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  1. So just to clarify... the tub with the solution will be just 1 gallon water, a small tub... and the holding tub for after the dip and before putting in the tank again will be 5 gal water ? I'm going to go purchase these plastic containers at my hardware store after work so I have some new, clean ones just for this purpose... I was using a 5 gal bucket for removing water in the WC processes and used it only for that, but it wasn't pristine and it kept getting moved outside. Rubbermaid... or clear/white plastic 5gal buckets are ok to use....??? Or are shallower "tubs" better than buckets which are only tall? thanks
  2. I'm currently at work, but as I rushed out of the door the dropkit test looked like it was sneaking somewhere between 0 and .25 ppm, so maybe it was .15ppm? Sheesh, just in a 12 hour period. I'm assuming I should do a water change to get rid of more and prepare the tank for when he returns to it after the salt dip. Will let you know how it goes! ahh, nervous.
  3. *sigh of relief* THANKS! I felt the hairs go up on my neck when I got the ammonia readings, I felt like such a bad caretaker, lol. I was supposed to get the salt today but got so distracted for wanting to race home to do the water change. I will have it tomorrow for sure. What's your time difference, alex? It's 9:22pm for me here. I should be getting home from work tomorrow at about 3 or 4pm my time... will that work for you What comes first, water change and then salt dip? What equipment will I need for a dip? Please list everything I might need, I am completely new to it all of course! I bought a large net to transfer him. Pretty sure I couldn't catch him by hand, he always swims away all affronted. I saw some pinned threads I think... a tub for the solution, and a holding tub with dechlorinated water & an airstone... all temp matched? The ph of all my water seems to be the same, so....
  4. Ok, back.....As I said this morning Nemo looked really good and clean... those other things I noticed were gone. He was swimming around more but he still seems to hang around the bottom a bit once and a while. I went off to work and then when I came home, he was bottom sitting still but I aroused his interest and he swam around for a bit. I took a sample of both my tap and my tank water and went to two stores. Unfortunately neither could test for GH/KH... but we did the others and the results were highly alarming for that ammonia! The tap parameters were the same as my readings, no ammonia, 1ppm chlorine, everything else fine. BUT... Tank water Store #1: (drop method) ammonia 1ppm nitrate 0ppm nitrate 25 ppm pH 6.5 Store #2: (strips method) ammonia 1.2ppm nitrate 0ppm nitrate 20 ppm pH 6.5 AAGGHHH! : I know you are supposed to have 0 to .25 minimum if at all, right? I bought an API drop kit for ammonia testing right away and raced home like a crazy person and did a 50% water change & AmQuel... tested with new drops, Ammonia is now at 0. What is especially troubling is that I had done that 30% water change just last night with the double dose of AmQuel with tap water like you suggested, dnalex... so how could the ammonia have gotten that high so fast?! All I had given Nemo was 1 pea last night after the WC, and 2 small flakes of TetraMin this morning. My only thought was that omg, i haven't rinsed the biofilter in probably never. I took it out to swish around in the water I had just removed and noticed it was pretty slimy thick with gunk..... I know there are beneficial bacteria in it, but being that it was never really rinsed, I gently rubbed my fingers over it in the water to remove some of this and the water became sort of murky brown. Let things settle down a bit after new WC tonight and gave him 1 more pea.. that marks 3 days of pea, I guess I should stop with that? He really likes them now, though. (Although maybe a little too much... I saw a green short poo making its way to the filter but then I was quite sure I saw Nemo attempting to eat it and chew it up.. is that not good? :S hmmm!) dnalex, do you still recommend salt dip? I'll check the parameters tomorrow morning before work. I still only have the strips for the other things, but at least I have the dropkit for ammonia. Because the API Master kit was $44.95 at one store!!! and the other didn't even have it! I see that amazon.com has one for $19.99 so I'm thinking I'll order that pronto. aaaagh. :
  5. Great! Gonna get some salt and try to get some samples down to the LFS today... I wont be reporting back probably for another 9 hours... big day ahead, lol. Thought I'd report though that all my overprotective mommy-worrying might have been for naught - most of those new symptoms I described seem to have almost disappeared entirely! With the exception of a few little spots on his tail. But his eye is better (still a trace left of white), the scratch seems gone, and the white spot in the middle of his forehead is almost all gone!
  6. Ack! Salt bath! I'd sooo nervous/scared about that. I'll need explicit instructions on the how-to, lol. Not sure I've seen morton's canning salt in my local stores. I live in Hawaii, and have great access to pure white hawaiian sea salt w/ no additives... will this work well?
