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  1. What a gorgeous pond !!!! How big is it? Are you w using an underwater camera to film? Oh I want to live in your pond!!!
  2. Your tank looks so peaceful and calming. I could look at it for hours. Very nice.
  3. Oh such a WIGGLER !!!!! Love the color!
  4. So sorry you lost your butterfly. continued success with the red & white one.
  5. Does Alex still have "Mad Eye Moody"? What a great one eyed fish!
  6. I am so sorry!!!! This must seem horrific for you right now but please don't beat yourself up. It can't change anything and won't help you help your fish. The Mods will have great advise and walk you through this.
  7. I was looking at the gorgeous photography thinking "oh she is having SO much fun with those babies" then I saw Ballerina!!!! I am so sorry. Will she be OK?? Thank you for sharing the great animated animal video!!! Oh my.
  8. Very nice! Who do you have living in there?
  9. I have been looking at a 33 long. I really like the length and the depth for Eyeris. What do you think Mikey? Why did you find it to be to long? Is it the same foot print as a 55 just shallow?
  10. Ah! So glad to see your posts because I know you are very busy.
  11. Thank you! His Name is Isaac. Total length is almost 7 inches. Nose to tip of tail. I may be shooting myself in the foot here (and the rest involved too) but come on over to the GF photo of the week contest. Calling all Tele's!
  12. What is his name? How big is he? Oh my but he is STUNNING!!!!!! Jen is right. He is perfect.
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