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  1. If you get the right size tank, you don't have to keep changing. Trouble is, once you get a bigger tank, you want to put more fish in it! Then that leads to an even BIGGER tank! Ha, That's what's happening to me. I have four in a 75 gal and I'm feeling like they will need more room. Looking at a 220
  2. I think that they work. My angelfish tank is heavily planted. I dose it with Flourish once a week and Flourish excel two or three times a week. The plants are going crazy in there. Some are high light plants but there are still some plants that require high light that don't work for me because they really need the co2 gas also, which I don't want to get into. My goldfish tank? Ha, forget it. I can't seem to keep anything rooted long enough for it to grow. Even if they don't eat it they still uproot it for fun.
  3. The another one that I have has a yellow wen and used to have a crispy white body. Kind of like a red cap but now he is yellowing on his fins more and a little bit on his body. It's a pretty lemon yellow. It will be fun to see the changes. My mission is to see all of these guys live to at least 20 yrs. old
  4. Thanks for the information. I figured blue was a dilute of black but I didn't know that chocolate was also. My blue is silvery on the belly His back, wen and fins are more matte. The bottom of his chubby cheeks are clear. He's about 31/2 inches from nose to tail base. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. It would be nice if he kept his color because I really like it but he's really neat even if he does change color.
  5. How do blue orandas develope as far as their color is concerned? I have read that many don't keep their color but I have seen some pretty big guys that are still that dark steele blue. Does anyone have any practicable experience with this that would wish to share?
  6. I would say go for it if it is in good condition. I bought a 75 gal brand new with the stand and light, which I never used, for 299. So that's a third of the price. I got another 75 gal for 125.00 with a better stand than my new one off of craigslist. They threw in the filter but once again not used because I don't like it. Too noisy for me anyway. I gave it to a friend for his turtle.
  7. I bought four led lights from home depot. They are 19 w a piece I think. I can't exactly remember but I know that they equal 90 watts a piece. They are 38 par and daylight 5000 k. I hung them over the tank. This is a 90 gal. planted tank and the plants are growing like crazy. I use flourish fert. and flourish exel (I don't really want to get into co2 tanks. Once I got into LED's I don't ever want to go back to fluorescent lights again. They make everything look so flat compared to the LED's that make the water shimmer and bring it to life.
  8. I saw a guys goldfish tank that had a spray bar across the top. He's pretty knowlegeable about fish. As a matter of fact, the goldfish tank was the only one with a spray bar. Movement at the surface of the water helps exchange gasses better.
  9. I hope not. I wanted to put a bubble wall stretched across the back of my tank.
  10. The tank has been set up for 21/2 to 3 months. Newly cycled. I use Seachem Prime I did add another fish a week ago and one more waiting in his own tank to be added to the main one. When it's all said and done there will be four orandas in a 75 gal. My tests were reading 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites and 20 nitrates before water change for a few weeks now. The last test I did before this one was about 5 days ago. My ph is at 7.6
  11. It's a sponge filter. So, maybe if I put it in a bucket and let the temp. drop slowly there will be less shock? Providing the ph is similar. The reason that I am asking is because my newer goldfish tank, which I thought was cycled, had a nitrite spike. 0 ammonia .25 nitrite and 20 nitrates. and I thought swapping sponge filters might help. Both tanks have two very large sponge filters and the golfish tank has a hob filter as well. Maybe I'll just use some prime and leave it alone for now and let it just try to do it's thing while keeping an eye on it. I tested the tap water and it was 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates I don't know why it did this. Maybe someone is sneaking extra food to the beggars.
  12. You're just telling us the price of fishes there to make us all in the U.S. jealous LOL One day I would love to visit Thailand.
  13. Just out of curiosity and maybe wanting to do it. If I take well established media from a tropical tank (80*) and put it in a coldwater tank (70*), will the tempurature change harm the BB?
  14. I love this system and I want one. I've looked into the K 1 media before and wanted some for a fluidized bed type filter. Never did get it. I might look into it again.
  15. Very pretty fish. I just came across one of those also and had to have him. He's becoming my favorite because of his personality. Does he/she have a name yet?
  16. Goldfish are very naughty when it comes to plants. But would you just look at them, they're sooo cute
  17. It gets on my filter tube also but in the middle of the night my goldfish think that it's a veggie stick
  18. Duckweed grows like crazy in my angelfish tank and when it gets out of hand I put some in my goldfish tank and they gobble it up. A lot of times I scoop quite a bit out and throw it away because it gets to be too much. I would send people some for free if they paid for the shipping but it is in my tanks with fish.
  19. Thanks FM. I tested my tap water today and to me it's weird. The water straight out of the tap measured KH 2 degrees, GH 13 drops whatever that would be above 218. and PH of 7.4 So now I'm concering myself with stability of ph. I guess that would be for another thread though.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and new to goldfish keeping. I have been keeping amazonian cichlids for a few years. I had seen the most beautiful oranda about 20 yrs. ago fell in love and have wanted them every since. Now that I have a tank big enough to house them here we go with the goldfish. Actually I've had a tank big enough but I love angelfish and blue rams also. Anyway back to the question. For my other tank I use R/O water and build it back up and have my formula. I haven't checked the kh or gh for a while. Now that I'm into goldfish I figured I would use tapwater. I live in florida and our water has always been really hard. I have reason to believe that the city that I live in has done something to the water to make it softer. I want to test the water but I can't find my instructions anywhere and can't remember what color change is supposed to take place with the test drops. Can anyone tell me what color change is supposed to occur. Any help with this would be appreciated Lori
  21. I think FM meant dosing fertilizers for the plants. They use up trace minerals that need to be replaced
  22. I always wondered what people were talking about on this subject of false readings. I was always under the impression that Prime changed the ammonia to ammonium which is non toxic but would still have a reading for ammonia because it is still a form of ammonia and still usable by the bateria. A good thing I think. Then you know when it is still there. Prime is a wonderful thing for protecting fish when cycling.. Nothing beats a water change though. I think that a tank would cycle better with water changes. All of that good bacteria needs oxygen to grow. High nitrites mean low oxygen? Or does it just affect the fishes oxygen level when it binds the red blood cells?
  23. Very pretty fish. I have a lemon cap also. One of my favorites
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