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  1. Really? Crystal-clear water isn't that good for fish? That's the first time I'm hearing that; I thought it had more to do with the levels that come up in tests... Yeah, I was pretty far from upstate but had been to the Catskills a few times for different things -- remember the Concord resort? I used to go there quite often.
  2. Thanks very much for putting my mind at ease about this; indeed, my water is CRYSTAL clear and the fish are doing incredibly well, swimming, eating, playing and seemingly growing DAILY. Something must be right....I'll keep my eye on the ammonia spikes. Can you explain what's going on with the nitrites remaining at zero from the beginning, though...and why I'm not seeing a spike in nitrates? As for the bio media and Shannon's suggestion, I see that; I have actually done that (added more bio media) to my Aqueon HOB, in which I went out and got the Hagen/Fluval Bio Max pellets for the AquaClear 30 and placed that small bag in the intake chamber of the filter, along with a sponge...the AquaClear 110 on my tank has two bags of the Bio Max on top, but would you recommend even more? By the way -- what part of NY are you in? I was raised and spent most of my life in Long Island.
  3. Can you explain the statement about the filters not keeping up with the cycle? And no, I'm definitely reading the chart EXACTLY each time. If there are discrepancies, they're so small as to not be able to make them out with the naked eye (such as a light green color being EVER so slightly more yellow, etc.). There are decorations in the tank but no live plants.
  4. Hi Goldfishbeginner, Sorry for the delay in responding to this; indeed, with regard to the bacteria kickstarting products, I think the next time I start up a tank I am going to try your mentioned Tetra SafeStart, as I have read that it's the only one on the market that actually USES the nitrifying bacteria needed to seed a tank -- regardless of the fact that I happen to otherwise love Seachem products. Here's the thing, though, and hopefully you or someone else can lend some insight: I did a 50-percent water change yesterday, which was the two-week mark Seachem advised me to wait to see what would happen with regard to my test numbers (the Seachem rep, who won't respond to me anymore for some reason, told me not to touch anything in the tank or add anything to the water during this two weeks...so all I did was top off the aquarium with fresh water treated with Prime once). The tank is ridiculously crystal-clear and shows no signs of bacterial bloom anymore, suggesting to me something has gone right -- however, my test numbers are STILL coming back the same, with traces of ammonia AND nitrates: Ammonia is still around 0.25, not 0 (the test tube color continuously comes back a light GREEN, not the YELLOW that should indicate 0 ppms) Nitrite is STILL reading 0 -- no matter how many times I run this test (the color in the tube comes back the aqua blue, indicating 0 ppms) NitrAte is STILL reading somewhere between 0 and 5.0 (the color in the tube comes back as a somewhat dark YELLOW, not ORANGE, which indicates it's somewhere between 0 and 5.0 ppms) Can you or anyone else explain this? Seachem advised me, in the last email conversation I had with the rep, that at this point I should "call it good" and accept that everything is normal...and that for some reason he couldn't explain, ever, my tank is going to have constant slight traces of ammonia. But I don't understand how my tank can be fully cycled if ammonia is still reading 0.25 and nitrAtes are reading slightly higher than 0...is this because it can take, as you mentioned, up to three months to cycle and that I'm NOT fully cycled? If so, why is my water so clear?
  5. Wow....you learn something new every day... Thanks for that.
  6. I know the cartridges aren't ideal; what I normally do is run them and run them, and then dunk/rinse them off in removed tank water (as I do with my AquaClear 110's media) from time to time to preserve the bacteria colonies. I was told that it doesn't matter if the carbon gets exhausted, and that it's a myth that toxic elements can be leeched back into the tank. But at any rate, I have since added bio rings and a small foam block to the Aqueon's intake chamber. Why do you think these filters could have been the problem? As an aside -- hope you're not in the midst of that madness going on near Portland...
  7. I've noticed the quality of these Hagen foam blocks have gone way down; since I first bought my AquaClear 110 back in 2012/2013 or so, I had to replace the foam/sponge at least once (and again when we started our tank back up about a month ago) after the original became seriously deformed and misshapen. This is probably due to the company catching on to the fact that everyone just rinses these out and reuses them indefinitely; they need a way to make money...
  8. Yes, carbon is in the Aqueon; they are two new cartridges I put in there after I discovered the ones that come in the box with the filter (we bought it new) were stuffed up and causing overflow after only a couple of weeks (they didn't rinse out when I tried). I suspect this switch to the new carts did something to the cycle, but didn't think it was THAT significant... As for the AquaClear, I'm running the stock foam block on bottom, a layer of floss in the middle and then the Biomax on top. Just today, I took out the media basket from that filter and rinsed the pieces in dechlorinated tap water out of suspicion they may have been clogged....my suspicion was correct, in that a TON of uneaten food, waste and more came out of the foam block and floss when I squeezed em....
  9. So we ended a second round of the Seachem Stability treatment on the 14th, and as of yesterday (the 15th), the results were: Ammonia: 0.25 - 0.50 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 0 - 5.0 (a dark yellow color on the API chart) As I said, we're still in the midst of a bacterial bloom and these numbers don't seem to change much; the tank has been up and running for about a month now, with the fish in it for just a little less.
  10. Wasn't really looking for a response; was just sharing what I have.
  11. Koko, Would you be able to help with some additional API test readings? We STILL have the bacterial bloom...
  12. Today's (7/2) readings (after a tiny water change last night; two buckets' worth): Ammonia: Between 0 and 0.25; honestly, more like 0 NitrIte: 0 NitrAte: 0, on its way to 5.0
  13. Well, that's clearer than my aquarium water has ever been. You tell me, in so many other words, that you're not to be "tested" right now (in a quasi-threatening manner) because of the myriad of things going on in your life, and I tell you that I have similar concerns and pressures, including watching people I know waste away from the coronavirus epidemic, and I still receive borderline attitude... It's wholly incredible, but, hey -- personalities are what they are. I wish you the best (which I'm sure you won't wish me) on a personal level, and do appreciate what you have attempted to explain. I will continue testing the water and report the readings here, of which someone else can perhaps assist with.
  14. And that's what I get....for doing nothing but defending myself and saying I, too, have things going on in my life... Absolutely no response to that....incredible. At any rate, koko, if you would like to continue assisting me with these questions, please let me know; we can go PM if you wish.
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