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  1. In the dark with only the tank lights on while listing to Patrick O'hearn or first thing in the quiet of the morning watching her eat while I drink a nice cup of coffee. Great topic!!!
  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I had a pond, but I live in a condo with only a small concrete patio. One day ...Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk Patio pond! Patio pond!
  3. I have another one. I'll post it soon Thanks Pointers can be elegant but really they are giant goofballs!They're bird dogs! Of course they are goofballs. I use to show Irish, English & Gordon Setters back when Dinosaurs still roamed the earth.
  4. Meet Sheldon. (bzinga) "Seriously? A turtle? I'm not even gonna bother with the talk about not moving." Oh Eyeris, you crack me up.
  5. All the fish are beautiful! The Angel is just a WEE bit on the cranky side.
  6. WOW! What kind of light do you use? Those look amazing!
  7. You are a busy lady. So are your fish.
  8. Oh I love your pond. It is great to be able to see them against the white sand. Beautiful Tele's I think Pointers are so elegant. I also love greyhounds, borzois and dobies for the same reason.
  9. Fluffy

    I like it.

    I love the look. What kind of plant is in the big blue pot?
  10. I LOVE the name Osiris!!!!! They are all so cute!
  11. Yep. So far you seem to be alone on this one. I'm sorry.
  12. Congrats! I just love Pom Poms and he is gorgeous!!!!
  13. He is very handsome! Congrats!
  14. Thanks for the update! How fun! So glad everyone is doing so well. I must admit the depth of your tank crossed my mind when I saw those pearlies in QT but then I realized "This is Helen, she does surgery on Goldfish! I don't think there will be a problem".
  15. That is so beautiful! I don't know that I could pull myself away there if I had that pond.
  16. That video beats any Christmas morning I can remember and I have seen a LOT of Christmas mornings. (I'm old) Congratulations! May your QT be uneventful.
  17. Shelly I am so sorry. I will be praying for both of you.
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