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  1. Oh dear, I believe the filter that came with the kit is not going to be enough truly.... Surely it's the "quietflow 20" and as you've been saying, it should have at least 10X turnover rate... and I looked it up, which this one will be only 125. d'oh. So as you said, I will 'seed' my kit filter with my small one i currently have, then once that runs side by side for a while (the little one will help at least somewhat?!) I just looked just and it says it does 90gph. And we may just barely be in the mark. As I saw on your youtube page, they really do less gph when it's all said and done. So I could double up with the same larger filter (QuietFlow 20) or some brand similar after a while. Or could go even larger? Your youtube page is SUPER informative, tithra! ty!
  2. Alex, I really appreciate you walking me through all of this. I just want to see him swimming around all happy to see me when I get home like he used to lol. Sigh!!! What do you recommend next? Should keep him in with the tank for a few more weeks to re-establish the BBs in the filter? I just placed my order for the API master kit a day or so ago, waiting for that to come in the mail.
  3. *....shuffles in with head hanging* Hi, I'm senn and I'm a neurotic mother.... I had to go out again for a couple of hours on an emergency family task while I left poor Nemo to sit in his tank.. when I came back he was floating/swimming around the middle of the tank, and I think, I THINK, his eye looks a little better. He's eating now. God! I shouldn't have kids, lol. XD No dip? just wc?
  4. sorry, messed up the code on the last one and for some reason can't edit again. Here it is, sorry so big but I wanted you to see the weird tapering happening: Also, there is a white spot that almost looks like chaffing where his gimpy fin is coming out of his gill.. you can see this in the reflection. waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. Got home form work just now and now he has TWO cloudy eyes! One of his eyes that was not an issue last night (he only had only slightly cloudy eye) has a bizzare look to it now, almost like a white film that has puckered to a point and its really sticking out. There was even an air bubble caught under this "ledge" of film. What oh what could it be Nemo?! Alex, you had initially thought he had bulgy eyes and I said I hadn't noticed... but I feel they are definitely more now than they were. I was trying to compare old pics of him and I guess there is or was more bulging.... definitely now. Bottom sitting hiding under his plant and not moving. He's doing this weird thing with his eyes, too, almost like blinking but they move down and into his body while the top part of the eye pushes out. aagh! You can se him do it at the end of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAN8YlZ1LaM&feature=youtu.be
  6. bah, humbug. I do want it to be 100% safe though. Thanks guys. The thift stoes here are completely bare in terms of suitable furniture pieces.... so I will have a look at the DIY section with cinderblocks... I would be worried about the extra weight from those on the floor though!
  7. Ok. will do! He developed one slightly cloudy eye after the dip, is this normal? Is it the slime coat shedding? Perhaps he scraped it in struggling? When I scooped him into a small plastic container to move him he was really swimming up against the inside of it! Also, what should my temp be? I currently have it set to 72°~73° F
  8. D'awwww thank you! <3 I saw a piece of some regular poo caught on a plant when I came home, and I ushered it into the filter with my wooden stick I use for poking at the decorations, as well as a longer, regular-colored poo that was still sticking to him when he was bottom sitting but it dislodged itself and I helped it go into the filter just before I took him out for the dip. He's back in his tank and eating regularly w/appetite. yay! What percentage dip tomorrow?
  9. You guys, would this be a suitable stand? All of the premades are WAY too expensive, I checked my local thriftstores, and craigslist is bare. http://www.lowes.com/pd_328959-80752-142430B-DS_4294857690__?productId=3468765&Ntt=freestanding%2Bwire%2Bshelves&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dfreestanding%252Bwire%252Bshelves&facetInfo= My dimensions for the new tank are 24"long by 13" wide. This one is 24" long by 14" wide, says its capable of holding 250 lbs of weight. Would I need some wood or rubber to act as a pad between the tank and the metal shelf? Then I was thinking of getting a velcro fabric skirt to make it look nicer and hide the equipment? <3
  10. Ok, so second salt dip at 20 tsp went well, I had more flow down this time, lol. XD Ammonia was at .25ppm this evening when I got home (then did reg. dose AmQuel). He was back again bottom sitting not looking to thrilled. He wasn't very responsive when I got up next to him and touched the glass with my hands. Family was in & out but said he wasn't very active at all when they tried to notice. Of course, as soon as I began trying to take him out of the tank he was Mr. zippity and squirmy. He's moving around in his holding tank now but a little lethargic. He's coming up to the surface more and seems to be perking up, so that's good! Alex, if you could take a look at a thread I started for upgrading his tank? I would appreciate your input if you can, when you get a chance. I just came home with the 20gal kit I showed in the first post. On page 2 tithra gave some very helpful advice on how I was to deal with my filters... because I have the dinky canister filter currently, and was using cartridges, which she advised against using for the new setup and instead to custom-fill with floss and ceramic rings. http://www.kokosgold...rading-my-tank/ Which just made me remember RIGHT BEFORE I created this topic on Saving Nemo that I had administered a carbon cartridge filter change (on 2/1/13) so perhaps I upset my cycle. boo! Are we taking the right steps to remedy this? I assume the salt dips are good for purging the ammonia buildup in him. Though, for how many days will we be doing this? I will go try to follow up on educating myself a little more on the pinned threads. arrrrgh Oh I hope his new tank will make him happier! I just want to do it right. So if these problems are due to a bump in the cycle we have to establish it again first. But to be honest he was acting funny BEFORE I did this. (top floating for 2+ days then bottom sitting for 1+ day, which made me administer a WC and filter change.) Would this involve not replacing the cartridge and just letting it stay in there for longer than a month to build up the BBs in my small canister filter again first, so that then I can let them transfer to the new filter when it's time to transfer? Tank reading is currently 0.1ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite, 10ppm nitrate. I want my pretty baby to be happyyyyy. 20 gal was all I could afford in terms of $$, and space. Space is super limited. So at least we will be at the bard minimum stocking dimensions, hmm?