  7. I did what you advised and it seems to have gone just fine. Nemo is wanting more peas, lol. Searching around and being more active! I am concerned about some new symptoms, however! I was able to really closely examine him tonight and took a better quality video please take a look. They seem small but I hope they are not serious things! There are these tiny white dots on the end of his long flowy tail as well as at the end of the dorsal. There had been a couple of these dots on the dorsal fin when I first thought he had ich a few days ago. Now they're all over his back tailfins. You can see it on the black fin better. Could it be finrot?! Ich still? ugh! The video doesn't really show it well, but in person you can definitely see the edges are white when before they were translucent/normal. Also, he seems to have developed a scratch (?!) on the right side of his face above and behind the eye. It's hard to see in the video. AND! His left eyeball seems to have a white cloudy bit that I didn't notice before. You can see it well in the beginning and end of the new video. Also note that first white spot on his forehead that was my concern. It had been much larger and pimple-like about 2-3 days ago. Perhaps he accidentally scratched himself on the plastic plant? I did bump into him a few times when I began water change & removed the decorations.. he got all zippity and zoomed away from me in a panic, I hope he didn't hurt himself or it was something I did. Even though you can't really see the scratch in the video, in person it's definitely there. It looks like it's 1/4" long and has a very thin white edge to it. oh no... I am so fretful now! My family thinks I'm obsessed. I was able to take a much better quality video, please take a look... I think you can spot these things in there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ExjXLFqYuE&feature=youtu.be
  8. OK, Thanks dnalex, you're saying go ahead and use tap to get it warm, double dose with Amquel and check that the chlorine has gone down and then I can put it in? Do I have to let it sit with the AmQuel, for how long? Great. I appreciate all the help. Will let you know the results from the LFS tomorrow.
  9. Still no ammonia tester but I should be able to go down to LFS tomorrow with water samples and hopefully buy the API master kit. Ok, readings form the tap are: TAP 0ppm nitrate 0ppm nitrite 25ppm GH 1.0 ppm Chlorine (I have no idea why I had gotten a reading of 0 before?! The county does dump a lot of chlorine in the water table.. perhaps it's a new batch lol) 40ppm KH 6.8 pH I am in the middle of a water change and have the tank about 3/5ths full.... aeration on, and I just fed him a pea (he's working on it.. I think he's got an appetite back) and he seems to be much more active today. Relatives said he was moving around a bit today, a good sign! My one question is this - I did a teeny turn on the thermometer to bring it back down to 74°ish gradually, but my RO water I *WAS* using this whole time before, before I put the thermometer in, was at a constant 60° and that's the temp of my replacement RO water now. I don't know how it can warm up in time, as it's turning into night and we'll only get colder! It would shock him if I added water that was 15° difference! So if I dechlorinate the tap with Amquel Plus, I can use partial warm water to get the temp right, correct? The tank water readings right now (before water change... I'm debating on the temp and which water!) Again tank is 3/5 full right now. TANK 20ppm Nitrate 0ppm nitrite 25ppm GH 0ppm Chlorine 20ppm KH 6.5 pH
  10. Thank you so much everyone..... I am SO relieved you are all here! I was using RO just out of convenience thinking it would be best with no chorline, yucky stuff, etc. Back then again I had no test kit so I thought this would just be the safest.... no, I wasn't adding anything back into it such as buffers. Just was using AquaSafe and now switched to AmQuel.. that's it. Should I switch to tap because the pH and KH seem to be a little higher, and just use AmQuel Plus to decholrinate? BTW, I forgot to list that even my tap water was apparently 0ppm for chlorine/chloranimes...? hmm! Doesn't seem right but okay. If I use tap and add AmQuel can I replace the water right away or should I be letting it sit to warm up from the pipes now that my heater has the temp at 77 degrees? I should test the temp of the replacement water, correct? As far as I can tell, his eyes did always sort of buldge out slightly, so I never thought anything of it. I'm at work for another 6 hours unfortunately, but I will do another water change with no salt when I get home and feed him 1 pea again.. he did seem excited for some food this morning on my way out, I only gave him about 2 small flakes to tide him over but I didn't want to overdo anything. I could take some water to the LFS to have them test it tomorrow... I don't think I can go down tonight after work (unfortunately I live out in the country and the nearest store is about 20 miles away! Because as I said payday is still a few days away... but when that strikes, I can buy the drop kit too and any other things you think I'll need for PH etc.
