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  1. This is pretty cool. While I was away for two days this was taking place. It will interesting to see how this plays out. I'm pretty excited. I only filmed it for a few seconds as mom and dad were looking at the camera with suspicion. I didn't want them to eat their children.
  2. I had a guppy tank years ago. The guppies would just disappear with no trace. The pleco in there was getting huge. I swear he was ambushing them while they slept. I'm really sorry that your betta is nowhere to be found, that's such a bummer.
  3. Love your fish, really nice. The little calico is cute
  4. What pretty fish, I like their names
  5. How adorable they are. I especially like the black and white one. Nice clean tank too
  6. Thanks for the answer that makes sense. I read a thread that said both ammonia and nitrates but I also remember reading that salt helps with nitrites.
  7. I was reading a thread on using salt and it says not to use it if ammonia or nitrites are present. Just out of curiosity, Why?
  8. Yes, it's just one of those flexible bubble wands. I had this in the big tank but took it out because it seemed like too much going on in there. It looks perfect in this bare bottom tank. The biggest blue oranda likes to swim through it and grab a mouthful of bubbles and then spit it out in a circle like she's blowing smoke rings. She keeps doing it, I think it's fun for her or something.
  9. That's what I thought, they have very square heads. Their body's are bigger than my hand.
  10. Thanks, this forum seems to have a bunch of great people here who like to have fun. Everyone is really nice and ready to jump in when someones fish is in trouble
  11. I would think red bricks would be ok, they're made out of clay. If you can keep them stabel That is so cool Love it
  12. Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I love the bubbles and the fish seem to also. I love the way they dance through the light. I started using led lighting and I don't think I can ever go back to florescent again. I use 5000k led bulbs from the hardware store. They're kind of expensive but they won't need to be replaced for years. The water just shimmers through the light. I just about fell over when I asked how much they paid for fish. $14.99 a piece, and they're huge too. Apparently the young man that runs the pet section talks like these are his own animals and really cares for them. He said that he bought them from a local guy. The girls told me that they had all kinds of cool stuff like arowanas and different salt water fish Now I really have to go check this place out.
  13. I thought they were pulliing my leg. The Ace by my house doesn't have a pet section. This one is a little less than an hour from my house. My niece told me it's where she got her turtle last year also.
  14. Those fish look like they are loving life I like the plants too.
  15. Ok , I was wondering about that. I'll start the salt when the sun comes up. Everyone is sleeping around here except for me.
  16. I have PraziPro in with them. Can I salt at the same time?
  17. It's crazy, I would have never thought about a hardware store. I might go check them out myself next week
  18. I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not I need to keep an eye on them, they might end up in another thread. Three of them have a small bulge on their right side but we'll see. The pond is an above ground swimming pool. It's all up and running but I want to build a wood frame around it. It's kind of tacky looking right now. That might not happen until next summer though because I'm remodeling a kitchen. Whew. I'll take pics anyway but don't laugh at me
  19. I bought a 40 gal. to quarantine two fish that I will be receiving Friday. My nieces came home last night with some new friends. Off to the store for another tank today. They will all be going in the pond after quarantine. They got them at Ace Hardware of all places. It never occurred to me that fish would be there. The two blueish ones were sold as fantails and the others as orandas. They have some issues but I think they are pretty. I'll have to take some pics of the pond. The tank looks a little messy but they just got through eating and pooping.
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