fish. I have a 120 gal and when I start talking about how I am worried about overstocking, they tune out. BUT after keeping talking about it, and really knowing my information and being able to explain why, they are starting to listen. So just keep studying up and be nice about how you share information. Even if they don't let you take care of the fish as you know is best ... take the best care you can of them. It is you parents house and you should respect there rules and wishes. Some days it will be harder then others to follow that. But as long as you do what your allowed to do for your fish, you are still a good fish owner. Hugs and good luck!
  22. OH so pretty! I just discovered this fish ... Hubby says he wants a betta .... it he does get on I want this kind!!! Congratulations!
  23. OK - I think I get it now. so excited to get this done correctly. Going to have shining happy fish's soon! OK - so IF (big if) I can get hubby to go with the 55gal tank for the tropics .... how would you stock it differently then what we discussed? Would I have room to add some mollies to the GloFish and Ottos and mr DwarfG?
  24. guess I could go do laundry (BLAH) fish are so much more fun!
  25. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/108150-fishless-cycling-in-a-partially-cycled-tank-and-fixing-low-ph/ I wachted the vedio and understand a bit more about why the cycle happens. I read and commented on the thread above. But I still feel a bit lost. I dont understand the how to .... with the buffering and amoina. So do you #1 bleach clean the tank .... (and anythign in it) THEN add water and start it running. and then add amoinia to start the cycling? in that case what is the Prime for and when do you add it? what is the buffering thingy and when do you add it? You said to take some established stuff from the current running filter. which part? the stuff inside is too big to fit into the smaller 10 gal filter, do I just put it in the tank or something? Sorry to be so question-y .... I am REALLY dyslexic and learning by reading is hard for me, I would do much better if we were all talking in person! LOL ....
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