  11. Hello everyone! New member with a lot of newbie questions, and in need of some immediate help & advice because my little guy is not feeling well and I want to save him. There seems to be a lot of veteran aquarists here with a lot of knowledge and if someone could PLEASE bear with me I’d really appreciate responses to my problems I’ve recently encountered with my goldfish. Please forgive my newbie mistakes — I’m really trying to do this guy good and proper… I want to better myself as a caretaker and see him happy and healthy! There is an overwhelming amount of information I just learned once discovering this forum…! I almost want to cry because there’s so much to take in. At the end of the post will be my water test results. I need a lot of help! So sorry this is long but I wanted to paint the whole picture. My questions, if you’d be so kind to follow up on, are in bold. As far as I can tell he’s a calico fantail or veiltail, not sure which. He has a deformity on one of his frontal fins; on the right side its as if it’s growing out from inside his gill area, a lot higher up on his body as compared to the other, which is located lower and not in the gill! Hence his name, Nemo! A little back story: I inherited this guy along with 3 other fancies in June 2012 in a 10 gal tank from a friend that was moving. They had been kept in this tank together for about 6 months prior when they were all small – (I think they were bought at 10mos~1yr old from the store.) I did some quick research once I got ‘em, and learned obviously that this was way overstocked, and I promptly found a family that had a 55 gal tank and they adopted them into a better home, with me keeping this one, because I took pity on his Nemo-fin and also thought he was so beautifully colored. He measures about 4” long from mouth to tail currently… he grew about ½ inch in length since I first got him. I know I need to upgrade his tank as soon as I can to at least 20gal in the next few weeks but I want to get him happy again. I’m saving up some money for the kit… (I’ll need advice on transferring him into his new home… but that’s another topic? Would moving him into a larger tank fix his problems right now or shock him too much? I don’t have any hospital or quarantine tubs yet either… meh!) By blind luck, I kept him in this tank with no incident for 6 months until now. Sorry to say but I had no prior experience… but this was my routine: I was replacing the carbon filter once a month, using Tetra AquaSafe conditioner with each weekly 30% water change with a gravel vacuum, and turning on the bubbler for a few hours each day. He was spritely; happy to see you, ate with appetite, and swam around like a happy fish. I had no water test kit, because everything seemed just fine…. It appeared cycled but had no true idea (I know... don’t kill me). Are you supposed to have an air bubbler/stick on 24/7 or can you plug it in for just a few hours a day? About 1 month ago, he starting bottom sitting for 2+ days and was very listless… the local Petco guy thought it might be nitrate poisoning, because overfeeding may have been an issue with my family members accidentally double-feeding during the holidays (using Tetra flakes… also, I know. I’m working on it.) He recommended switching to AmQuel Plus to detoxify ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. I did a 50% water change and added this new conditioner and by the second day Nemo was back to his normal self. However… about 4 or so days ago he was swimming around normally, just fine, but I noticed he developed a white pimple-like bump on his forehead, with what I thought were one or two other small ones on the back of his dorsal fin area. I watched it and it grew a little larger the next day or so, by this point Nemo started acting funny; he got lethargic and starting hanging out at the top of the tank all day and all night for about 2 days; not really gasping for air, just sort of floating there. I was concerned so I did another water change and attempted to remove some gravel, which I realized was ridiculously too much and probably part of the problem (it was about ½” high.) By removing this, it kicked up a storm of debris and clouded up the water pretty bad. L I also had some API AccuClear drops which I added, thinking it could help clump up the tiny cloudy bits and make it go into the filter… it eventually settled down. I researched more, learning about the possibility of ICH…. Sure enough, his ‘pimple’ appeared to have burst and was flaking away… so I freaked out because I thought for sure now all the parasitic swimmers were going to infest the tank and reinvest Nemo – based on my readings, I decided to try the salt and heater method rather than dose him in harsh chemicals. The next day after the water change and cloudy water he switched to bottom sitting and is just hanging out there, not moving much with hardly any appetite and looking very sad indeed. Mind you, I had no tank heater before this. I had one of those dinky stick-on thermometers which was reading around 60-65° average, but it gets pretty cold in our house at night (50°s), and ICH is supposed to thrive in cold water right, so…On Sat (2/2) I did another small water change (about 25%) and bought a submersible heater & better thermometer... installed it, and let it adjust over 24 hrs which was supposed to gradually bring it up to 74°~76°, which is where it is at now. I had added 1 tbsp dissolved kosher Hawaiian sea salt in at the time of placing the heater in. (Dissolved in tank water of course… I’m learning! I almost put the salt in directly. D’oh.) I bumped it up slightly yesterday evening (2/3) to hopefully bring it to near 80° within the next 24 hours which I read, and added another 1 tbsp of sea salt gradually… is this correct? Is it too much of a temp change? Do I need