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  1. LOL he would have had five weeks with me.
  2. I'm happy that you said something about treated lumber because I might not have thought about that and what it would do to the fish. I'll just stay away from that. Thanks
  3. Ranchu, I haven't started the pond yet. The ammonia is in the water from the well. I think I'm going to just use the water from the tap instead. I don't think I trust the water from the well. It hasn't been used much except for watering plants and it smells full of sulphur. I'll drip in water to make a 12% to 15% water change weekly.
  4. You can put salmon in there.
  5. What a cutie. Some plants would break up his boredom and make him feel more comfortable
  6. Pretty fish. I like the single tail goldies. They're very graceful.
  7. So, are there true black moors that stay black or are they all telescopes that will eventually change?
  8. Beautiful fins on her. I just got through talking to someone that told me that blues can look chocolate when they are young and the blue just keeps getting darker. I don't know how true that is but it will be fun for you to watch her develop. Where did she come from?.
  9. I don't really know what is normal for this well because I don't use it for anything other than watering plants and have never checked it for anything before. The house is connected to city water. But, by the sound of it, I guess .50 is not that high or abnormal. Thanks for the reply's, it's put new hope into my plan.
  10. ok, I'll try it with the water dripping into the bog filter and see how it goes. I'll start with a couple of fish in there and if things start to go bad I can get them back into the tank. Is it heard of to have ammonia in well water without something major being wrong with it?
  11. I'm not planning a dirty tank but I'm gonna remember that info. i was just confused between real substrate and the fake stuff. Also, how many inches deep should the substrate bed be. I heard anything too deep is bad because it can house ammonia and gases (?). I used about 1 inch of substrate in front two inches in the back. I don't use root tabs but I do use Seachem Flourish and Flourish Excel. I also have four 19w- 5000k 38 par led lights over the 75gal tank and the plants love it.
  12. I've done really well with Eco complete in my planted tank http://s1037.beta.photobucket.com/user/Lori_Fassbinder/media/ramcichlid001.jpg.html?sort=3&o=29 That was about six months ago, it's even more lush now.
  13. Wait a minute. The filter would turn the ammonia into nitrates eventually and that would be what is going into the pond. Being that the purpose of water changing is to eliminate nitrates that doesn't sound so good.
  14. Hmmm just might work. I'm a little concerned over what is creating that ammonia like iron bacteria or something. And, would that hurt the fish. The water was tested from that well last year and they found no contaminates though.
  15. So much for the dream come true. I decided to test the outside well water for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates and it came up .50 for ammonia. Zero on the other two. Just to make sure the test was still good I tested my tap water and that came up zero. Hoping that I messed up the first test, I tested the well water again and it still came up .50 Sigh time to come up with another plan.
  16. Well, I think it's settled. I will have a continuous water supply going in and going out and also a bog filter. Thanks Shakaho for the great ideas. I will post pics when I have it set up. I'm sooo excited.
  17. This post made me smile Very pretty fish. I'm sure she'll arrive perfect
  18. A couple of mine look like that too. Cute little faces your fish have
  19. Years ago I had what you call a sucker fish in a ten gallon. It wasn't long before I brought him back to the live fish store. He grew way too big and I'm pretty sure he was ambushing my guppies in the middle of the night while they slept and ate them. Nerite snails eat a ton of algae and they don't reproduce in fresh water, the eggs won't hatch. See if you can get a thirty gal. for your goldie on craigslist or petcos dollar a gallon sale when they have it. He will love you for it.
  20. I don't have it set up yet, probably next week sometime. I'll have to see what model it is tomorrow as it's outside in the dark. It's 12 ft in diameter and 30 in. tall. That would be 2115 gallons. I found a volume calculator for cylinders. It's going to 1692 gallons if I fill it 6 inches from the top. I read somewhere that if you add a percentage of new water that is not how much water is being change because it mixes with the old. But, I would think that if you drip in water on one side and it comes out the other it would be close to a whole of that percentage of water change. Good idea of taking advantage of the rainfall. The water coming out of this well has sulfur in it but I don't think it will hurt the fishes.
  21. I am the same way. It's called stubborn. I want what I want and I won't give up until it happens.
  22. I took a look at this when you replied to my post. It's a really nice set up and I'm going to emulate this. For the overflow, when the waterline reaches the bend of the elbow water will start siphoning out and pulling water from the bottom of the pond?
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