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  1. i have a 190 wide, witch is like 72x30x20, I keep 13 growouts and will sell 3. I keep bare bottom, fx6 and 3 double tapped pond sponge filters on a big jehhmco air pump. I do 40-50% wc each week and they are doing fine. so if your big on filtration and wc, Id say 7 at a max
  2. I love talking filtration,, ON my tropical community, I have 2x 110s, one has double sponge with blue padding you can get at co and smart, other has a big bio mix of scrubbies, bio balls and matrix, then purigen, and somthing by api wich collects fine particals. though my goldies have empeoror 400s which there filtration is custom aswell. carbon is useless unless your taking meds out
  3. mine didnt have a fitting connector, urghhh. had to put in a laundry sink. was cheap but getting it put in wasnt
  4. lol guys, I am not jumping into it, picking up tank in a week, and will put my 4 over in it. and as time goes, thanks for links and replys though, I am a hard core tropical man but thes guys got me. got me bad.
  5. I was told I could do 4 in my 75, which is what i have now, So id do 6, on the sponge filters, they are pond size and ran off a large air pump so there suction ( f cleaned once a week) is pretty dang good compared to a normal air pump. Id do 60-75% WC each week, urghhh. just trying to get off kinda cheap as I just bought a fx5 last week for 120 tropical community. I may discard the 400s and get 2x AC110s with the sponges, that is 10x turnover plus the added sponges.. oh the choices.
  6. I just got started in fancies and already love them. I want more. So I am adding a 6ft 120 gallon tank. 2x questions. It has no substrate and only a few ornaments. how many fancies can i get away with in it, I would like 7-8. It filtraion will be 2x Emperor 400s and 3 large sponge filters. Dont really want to get into canisters as this will be a low budjet project. So what is the max fancies i could get, since hardly no decor and its dimensions are like 6ft lon, 18'', wide and 17'' tall
  7. thanks for info, next goldie, I will get wednesday. So lets hope it goes well
  8. OK, thanks just wondering, I should be fine if i keep up on my maintance, lol
  9. mainly as a tropical keepr I come across aggresion alot, but I have talked to a few goldie keepers and dont seem to hear agression stories. Is there such thing. I am slowly adding goldfish. I am using a seeded sponge filter and my emperors are full of cycled media. I just cant afford to buy all the ones i want at the moment.
  10. Well, hope this weekend will be set up, thanks for suggestions my decor is not big, idk, wil show pics and see what yall still think, lol
  11. my buddies petco goes up to 75 on a buck a gallon sale, makes me mad, he doesnt have 40 breeders though my store does, told him id gladly trade.
  12. I mainly use an aquaeon for WC but i still have 4x 5 gallon buckets and 1x 2.5 all say fish room. i sit decor and sometimes if i need to clean filter in tank water. if I clean my endless amount of bettas, i use the siphon as it is easier to clean a 5.5 or a 20 long split with a siphon that the aqueon lol
  13. Id say AC110 all the way, but i have a few Empeors aswell, IMO i wouldnt use carbon as fish dont need it, unless your flushing meds, In the baskets I put more media. In one of my baskets, I used a soughtering iron to carve out the brackets runnning in the middle. I then stacked the dollar tree pads in there(always make sure they have no soap). great way to get the most filtration. I am filter junky. though sumps are the best way to go, I use to have a 125 on my 500 but they are noisey and I just wasnt a fan.
  14. tank safe silicome???, whats best thing to weight, not to sound dumb
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