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  1. because of the amount of time its taking me to finish plushies now'days. I will no longer be doing them on a comission style basis. When i manage to finish the orders i have on my plate from here and my shop. I will ask what people want made. if i have the fabric ill make it, and the person will have the option of buying it. I dont want to dissapoint anyone else with the unpredictable amount of time it can sometimes take me to finish projects. I apoligise for the inconvenience.
  2. Sorry about the bad quality pics. this one took me WAYYY too long to make. and im not totally thrilled with the way the eyes look. what do you all think? Im tempted to yank them off and redo em.
  3. Things have been kind of hectic here. Im working on The goldfish, but its taking longer then id hoped. Youll have to forgive me for the wait.
  4. LOL i have mice. Male rodents do tend to be ,well, unproportionall there. But your cute little guy is very much so lol. Wont be adding those detaile on the plushie lol
  5. yeah i could make him, i have black fur fabric. maybe ill make him for ya when i finish my current goldie orders.
  6. ive made rats, i could probably make a hammie, what does he look like?
  7. Im moving a bit slow lately, so I apologise for any delay in getting fish done. I was going to take a break from goldfish after sakura, but since the other person sent me a payment, ill make both peoples fish, but after that I may make something else to sell for a week or 2 so i dont get completely goldfish burn out lol. But rest assured, ill be back quickly. I have a nice group of costumers here
  8. No, i was hoping id sell the first one at most lol. Its a nice feeling,having all of you like my craft.
  9. Recieved, thank you, will get started asap.
  10. Shipped yours jellyballoo. no idea how long itll take, but its on its way.
  11. Heres jellyballoos. going to try to ship tomorrow.
  12. i did recieve the payment, thank you,but i wont be able to start yours until after I finish the telescope for Sakura. she was next. . i have to ask that anyone else please wait to send payments as now i have my plate full for a while. And im a scatterbrain and i have to keep track of whos paid and who wants what.
  13. Hes a black platinum half moon. Ive never seen a black betta of any variety for sale here, much less one as awesome as him. The pic does NOT do him justice!
  14. i can also start the telescope as soon as i finish jellys, I may or may not rest a few days, but i can accept the payment for that one anytime. I should get started on changing my pattern to incorporate telescope eyes and a butterfly tail.
  15. Sorry its taking so long Jellyballoo, hoping to get them finished and out by monday. I have a 5 year old that demands a lot of my attention during the day and being ADD means sometimes i just cant focus lol.
  16. yup telescope is next, though i might take a short break after jellyballoo
  17. jeana, i ca make spot at some point, hell probably be easy without head growth and double fins lol. The thing about the satin is, i tried working with it, and its not very plushie friendly. It doesnt stretch or give, and im afraid every little stitch will show, maybe even rip the fabric. The wen is made by "thread sculpting" which requires the fabric to stretch and bend to create round looking lumps. imk still on the lookout for other shiny fabrics that may be more appropriate for plushies
  18. I get better with each one i make. I may have to redo yours at some point koko.with all the better changes i make along the way.
  19. Things are a bit hectic at home so im moving kind of slowly, but heres the black ranchu Jellyballoo.Did a couple things differently with him, like the eyes and the wen.will add his nostril flare things also
  20. aww thanks everyone. Working on the black ranchu now jellyballoo. I am trying the satin with fleece and a little velvet i found. These may take me a bit longer because of the orandas markings. I hope you like yours koko, my sewing skills are always getting better though im still pretty new to sewing, only been doing it about a year
  21. i just cant afford it with the shipping cost. those black ranchus are a good deal, but would they arrive alive? i cant afford to waste 37 dollars on a fish that may not arrive alive.
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