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  1. here is Mr Peacock in his store cup. Here he is in the tank ... and here are his tank mates (plus one more oto that is in almost permanent hiding ....) Isnt he such a pretty betta? my husband is very with fish, the rest have mostly been me and the kids choices. He picked this one out for me for Mothers Day, and my favorite colors are Peacock colors
  2. .... Happy Mothers Day to me! Hubby picked it out. Twin half moon tail - Male. Peacock colors. I named him Mr Peacock. I just put him in with my tropicals. They are separated so soon, that I skipped QT .... (shudders) but we really think it will be OK. So my question is ..... anything special I need to look out for? do for him? Pictures will come later. Seams the best pictures come out at night, so will try to take some tonight. So happy with our newest addition!
  3. Yea I was thinking of waiting on more, poor sensitive little guys .... I want to make everything perfect. The tank has been set up and running fine since Jan, but only that one scrawny plant in the back. But I really want a bigger tropical tank, so I will start planning that tank and fish move before adding more otos. so how come they are wild caught and dont breed in captivity?
  4. Well with cleaning I meant the way they show you on the fluva DVD ... it says to rinse the media or get bits off it, but leaves the beneficial bacteria. After having meds in the tank for a month, my tank is cycling again. (I also took out loads of rocks I had about a 3 inch layer on the bottom.) So bacteria is reforming itself right not. Almost returned to normal .....
  5. OK thank you. I just did a water change yesterday. They are not hiding there were really only 2 left. (sad face) I only clean the front tank panel, and only when I can see stuff building up. the sides and back I leave with algae. I can see algae on the glass so I am sure that is OK. I have one live plant in the back, I have never seen them around it, but they do hide a lot. I will look into a piece of driftwood. eventually I would like a planted tank, but I will wait until I get the hang of fishies better doing all that. So do you think it was OK with QT being 2 weeks or should I have left them stay longer to reduce stress? (too many moves) I am excited to see them school! LOL Jamie ... I just found a tank at Petsmart that hubby agreed we can save up for. 56 gals ... tall and deep like the 120 gal tank ... so it will fit in the spot I currently have the 20 gal in ....heeheehee so one of these days I will get that bitter tank for my tropical's!
  6. Well I was changing the media more with my high fish count. I am on the edge of too many fish, so I want to make sure that stays clean. I am MORE then happy to change it less often! LOL .... I just read somewhere that they changed every water change something. So do you clean the filter every week when you change the water or only clean out the filter and media every so often as well?
  7. This is my current set up in the 20 gal tropical. i have 5 permanent glofish. 1 is a year old the other 4 since jan. they seam hardy enough. When I bought the 4 other glofish I also got an oto. after 4 sittings in 1 1/2 weeks we never saw him (or his body) again. Then I got 4 more Otos in about a month ago. Put them in QT for 2 weeks. They were doing great. Moved them to my 20 gal ... now 2 weeks later ... I pulled out the smallest one dead with in a few days (under a week). And today after another water change there is definitely only 2 otos left. I am wondering if possibly the stress of being moved from the store to QT and then 2 weeks later the the community tank might have shocked them. I have been putting in alge pellets so I am sure they didn't starve. What do you think?
  8. OK so this is my tank ..... its 120 gal. I have a Fluva 405 and the Fluva FX5. The FX5 is only 1 week old .... I do 50% water changes every week. I think I understand changing media in the 405 ... I plan on just changing 1 of the media with each water change keeping the bio stuff in good levels. For the FX5 I figure its the same ... BUT there are only 3 media trays that hold a lot. So I was thinking rinsing all the media in it ... and changing out 1 every other change (to save some cash). Does that sound like a good plan?
  9. Wonderful! So exciting when you get a new and bigger tank.
  10. I have tried taking some pics of the fish ... they all turn out terrable. But I keep trying, and reading my camera manual. So one of these days it should happen! LOL I am not planning any major changes soon, I will keep it set up like this while saving up for some silk plants. I tried a live plant once .... that was a failure. I figure I will concentrate on being a good fish mama for awhile, with healthy fish. Then mayby try it again. Thank you! Her name is Bixie. When we moved in this house we rescued the fish from the water feature out back. Our neighbors heard about out efforts and told us they were going to catch the fish they had in their water feature and release them into the wild and we could take them if we wanted. So we did. The "twin" of Bixie is Trixie looks alot alike except that Trixie has an orange spot on her nose. If you look at the last picture ... at the 3 plants in the center ... the fish in front of the left plant is Trixie. Both Trixie and Bixie were the same size when we rescued them. Now Trixie is the size of a small elephant .... I think she is hogging all the food! LOL ... she REALLY grew in the last 6 months. Both are super cute shubies .....
  11. Thank you everyone! I love my goldfish. They are so pretty to me! I looked at it for about 30 mins last night just being happy ....
  12. Petsmart. They are the 3 ft bamboo things and like $15 each I think. I am planning on taking them out in the future because the ends are pointy and I have heard of someone here who had a fish poke its eye out on a pointy plastic plant. So I will be switching to all silk a little bit at a time and hoping for the best untill then. Thank you for liking them, I think they look great too - I just dont want to harm my fish for looks, you know?
  13. Thank you! I am working hard on balancing what is best for the fish, what entertains them and what I want to look at. Its not as easy as people who dont reasearch there fish think .... LOL. I like the look of more green plants in the tank, so adding the silk plants will be fun to plan.
