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  1. I know your tank doesn't look like these pictures anymore but the pictures of your fish! Have you won goldfish picture of the week with that fourth picture yet? Beautiful!
  2. Mine would probably end up the same way!
  3. I love those! Where do you get them? Isn't it funny how they notice anything new! Got to check it out. Might be edible.
  4. Thank you Fang! At least I'm not driving you insane yet.
  5. I hope I am not baffling you to much. As I said "I think I may have lost it!"
  6. But Eyeris is gonna eat all of their food
  7. I laughed so hard eye had tears running down my face!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!
  8. Maybe I should say another royal subject for Her Nibbs. Meet Humpfrey! And once again, "THE TALK" This time to all three at the same time. Just so they are all on the same page. I think I've lost it!!!!! Thank you for looking.
  9. Ah thanks from Eyeris. Just between you and me, eye think it's starting to go to her head!
  10. ?Never mind. I just read Fangs post. That will teach me to take a SHORT Sunday afternoon nap! I am totally behind on reading the posts now.
  11. So how is the next batch from Shub coming? DISREGARD QUESTION!!! I just saw your post about the shubunkins AND Shub was the daddy of the last batch not the shubunkin batch. to many fish!
  12. Ah. What a cutie! What have you named him?
  13. Me too! I think that is why I can't look at her without making fishy faces at her and my husband just giggles and shakes his head if he looks at her for to long.
  14. Thank you Bronwyn! She is the silliest little thing I have had the pleasure to know. Thank you Bronwyn! She is the silliest little thing I have had the pleasure to know. OOPS!!!
  15. I think she is very cute. I love to make fish faces back at her!
  16. Nice fish hun Thanks Koko. Love your avatar. I had never seen one before. Very impressive animal.
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