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  1. Such a beautiful tank! Im not sure of your fish by name but I love how that little Chu follows the big red/orange Tele. Never gets to far behind. Your fish are lovely.
  2. Just read through this thread. WOW! The whole thing is very impressive! Can't wait to see the pool set up. Ella is a doll! She looks about the age of my granddaughter.
  3. I must confess. That was me. Don't ask me why but for some idiot reason I tried to trim it up. It was getting sort of oval shaped so I tried to give it a haircut! I can't believe I am admitting this out loud!!!! :rofl
  4. I reloaded my app so I am going to try this again. I hope it works. If not I am so sorry and will not try to post vids again until I figure out what is going wrong. Here is Eyeris! Barely floaty! Woot It worked!!! :nana
  5. She seems to be happy as a clam! She is to busy looking for food! I have had two goldies before and there was always food aggression. I hated it. Eyeris eats so slow. She knows where to find her food. I feed her in the same spot each time but she can take her time and I know she is getting enough. She tried the Marimo Ball a couple of times but didn't pursue it after that. Not to her taste I guess. She would rather just order him around. When I got her she was in a tank by herself. It was the Java Moss tank. It was full of the moss. There was absolutely nowhere for her to swim. She was returned because she was sold as a Panda then changed to orange. I guess the Java Moss tank was the only place they had to put her. She was also pretty floaty. So now with room to swim and being able to get to the bottom it is just forage, forage, forage all the live long day. I really think she is just to darn busy to be lonely. Side note on the Marimo. If I see she is starting to eat it I will take it out. I have had it for over a year and a half. It is the last of three. My other goldfish devoured the other two.
  6. Mine never moves? When she says "stay!" He STAYS. For now. She's small yet.
  7. I am so glad you have Tilty since he looks like O. F. And I am sorry for your loss.
  8. Yes. The pecking order in my tank is 1. Eyeris 2. Hoptooit 3. Moss Ball Moss Ball is very good at staying put. Thank you for looking! Who is Hoptooit? This is Eyeris telling Hoptooit how things go in her tank and where his place in the pecking order is.
  9. You are right your Tele and Eyeris do look alike. They both have that great orange eyelid.
  10. Oh that would be so cool! Very easy to hide the outside behind a movable frame and potted plants. Man I wish I had room for one. Those of you that are getting one keep us updated on how you use them ok?
  11. Yes. The pecking order in my tank is 1. Eyeris 2. Hoptooit 3. Moss Ball Moss Ball is very good at staying put. Thank you for looking!
  12. They are beautiful! I think Orange Fishie is gorgeous!
  13. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Picture #3!!! PHOTO CONTEST! Monet is such a great name!
  15. It looks really nice and your fish are so cute!
  16. I really like it! Those colors are great against the black. The moss rocks are so cute!
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