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  1. Thanks for your reply's everyone. Shakaho, I originally estimated the pond to hold about 2200 gals. but I think it will be more like 1800. How many gals. per day of water being dripped in would be good for this size of pond. The container I am using is actually a swimming pool that I got my hands on. It was never used as a swimming pool though. Matter of fact is was never used at all. I plan to build a wood wall around it with seating benches. It will definitely be in the shade. I took a look at what you did and it looks like a pretty cool set up. If you extend an over flow pipe down to the bottom of the pond with holes drilled like you have, will it start overflowing when the waterline gets to the bend and start drawing water from the bottom of the pond?
  2. It sure would be nice if it worked. I was just wondering if it would be enough with exchange or would I need something else to eliminate ammonia and such.
  3. In my exploration of pond filtration (and I'm about ready to give up for the day)I came across the idea of continuous water exchange and a light bulb went off. I am going to put an above ground fancy goldfish pond in my yard that will be 12 ft round and 2.5 ft deep. I live in North East Florida and the temps in the summer can get into the high ninety's and low's in the winter can get down to 32 at night for an hour or two. I had a big concern of temp. fluctuations. My big question is this. I have an artesian well in my yard that is not connected to any kind of pump, it just flows. would I be able to run that water to my pond on one end and have an outflow on the other end to have continuous water exchange and eliminate filtration all together. I have semi hard water (about 7.6 to 7.8 ph) and it comes out at about 72 degrees F. Can anyone see this working?
  4. Actually it did help. I've been noticing that the telescope types seem to have more stable of black and they also seem to be that velvety black rather than metallic. I wonder if there is any correlation there as far as genetics go.
  5. How do you like that aquaclear 110? I'm thinking of getting one because I like all of the room in the media chambers?
  6. Yes, in size and numbers. I was looking at a 220 for a good price but just don't have room for it right now. When my kitchen is finished I will though. Well, I will be incredibly jealous of your 220 when you get it! that would be awesome! EDIT: Sorry! I just realized I 'welcomed' you to the forum in my post I just woke up from a nap so I will blame it on my groggy brain! Tithra, I'm jealous of your Hashi and Edie. They are beautiful. I am new to this forum so it's all good.
  7. Yes, in size and numbers. I was looking at a 220 for a good price but just don't have room for it right now. When my kitchen is finished I will though.
  8. Great place to check. That's where I got my 75 gal. with stand for a hundred bucks.
  9. Thank you, now to enjoy them for the next 20 years. I hope.
  10. Sorry to be using you guys as a guinea pig http://i1037.photobu...71985c4166c.jpg Well, Only the iink shows up but not the pic itself
  11. ok maybe this http://s1037.beta.photobucket.com/user/Lori_Fassbinder/library/
  12. LOL I just do it and ask for forgivness later. Yeah, I think it will be 2200 or 2300. I'm going to make it round with a bench around it 13 ft in diameter and 2.5 ft deep. I'm still working out the legistics on the filtration and whether I need a heater or not. I live in northern FL In the winter it can get down to the thirties breifly at night and then it warms back up. I'm thinking that I need to keep the temps from fluctuating so much. In the summer it gets hot so I have to see how I'm going to work this out. It has to be above ground though because all of the tree roots make it almost impossible to dig a big hole. Although I think that would be better, it's not possible at this point and time. I can't seem to be able to post pics on this forum.
  13. I bought a seventy five gallon tank thinking that I was going to house two orandas in it. LOL, now there are six and I'[m thinking that is too much for this tank. Not only that, there are a few more I would like to keep. My family is laughingly threatening intervention. They Don't Know. I am now going to sneak a 2200 gal. above ground pond into my backyard. I think that should be good for about 20 of them I guess I will be visiting the pond forum.
  14. Butters and Pang Pang are pretty cute if you ask me http://s1037.beta.photobucket.com/user/Lori_Fassbinder/media/orandas022.jpg.html?state=copy
  15. Oh my god you're right she is huge! Lovely! Here's my contribution Dem cheeks Looks like she/he's having a blast on the filter roller coaster LOL Love it
  16. Thanks everyone for all of the great advise. I guess I'll have to set a routine so as to make sure that they eat enough without over doing it. They do try to sucker me into feeding them all of the time. I put a small stalk of broccoli in the tank before I went to work today and they tore that up. I think that is a good solution for when I'm gone all day (a couple of days a week). It doesn't mess up the water and they have to work at it a little bit so it gives them something to do. I put lettuce in there before and no one touched it.
  17. Thanks for the reply, That's what I've been doing and became afraid that I'm feeding them too much. They all seem to be looking good though. They remind me of my horses. It's lke they have conveyor belts built in. In one end and out the other Constantly. Which would lead me to my next question of what about when I'm at work all day? Would putting in a bigger gel cube of Repashy work? And, would one day of fasting per week hurt them?
  18. I hate it that they put all of those starches and grain in fish food. Since when have you seen a fish grazing in a wheat field?
  19. I feed my angelfish twice a day and they seem to do fine with that. But the goldfish seem to be another story. I seem to be feeding them a lot and wonder if I'm feeding them too much. They are hungry all of the time. They spend most of their time foraging for food. The questions in my head are: Do I feed them more because they are growing? Do I feed them more often because they don't have stomachs and are grazers? Or, Am I overfeeding them? Any advice of what works best from anyone? I am feeding rapashy, sinking pellets, a variety of vegetables, and bloodworms.
  20. I was at petco today and they had two discus with the koi. They werent fighting either because the discus were in the bushes freezing to death. There were three and the way they looked I highly doubt that someone bought it for 39 dollars.
  21. I know how you feel. I am eyeballing a black oranda and I know I don't have anymore tank space. My mind is still working out the details though. LOL
  22. I love fish because I love to create their homes. I like making aquascapes that are pleasant to look at and be thoughtfull of the fishes needs at the same time (and the needs of the plants). Sometimes that can be a challenge. I've had angelfish for a while and their home is always a work in progress. I met a goldfish about 20 yrs ago that I could never get off my mind. He was an Oranda that was about 10 or 11 inches with another 7 or 8 inches of tail. He was so huge and graceful and friendly. Finally I decided to get one (three months ago) and put it in a 75 gal. tank (his name is Butters). Well, he looked really lonely so he needed a friend so I got another. After that it became a playground and there are four. I love these goldfish. I watch them spend their days picking around and hanging out with each other and they're all right there when I walk in the door doing their dance. My little water puppies are so funny and I've gotten more attached to them than any other fishes. I think their best friend is the food hand.
  23. I've always been afraid to get a chocolate because I don't want them to change color but that color is really neat. Beautiful fish
  24. Here Ya' go http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?aquariums101&1362541801
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