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  1. I've always been an animal lover, but was never really interested in fish to be honest. Then one year, my brother was given a small tank with 2 goldfish for Christmas by a friend of his. He didn't particularly want the fish, kept them for about a year before offering them up for rehoming, which is where I stepped in! The fish were originally in a 20 litre tank, which I quickly upgraded to a 90L, then a 200L, and now they're in a 500L! I now also have two tropical tanks and a tank for a rescued african clawed frog... so I've gone from having no interest in aquatics whatsoever, to having four tanks up and running! I enjoy maintaining the tanks and watching the fish, I find it very relaxing which is great for me as I have big problems with anxiety and get stressed very easily. And with the goldfish in particular, I love seeing them grow and watching how they interact with each other as they all seem to have their own individual personalities!
  2. That's a brilliant series of photos! Love it!
  3. Thanks! I know, even I can't believe how much Salem especially has changed!
  4. Salem when I first got him: And now, 4 years later: Lunar and Indigo when I first got them (at a year old): Indigo at about 2 1/2 years old, just before he moved into my friends pond: And Lunar now, at about 5 1/2 years old:
  5. Great photos, and you have some really beautiful fish in there!
  6. Aw, Happy Birthday!! That is one gorgeous present you've got for yourself
  7. Your photos are great, and she is a beautiful fish! It's a really pretty colour she's changed into
  8. Thank you for the lovely comments I know, I'd forgotten just how little baby goldfish are! The adults look like monsters next to them! Will be lots of fun watching them grow though
  9. She freaked me out a bit at first too! Never had a frog before and never really wanted one, but she is growing on me now I think finding one all dried out would be pretty horrible though.
  10. Today I moved my little goldies out of quarantine and into the big tank with my adult fish This shy little one is Nova: These two are inseperable! The calico is Vixen and the red & white is Remy: The little comet on the right in the next pic is a recent addition, and used to belong to a work colleague of mine. Despite being the same size as my babies, it is in fact a year old, and was being kept in a tiny tank with an african clawed frog that used to try and attack it (hence the slightly stumpy tail) It's new name is Chase My adult boys, Salem and Lunar And last but not least, I've also taken on the ACF, though now she is in a tank on her own! Hope you like the pics!
  11. Lovely tank! And your fish are beautiful
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