  14. So when we moved into this house back in Oct .... we had 1 glo fish in a 2 gal tank. I noticed after the move that it looked like it had started leaking. So I was on the look out for a bigger tank. I found this 20 gal at the local thrift store ! So I cleaned it up and put our 1 glo fish (blue named Gnomeo) in it. Well he had been in my other 10 gal tank that had small goldies in it too (I know - it was before I joined this site and learned more goldies are now in a 120 gal). So he was used to some friends. So we went and bought 1 of each color of glow fish. Now we have 5. Then I added one Otto .... talking here I learned my poor Otto was lonely (Thank you Jamie!) so we bought 4 more and put them in QT so they could join the 20 gal tank. This last weekend ... (2 weeks of QT) I put the 4 Ottos in the 20 gal .... And I cant find my first Otto ... Poor dude probably died and my glo fish disposed of the body .... So that is how my tank stands today ..... 5 glofish and 4 ottos. Plan to add more someday .. but not for a bit. I want let these guys get used to each other. So far they are all getting a long well. The more I learn about my tropical fish the more I enjoy them
  15. After having taken out everything so I could watch the fish at all times while fighting the flukes ..... My fish were board. So I added back in the 2 ruines which they used to love swiming around. And the the tallest plastic plants I had. My fish are back to being active and playing in the tank instead of just floating there all day. I have already taken out TWO 5 gallon buckets of rocks off the bottom (so 10 more gals of water for my fishy friends ....) I am noticing that they are playing more in the areas that still have some rocks left and they are playing with the rocks themselves ... So I may leave just the minimalists of a layer (as in1 layer) so they can keep playing in it. I have finally found some silk plants I like the look of, so next fish purchase will be those and see how they work out. Its so NICE to see them happy again. It was a long sad month for us all. Enjoy the pictures!
  16. OH my I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tank!!!!! I only counted 11 and 2 are just glimps's of color so I might have imagained them .. LOL. Very pretty and I like the bowl idea ... I may have to use that in the future too.
  17. Haahaahaa OK - I will get some pictures .... BUT it wont be fantastic or anything ..... I am being very picky about the tank decorations. I had A LOT more in there before, we have 2 toys and one I will take out once the babies are a bit bigger. And the one I plan on getting I dont think anyone can get stuck. (I would so have a heart attack). I am worried about the plastic plants, I just cant afford to replace with silk for awhile. But I would like to replace them some day. My fish were very blah, so I tried adding a few things back in and they are deffinatly happier, so now I will use what I have for now, and plan future purchases better. That fluva FX5 took all the fish money and some (cost a FIN and a TAIL! LOL haahaahaa) and I even got it on sale (yea Amazon prices!) ok .... pictures to come ....
  18. Well pics will be after I get it looking really pretty ..... but yes, I will share my happy tank soon. Its so nice to enjoy my fish instead of worring about them. We both (humans and fishies) more relaxed now. Watching each other from our own side of the glass.....
  19. That other thread was getting to long. SO ... (for those who hadn't been reading here) I finally finished the month long treatment for flukes. I lost 11 fish (mostly babies). I have 13 goldies left. I have gotten most of the rock out of the bottom, and added back in 2 greek/roman ruins type toys and some plastic plants. My fish are SO much happier. They used to just float and lok sad in the empty tank. Now that there are some decorations back in it - I am seeing a LOT more activity. Plans for the future of this tank ... I got my Fluva Fx5 finally and will be setting it up real soon. taking out the rest of the rocks off the bottom. Adding one more ruin toy (the big temple looking one) - cause they love swiming around the 2 I already have. I am so VERY happy to have a happy tank again. Thank you Alex VERY much for your help, and also everyone else who chimed in with advice and support. I would have lost my whole tank if it was not for this forum. THANK YOU! Hugs - Suzie "Sunshine" PS I had someone come over to my place for the first time yesterday and they walked in the room and stopped walking looking at my tank and said "WOW that is a great fish tank" And I was able to jsut smile and say thank you! Good moment.
  20. deffinatly thinking roman ruins ...... lol my happy fishies! ALSO finally had time to order the Fluva FX5 .. should be here this next weekend. will be finished with treatments and can look forward to some happy times with my fishies!
  21. YES!!!!! super happy! I added back in 2 tacky tank toys and my goldies are playing with them, they missed having things in the tank w them. So nice to have a healthy tank. It will probably be a bit longer before I can see a fish swimming near the surface with out a minor heart attack! lol ..... Now I can get started planning a healthy decore for them. (slightly tacky!)
  22. OK - been offline for almost a week! (parents moving in upstairs, well first truck load anyways) I got 4 otos at the store. the others didnt want to come home with us, but I figure that i can get the rest later. I looked at the dwarf G's. One was super pretty .... but in the corner at the top of the tank and putting my finger next to his eyes he didnt move away from teh side of the tank. Poor little guy was on his way out. SO now I have the 4 little guys in QT ... they are so darn CUTE! Cant wait for there arrival in community tank!
  23. Parents moved up here this last weekend. I haven't had a spare moment! Miss Kitty is looking much better. We have also done the latest 50% water change NOT added salt this time and reg sized dose of PP (this was the 3rd treatment) Water is good, fish look happy. They have started eating from my hand now too (squished peas) So I think all is well
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