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  1. I could maybe try making one out of mesh. What kind of level do you suggest? 1/2 way?
  2. Back from my holiday and Winnie's still holding on. She still rests upside down at the surface and when she's swimming, she's being harassed by Archa. It's been near constant today with Archa bumping, pecking around eyes and general rough housing. The only place I can put Winnie is in a tub with a new filter which means she'd need to go through a cicle. I can't keep her indefinitely in a tub though. I can't really even keep her in one for a day with a toddler running around. I also don't have the money to buy a new tank. How can I get Archa to stop?
  3. It's ok Alex. I blame myself for not coming to you guys sooner and letting it progress so far. I also hate that I have to leave her for a week.
  4. Update after week 1 of meds. Winnie is now, not only floating but doing so belly up. It's not all the time as she is able to have a little swim but often enough to be noticeable. The syringing of the meds was going well but today she's starting to spit it out again which is getting annoying. Tomorrow i'm having to go away for the week so can't even keep trying meds for the full fortnight. :(
  5. Thanks Phil. Didn't think you were ignoring me. Simply thought you were taking a sabbatical. :-)
  6. I tried the syringing method as agreed above and she was much less stressed by the situation. I "melted" the pellets in tank water until a thin paste then, while keeping her still with one hand, very slowly syringed it near her mouth so she sucked it in with each gulp. She didn't spit any out so will continue in this manner.
  7. Would that require me to simply "melt" the pellets in a little water and syringe feeding straight into the mouth?
  8. That's the problem...she's not eating them. I've been trying to get her to handfeed since I got her last January.
  9. Winnie has just had 2 (cut into 5) and only ate one of the pieces. The rest she sucked up and almost straight away, spat back out. She's been in the bowl for 20 minutes before I called time and moved her back. I also think this whole process is stressing her out as her dorsal fin is becoming very frayed. I've tried taking Archa out but Winnie then struggles to find the pellets in the tank, even when pointed in the right direction and she doesn't feed by hand. Course of action?
  10. No real input here but...Ooohhh!!!! Yay!!! I had eggs which didn't come to anything which would have been moor/ryukin cross. Would love to see their development. :-)
  11. Not mean. Just an insatiable appetite for pictures of the finned ones.
  12. Pictures or it didn't happen. XD
  13. Fish are called by their names which aren't unusual ones. I do however coo and cutesy name them when doing stuff like wc. Cheeky monkey -when being nibbled while trying to do something. Sweetpea, sweetie and darling all get thrown in when i'm trying to move them out of the way.
  14. I have 4 amano shrimp in there now and i'm planning on 6 threadfin rainbowfish (2 males and 4 females) and a couple more shrimp. How does this sound for stocking?
  15. Winnie seems to be struggling to eat them. She will suck them up happily enough but whenever I go to put her back in the main tank, she spits a couple of pieces out so I have to wait longer.
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