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  1. I've always been an animal lover, but was never really interested in fish to be honest. Then one year, my brother was given a small tank with 2 goldfish for Christmas by a friend of his. He didn't particularly want the fish, kept them for about a year before offering them up for rehoming, which is where I stepped in! The fish were originally in a 20 litre tank, which I quickly upgraded to a 90L, then a 200L, and now they're in a 500L! I now also have two tropical tanks and a tank for a rescued african clawed frog... so I've gone from having no interest in aquatics whatsoever, to having four tanks up and running! I enjoy maintaining the tanks and watching the fish, I find it very relaxing which is great for me as I have big problems with anxiety and get stressed very easily. And with the goldfish in particular, I love seeing them grow and watching how they interact with each other as they all seem to have their own individual personalities!
  2. That's a brilliant series of photos! Love it!
  3. Thanks! I know, even I can't believe how much Salem especially has changed!
  4. Salem when I first got him: And now, 4 years later: Lunar and Indigo when I first got them (at a year old): Indigo at about 2 1/2 years old, just before he moved into my friends pond: And Lunar now, at about 5 1/2 years old:
  5. Great photos, and you have some really beautiful fish in there!
  6. Aw, Happy Birthday!! That is one gorgeous present you've got for yourself
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