more salt? He seems to have responded a little bit to this treatment – there is only a slight white spot left where the ‘pimple’ had been, it seems to be going away... he is moving around a bit more, but not by much. If I get up close to the tank in his face, he’ll wiggle around a bit and make a lap around the bottom of the tank, and slowly settle back in, usually near the back of the tank and hiding away from me. I read here in the forums to try peas... because he may also be having swim bladder problems? I fasted him last night and this morning, and gave him 1 cooked, peeled and slightly mashed pea tonight (2/3). He ignored it at first, then became real interested in it… kept chewing it and spitting it out but excitedly going after it again. It took him a while to get all of the mushed pieces but he did. I plan on giving him peas for the next two days, is this correct? Just one pea a day? Today (2/3) after coming home from work and before feeding him the pea, I noticed there was a long, white/bubbly poo still attached to him as he bottom-sat. Constipation? Swim bladder? I placed my hand near the tank so he would move around to dislodge it but I’m sure this is no good sign, as they were always fairly normal poos… lol. I also bought a Tetra EasyStrips test kit as a quick fix last night… I was on a budget because payday is still a few days away and the cost of all the separate drop kits REALLY added up… Now I’m learning these strips aren’t as accurate but it is the best I can do at the moment. Unfortunately it didn’t have an ammonia tester in it so I am at a loss there, but nitrites are 0ppm and nitrates are at ~20ppm… so could ammonia really still be a factor with all the recent water changes I’ve done? I had been administering water changes using my Reverse Osmosis filtered water system, adding the AquaSafe each time for conditioning (prior to switching to AmQuel Plus) last month... And adding the water in pretty much right away, not letting it sit L. But as I mentioned, this method had seemed to work just fine for 6 months…! So…. Now I am unsure if I should switch to my tap water, as I am just learning there is an issue with GH, KH and pH values of my RO pure water!? Since I only recently acquired the test kit I have no idea if these values were like this the whole time or not. (I’m guessing probably..?) The RO pure water is very soft GH, very low KH, and very low pH & is acidic… L The tank readings and straight from the RO readings are virtually the same with the exception of the nitrates in the tank. So since the conditions could very well have been this way for over 6 months, would it be too much of a shock to raise GH, KH, pH with buffers, bicarbonate soda, limestone, etc? Without further ado, here are the water stats: Test Results for the Following: · * Ammonia Level (tank): not available L · * Nitrite Level (tank):0~0.25ppm, hard to color match exactly; I think it’s closer to 0. · * Nitrate level (Tank): 20ppm · * Ammonia Level (Tap): not available L · * Nitrite Level (Tap) 0ppm · * Nitrate level (Tap) 0ppm · * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 6.2 pH, 0~20ppm KH, 25ppm GH · * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 6.8 pH, 40ppm KH, 25ppm GH Other Required Info: · * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? Tetra EasyStrips 6-in-1 · * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? (1) Tetra whisper i10 · * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Was using Tetra AquaSafe, recently switched to AmQuel Plus, API AccuClear once in a while but rarely. · * Water temperature? Currently 78° · * How often do you change the water and how much? Weekly 25% change w/ vacuum · * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Yesterday, 2/2 20% WC · * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 10 Gal and running for 6 months in my home, 6 months in prior owner’s home · * How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 fantail/veiltail 4” long mouth to tail · * What do you feed your fish and how often? Tetra flakes, just introduced pea · * Any new fish added to the tank? no · * Any medications added to the tank? Just salt and heat · * List previous issues experienced (dropsy, SBD, etc.) nothing but bottom sitting/listlessness/lost of appetite prior to this current occurrence · * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? White spot, possible Ich, as described above · * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? listlessness, top them bottom sitting, loss of appetite · * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment: see above! · * You can really help us to identify with the concern more accurately if you post some pictures and a short video: here he is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7v1m5GBwmQ&feature=youtu.be He only will swim around like this and make a lap if I get right up in his face and/or put my fingers next to him on the glass. Otherwise, he'll just sit there! Usually he'd get all excited to see me. Also, he usually doesn’t have the hood light on… I only recently acquired it and before he got sick I tried it a few weeks ago and he seems to not like it. He swims around fast as if startled and tries to hide under the plastic plants or the filter when I do this. His tank is never in direct sunlight but it is nearby some windows so there is a lot of ambient light throughout the day. I just turned it on to take the photos and pictures tonight. Is that ok?? Does he need the lightbulb? ANY HELP IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED I don’t want to overdo things too much at once and stress him out more than he already is!! Not even sure if it was proper Ich, should I continue the salt and heat for a few more days? L Poor guy!! I feel so bad!
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