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  1. Oh sorry. And I don't like that sites philosophy, i just like being a mod. I mean really? Like but tea on your fish. I really dislike it
  2. The fish have clamped fins. This website says it is ammonia poisoning It will kill Ebay if I separate them it happen to this fantail here when his tank mate died And now Panda has red splotches like the Nitrite Poisoning
  3. Two f my new fish Panda and Ebay had ammonka poisoning when I got them. Their fins are clamped and I have had them almost a wek in ammonia free water. What else can I do to unclamp tghem
  4. She is deeply attached to my other fish Panda, separation would kill her. I used some more melafix and the ulcers and cotton are going down. I also ga e her a salt bath and that got most of the fungusoff.
  5. I do not have better pics. There is a cotton like fungus on it
  6. Its not a ton of fish in the tank. I just need to know what to get
  7. We bought her with the ulcers, this is a temporary home. Just for a year or so. We bought her with the ulcers and she is the only fish with signs.I don't know the brand it is. We bought it refurbished.there is not bad bacteria if that was the case I believe the salt and melafix would have gotten rid of it.
  8. The tank has cycled so the bacteria can handle the waste. I use my camera phone. If you even did 4 gallons per 1 inch of fish, I would be 2 gallons under the stocking level and I got with 2.5 per inch.
  9. I can get it. So yes. That is my best camera and pic, I took maybe 30 pics and that was the only clear one. It might not be that, possibly parasite
  10. We will not be getting more. I recently lost a fish and my mom says no more pets.
  11. No not from PetC0. A little store near our house sells them for 50c each. There are adults and young. I have quite a few spawning mops for them to hide in. Do they need substrate? I'll get on it soon
  12. She won't stand still. I was looking online and it looks like carp pox. The one on her side at closer examination looks like it was a cut. She came from a pretty bad shop. Do I need to move her into my 10 gal tank so she doesn't infect the other fish?
  13. Ok, I have a 10 gal I can move them to. The eggs are pretty dark and they hide under a rock cave I have so they might be dark green? They were sold as feeder ghost shrimp, I don't know what type that is. Would a 10 gal hold all of them? And how do I tell the males from females?
  14. I also want them to breed, would it be better to get a few more?
  15. I have 3 ghost shrimp in with my 5 goldies, 2 females with eggs and 1 male. The females' eggs are black and unfertilized. I don't want them to become eggbound. Will they be fine if they don't lay?
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