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  1. :thud What is his name? How big is he?

    Oh my but he is STUNNING!!!!!! :thud

    Jen is right. He is perfect. :heart

    Thank you!

    His Name is Isaac.

    Total length is almost 7 inches. Nose to tip of tail.

    I may be shooting myself in the foot here (and the rest involved too) but come on over to the GF photo of the week contest. Calling all Tele's!


  2. Thanks! That looks really good and not sharp.

    If you saw the stuff I was looking at today you would see how sharp it was. It was not SAND as we know sand to be. They said they use it mostly in shrimp tanks to make the shrimp really stand out. So I will check into both the TMS and the Petco brand. Thanks guys!!! :D:Jig:

  3. Back to the drawing board. JBL Sansibar Black.

    I put that into Amazon and couldn't find anything.

    I was going to go with the stuff my LFS had because it is very dark and sparkles but the guy who does the goldies had me look at it closely.

    It's not THAT fine and it is pretty jagged. They just buy in bulk then divide into 10lb bags. The reason it sparkles is because it's been crushed. All the pieces were dull before it was crushed then as the pieces were crushed you get sparkle at the points where it breaks but you also get very tiny sharp edges so that is OUT. She would rip her whole mouth apart.

    I only need 10lbs.

    The JBL Sansibar Black and the Tahitian Moon, any sharp edges or paint?

    What about dirt? The kind you use in planted tanks. Is it black? Does it stay black? Is it a mess when they forage through it. I just want a black substrate that is not harmful or to much of a mess. Just enough to cover the bottom of a 29.

    20lbs would be to deep but if that is all I can find.

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