  11. Ribbontail! How cool. Here's another of his pretty tail: Thanks guys!
  12. ^ ooooh wow, so much info. Thanks!! So I won't really have to be changing anything monthly then? How often would I have to clean it and how would I do this? Just rinsing the "floss" and the rings once in a while when it gets gunky? ty In the article, it says "In order to keep as many beneficial bacteria as possible, you should additionally add your current filter floss. If you can, remove the carbon. The plastic holders can go in the trash also." Would that just be the sponge that is in a little plastic frame in front of the white cartridge? remove it from the plastic frame once I do what you suggested.... after the new filter is cycled and I am about to re-configure the old filter. I hope my petstore has those ceramic rings, if not I suppose I can order these online. About how long should the transferance/cycling take? I know there is pinned threads on this so I'll take a look, and I'll have to be testing the water to monitor it. Grah, I am so thankful I found Koko's! I don't know what I would do without your guys' advice. Probably have a very sick fishy.
  13. What is my little Nemo? I looooove his tail. XD You can see his gimpy fin that gave him his name pretty good here. It grows out from his gill area. The other side is lower on his body and much bigger of a fin.
  14. I have this filter: So it's just the white bag and the sponge cartridge thing in the front of that, which I am assuming is the biosponge? that's why I said "scrape some off and rub it onto the new one?" LOL d'oh. I guess I'll have to examine the new setup. As far as I know the tank is cycled... I inherited this tank from owners that had had it for 6 months, and I myself had it running for 6 months after that. I had a spike in ammonia recently but WCs have been taking care of that.... nitries 0ppm and nitrates 20ppm
  15. I may have been be misinformed... I mean, I might have even just said that wrong.I just buy the brand refills for the filter, it says to swish it under water to remove carbon dust... or something like that, so that's what I assumed? Great, thanks for the advice! That's what I figured may be best, I was totally confused about removing the inner parts of the old small filter and putting it into the new one. didn't make sense durrr lol Do you mean just scrape some off and rub it onto the new one? Hahah sorry, with me you gotta assume I have absolutely elementary knowledge at best in all of this.
  16. Ok guys, I went and purchased the kit in my first post. I'm excited!! I'm still slightly confused about the transference of the cycle, though. Can I just set up my existing filter, the whole thing, on one the side of the tank in addition to the new one and have them both running? Would the cycle eventually transfer to the new filter? Like you said Thunder, I'd probably want to keep two in there for better filtration. It comes with a much larger filter and the media sponge is larger than what I currently have. My little 10gal tank has a tiny Tetra i10 Whisper in-tank filter. So if I remove the carbon and media sponge from that and put it in the large one it won't fit....? right? It doesn't seem right. Because then I wouldn't be using the proper size filler stuff for the filter.
  17. How long would I leave the media in there to consider it transferred? you recommended running both filters.... so after how long do I take it out and put it back in the i10 tetra whisper and run the new filter material through its casing? thanks
  18. Thanks everyone for the advice! Seems transferring will be easier than I thought. Unfortunately I am not finding much of anything in my local craigslist... I live in a small community, so the pickings are slim. One listing, a 30 gal & stand fo $50 was already sold (boo!) and everything else is much too big for what I can handle at him in terms of space and of maintenance. I know mr Nemo might be a little lonely, but I'll probably just be sticking with one fishie for now. He's still juvenile, he's 4" from mouth to tip of tail. I'm gonna wait until my salt dip treatments are finished first before transferring him so he's not too bugged out. I think we will be going down to buy today.. the only problem being a stand... hoping to find something suitable at out local Salvation Army thrift store. Stands are so expensive! I'll have to look around... craigslist is slim on those pickings, too.
