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  1. They are both beautiful but I have to say that Prazi is TO DIE FOR!!!
  2. Both great ideas. This morning I tried the hand feeding again but I made sure that whale was at the bottom with a mouthful then kept Bijou's attention at the top. As long as I can keep her close to the top (not at the top gulping air) eating small, dust size pieces and keep whale with mouthful size pieces at the bottom, things went much better. Thank you.
  3. Whale will eat from my hand but bijou is a little more skittish also whale chases her away from my hand. Such a food hog!!!
  4. When feeding whale and bijou, I put food on both sides of my 29 gallon tank. Whale sees the food drop first and goes after it I then show bijou the food for the other side and make sure she sees it drop and goes to that side to eat. As soon as bijou starts to eat whale charges over to Bijou's side of the tank and chases her until bijou drops her food. Whale does this over and over. She won' stop. Bijou runs for her life and in the process drops her food and whale grabs it. These are baby fish. They are covering a lot of territory at this point In time. Bijou tries going to the other side of the tank and whale just follows and continues the chase if bijou has food in her mouth. I am afraid bijou is not getting enough to eat. She is not growing as fast. She is always grazing on the marimo balls because it is the only thing whale does not care if bijou eats. Any advice?
  5. OK. This is a newbie question so forgive me if answer is obvious and I just don't see it. I don't know how to feed peas. Whale and Bijou are to small to eat even blanched, shelled peas. By the time I get done shelling and smashing it looks like baby food. Can I just feed baby food?
  6. I am having a heck of a time learning photobucket!!! I keep loosing uploads and deleting pictures I shouldn't! Geeezzzzzz! I never thought of the bathtub! Would probably have to go to a canister filter rather than HOB.
  7. WOW! Gorgeous! Hard to believe little Bijou will ever be that grand but we can certainly hope.
  8. I have been drooling over and wanting to rescue this guy from my local Petco but I don't have room
  9. Could you post pictures of your grown fantails please. I see lots of pics of the other breeds but not to many big fantails. What do they look like when they reach potential size? Thank you.
  10. Thank you everyone. He was labeled a lionhead at the Petco where I got him but I figured there was a very small chance they might not know what they were talking about. so I wanted to ask your opinion. I had no idea there was such a thing as mixed breed fishies or head shapes in fishies until I found Koko's. Boy do I have a lot to learn. The one thing I know for sure is he/she is my little piggy!!!
  11. This is Whale. About 1 1/2 inches.
  12. This is really hard. Posted a picture of whale (lion head) and bijou (fantail). Only took me updating my IOS and two days to figure out how to paste from photo bucket thanks to a great how to post for new comers. They are babies still. Next picture post I will add my comments under the Img paste.
  13. I like that feeding cone. It would give them a challenge. Maybe Whale would be so focused on getting food out of the thing that he would ignore Bijou or I will just get two. Thanks
  14. As you can see I do not know how to use the quote feature to respond to a response. I will quit hitting "quote" I am messing up this topic. Sorry everyone.
  15. I actually break the Repashy into bite size pieces because the fish are small. I drop the pieces in a few places around the bottom of the tank so they can eat separately because Whale will chase Bijou away from food. Should I just leave the amount I am going to feed whole and let them chew at it?
  16. I love it that someone is usually monitoring and answers right away!!! You guys are the best customer service department ever!!!
  17. I have a 29 gallon tank for Bijou (about 1 inch) and Whale (about 1 1/2 inches). I have an Aqua Clear 50 HOB and just added a Penguin 150 HOB. Now when I feed, the Repashy, blood worms or what ever I am feeding go everywhere. The filters get moe than the fish. I tried turning the Aqua Clear down but the Penguin is still to much current so I turn them off while Bijou & Whale eat but that is 3 to 4 times a day. Is that hard on the filters to re-prime themselves so many times? Any advice from the knowledgable masses?
  18. Thank you for the advice. I want them to be happy, healthy and growing.
  19. Would really love advise from veteran GF keepers. My two little Goldies are now eating Repashy and love it. Should I continue supplementing with bloodworms and peas? If so, how much and how often?
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