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  1. Ooh! I will have to find live brine shrimp now *^* I love watching them eat. Thanks for the suggestion
  2. I have yet to name the 2 females, but the male's name is souffle He puffs up every time the girls steal his worms.
  3. I've had the hardest time trying to feed these little guys . . . Starting with frozen bloodworms. Only one of the three would even touch them. Even then, it seemed a bit difficult for them to eat. I noticed they'd suck on them rather than actually eat the whole thing. I tried ramshorn snails next. This was successful but the dead snails and empty shells everywhere was a bit of an eyesore. Finally, I called over 10 local pet stores in my area and found one that sold live blackworms! They're a hit. I bought a dollar's worth and have been keeping them in a small container. I feed them a tiny speckle of fish food daily and change their water daily. They're kept in a small tupperware container at room temp and they've been doing great for a few weeks now. Hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks for all the help. Though the forum is goldfish-oriented, the advice on puffers in this section is spot on
  4. YES Thank you for confirming. I will do that. I swear they are literally the same color I was hoping for that! Thank you for your input.
  5. I'm starting up a new planted tank, currently doing a fishless cycle to get it ready for some fishies. My tap: Ammonia: .25 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 I accidentally added too much ammonia on the first day, 10/4/14, 5 days ago (it was a long day and I kind of zoned out when pouring), about 5 or 6 ppm. Being lazy, I just left it in there. The next day, I added used filter floss I got from a friend. I tested the water yesterday and it read: Ammonia: .5 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10/20 I added a bit more ammonia that night, got it to 2 or 3 ppm. Today, the water reads: Ammonia: 1 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 40/80 Where am I in the cycle?
  6. I'm in the process of setting up a dwarf puffer tank and came across your post on one of the forums I actually got pretty excited knowing how amazing you are with fish and plants. And photos! It looks like everything turned out great. Will there be any more updates?
  7. I started my fry on Repashy SG blocks at 1 month and they loved it
  8. Thanks for subscribing ^-^ I don't make videos very often though
  9. :rofl He really looks like a near perfect circle at times though.... pffffft Lol! How cute, is that where he got his name?
  10. amazing how much it brightens up the tank How's your experience been with maintenance? Does it seem to get dirty faster than darker sand b/c it's white?
  11. Oh and here's a picture of the little thing before I dropped some camera stuff into the water
  12. It is very exciting but quite nerve-wracking too, not knowing whether the fish has made it alive or not Though with Cynthia's super thorough packaging, I really don't see how much can go wrong.
  13. You're right! I hadn't thought of it like that Thank you! And you definitely should They're so healthy. QT has been a breeeeeeze
  14. For me, it all started one day when I found a fry swimming in the grownup goldfish tank during feeding time. I sat by the tank for at least an hour searching for more and found a total of 5. After that, I gave handspawning a try and continued to rescue fry as I kept finding them in the tank weeks after the first time. After many, many weeks/months of nonstop spawning, as hard as it was to walk away, I stopped rescuing fry from the tank. I started with about 50 fry and after some culling(euthanization), cannibalism, and accidents (pre-filter sponge falling off and sucking fry in D: ), I had 16 fry that I raised until they were 4-5 months old. I found them homes through my goldfish tumblr and shipped them all out. I figured if anyone was willing to pay the >$35 shipping fee for a baby goldfish, they must have serious intentions to give it proper care. As of today, they're all happily living in their new homes and I get occasional picture updates on tumblr super win-win.
  15. I didn't use a heater and they still hatched I did keep the hatchery in direct sunlight but even then the water temp ranged from 72-76 in the summer. I believe you'll have a better hatch rate if you do use one though.
  16. Thank you!!! ^-^ I'm still super excited atm. This is the first time I've ever had a ranchu in my tank *-* It's so interesting to watch, esp. the way it swims.
  17. My wigglebutt came today!!! I'm going to let it settle in for a day or two before I take any pictures but here's an unboxing video: Oh lordy, it's so cute.
  18. Aw, they're so cute with their chubby faces haha
  19. Thanks, she'll be at my house tomorrow (Cynthia guesses it's a she).
  20. I'm glad your fish are ok! I did that once last year and almost killed Naruto and Arnie. I had to give Arnie fish cpr
  21. Thanks I know, and I've watched that video over 10 times trying to figure out. I even busted out my protractor to compare its body shape to identified male/female ranchus but all that did was make me more confused lol! I'm hoping it's a female. I'm tired of having all boys. I took the chance and just bought the little thing He/she is mine! ^-^ How do the pectorals differ between male/female? I read somewhere that male pectorals are "pointier" but I don't know what that means... And I asked her if she could confirm whether there were any visible breeding stars on him/her but she kinda avoided the question and said that all her fish are juveniles and therefore she can't tell the gender Lol! Thanks for the guesses, everyone. I'm as sure about the gender as I was before posting but that was fun
  22. There's a ranchu on eastcoastranchu's facebook page that I really want. It's #fb315, the one that looks like Naruto in ranchu form. I know these are young but I see most of them are already showing obvious signs of being either male or female (breeding stars, body shape, etc.). What would be your guess on the gender of this one? Your opinion is much appreciated.
  23. No, but it's become pretty popular. While it is 3 gallons and is sufficient space for a betta fish, I don't support the way it's marketed. They're telling people that the plants will "clean" the water so many who buy it don't ever change the water. It also doesn't come with a filter (go figure) or a heater. IMO, it has a lot of potential in the hands of an informed hobbyist, but with the way it's advertised, it's not much better than a bowl/vase in my book. I wouldn't trust any "oil" it's telling you to put in the water.
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