  19. Hey everyone, I searched the first 3 pages of this forum, sorry if this has been asked before, but I'd appreciate some input please So I am in the mindset to upgrade my calico fantail to a 20gal because he deserves it...! Current he is only in a 10 gal. I am starting to have issues with water quality changing too quickly. I have a few questions on setup, how to properly transfer things, plants, etc? I am completely new to all of it, so please, any information as detailed as possible would greatly help! 1.) If I were to find a good deal on a secondhand one, say craigslist, what precautions should I look for, such as resealing it and disinfecting it? 2.) New is probably best...? There is a kit at my local PetCo, was wondering if this was considered an ok deal for all of the setup... will the filter be adequate, and if not, what would be better? 3.) What is the proper way to transfer him? Do I do a water change to get my tank specs all up to speed & clean, and then transfer all of his current tank water into the new one? Or do I set it up with entirely new water and do a fishless cycle? (I'd need linkage on how to do that too, lol) How would I transfer the established biosponge media "data" into the new tank? etc. 4.) Would plants, even 1 or two, be a good idea? I heard they help with nitrates. How easy or hard would it be, or effect his living conditions? (For the better I'd hope?) Currently he only has plastic plants. SO, which plants would you recommend? 5.) Anything else? What kind of airstone or aeration other thank my dinky airwant that I have now? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
  20. I just did my first salt dip today and I made it way too complicated on myself... hopefully I will be pro like you soon! Thanks for the video!
  21. thanks! Hahahah I tried liking your post and it says I've reached my maximum quota for the day. but everything you say is so helpful! You should write a book. I'd totally buy it. XD
  22. oh good. I've been so fretful these past few days. I felt so bad. *Edna voice from Incredibles* No nets! Once we go through the dips and get the levels in check, hopefully I won't have to keep doing daily WCs right? I know that the conditions must be getting worse faster because its just a 10 gal tank, so I'm wondering if my schedule might be 2-3x a week? Hopefully not everyday for long...? And then next we'll explore raising PH/hardness I suppose, right? Silly soft water.... our county water is all water-catchment rain water reservoir, not ground... so that's why. Ok, tomorrow .2% salt dip it is? If my ammonia level is ok in the tank I don't still have to do a WC do I? THANKS AGAIN ALEX YOU ROCK!
  23. Ok, so everything appeared to be fine... he was swimming around a lot, up and down and all around, and he had his appetite so I fed him a few flakes and he browsed around for almost an hour in his normal fashion gravel vacuuming and searching at the top. All of the little white spots, cloudy eye, scratch, etc is all gone.... when I last checked I think he was tired from all the extra going ons and was resting on the bottom like he normally does to rest at night.. he'll get up once and a while to do a few more rounds. but Aaaallleeexxx I fear he damaged his back flowy tail in the netting process. I tried catching/cupping him in my hands but he really was racing away. I had a hard time with the net, but I tried to be really careful. I only thought of using a little plastic container and corralling him into it as a much gentler way after I searched the forum, so I did this method to put him back in the tank. It appears the outer edge of his tail split on one of the "viens" and it's sticking out like a finger now. There is one longer one (1/4 inch long) and a shorter one on the other side. is this a problem? Is the salt dip going to be not good for it? bawwwwwwww I ruin everything! :cry1 See what I mean here:
  24. Jeff, how perfect your method sounds!! My fishie did NOT like my net .... don't think he hurt himself but I think he'll soon outgrow this net to actually fit in. Lucky it was only $3.99 lol. How does one properly disinfect the net?
  25. Conditions in the tank when I got home were .25ppm ammonia, so I did a 25% water change w/ more vacuuming and some Amquel Plus. He only stayed in there after the WC for about 5 or 10 minutes. Took Nemo out and did the dip. While he's in the holding tub now, tank reading is at 0ppm ammonia, yay! So Nemo's first salt dip went well. I think my nerves were all over the place. I had a helluva time getting all of the water temps right after adding the salt.. it was still too warm, I tried adjusting w/some cooler water and adding some salt back in and then I messed it up and had to start all over again, lol. Got it right in the end, I think. Any tips on synchronization? He remained in the dip for the full 5 minutes and only sort of slowly stopped and almost-turned, but he righted himself and wiggled around for a bit more, swimming around. Man, he really hated me trying to get him out of the tank! It was his first time out and I was so afraid of hurting him with the net, but I managed... then I scooped him up in my hand to transfer from dip to holding tub.. hehe, he was so wriggly and cute. He seems to be doing fine, checking it out, I think he doesn't know what just happened! So after an hour in there, I can transfer him back to the main tank?
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