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  1. Thanks anyways guys, but sadly my little Albert passed away last night. The next thing I'm planning is his funeral. Guess the poor thing couldn't handle it. There goes my first fish. I cried pretty hard ;_;
  2. All the chemical levels (ammonia, pH, etc) are fine now that I've straightened out the water. I use drops to test it, I think the brand is top fin. I don't have a thermometer to check the temperature, but it's room-temp feeling. I do a 25 percent change every week and a full change to clean out gravel like once every few months or so, or when things start looking gross. I have to clean the water often because he is in a smallish tank as I can't get a bigger one at the moment, only 10 gallons. He's never had issues with it before though and he's a tiny guy. I have a super-powered filter and bubbler in there too. It's been up since January. The filter is a Fluval and does like 150 gallons a cycle. The last 25 percent water change was Monday. Only my Albert is in the tank, he is a black moore goldfish who was perfectly healthy until today. I would say him floating belly up is pretty unusual, and the bloating too. He probably inhaled like a million pounds of food.
  3. Ok panicking here. I went away on vacation and when I came back found that my 4 year old sister had dumped the entire can of fish food into the tank while I was gone. The water is all changed and good now but my little Albert is floating belly up. He's still alive and flaps his fins every once in a while but his belly is enormous. What do I do??? Is he doomed??? Advice would be much appreciated!!
  4. Hi! Ok so I've begun to have some trouble with algae in my little guy's tank. I am looking into fish/snails to help with this, something low maintenance that I won't have to worry too much about. My only worry is that it's only a 10 gallon tank, and Albert (my goldfish) is very messy, and I don't want to make things unmanageable! Also right now he's got plenty space since he's small but I know it's still like the minimum tank size for a Goldie and I don't want to make the tank cramped. Anyways these are my feelings on the possible tank mates Snails- I like them because they take up very little space, and are incredibly low maintenance. However I heard they reproduce like crazy and honestly I will be grossed out by jelly snail eggs everywhere and I won't have the heart to kill them when the population gets out of control, and what else would I do, drive them all out to a pond? Too much trouble there. Fish- I've always loved the little sucker catfish that just sort of latch onto tank walls, but I don't know if there is room for another fish in the tank, and I know very little about catfish and what temp they need or if they get along well with Goldies or how much space they need, so I'm a little anxious about them. Thanks for any help, and suggestions are appreciated!
  5. I have top fin dechlorinator I think. And I know the instant cycling is sketchy but I didn't really have another choice. It seemed to work fine. I do use the drop tests, and I haven't tested it in a couple days. The last time I tested it though it said the ammonia level was only at .5 even though he was really freaking out.....I need to test it again now that I've charged the tank though I'll do that once I get home from school and get back to you! He has been doing this non stop for going on 3 days now. Though he'll stop it when I put in food.
  6. Hello! I bought a black moore goldfish this January. His name is Albert Unfortunately when I got him, I did not know the first thing about fish. My mom had had guppies and told me that basically all you needed was a tank and water and you could get a fish. I got a 3 gallon tank for my birthday, did some research and quickly replaced it with a 10 gallon. I wanted to go for the 30 gallon, but I couldn't afford it and had no room for it anyways. I then got Albert, not knowing about having to cycle a tank or filters or air stones or anything. Thankfully now I have all that, and I used Stabilify to cycle the tank quickly. Now on to the issue. Albert was starting to do that thing where the fish gulps air from the top of the tank, so I was concerned because the tank was looking sort of dirty too. I cleaned out his tank, changed the water, cleaned off his decorations, everything until it was sparkling clean. Then I put him back in. But he continued and still continues to gasp for air and swim around. I don't understand this because it is completely new and good water. (Yes I have dechlorinator tap-safe stuff too) No matter what I do I can't seem to keep ammonia levels right for him to be happy. What do I do?
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