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  1. Hi everyone! Things had been going really well with my little Nemo after dnalex's great help. Many months in his new tank, happy as can be! However! The other day my young cousin was hovering around the tank, unbeknownst to me he was pretty much harassing my fish - "chasing" him, going up to the tank really close with his face, moving fast... and changing directions and basically cornering my poor fishie! Nemo even ran into the tank wall, somersaulted on the gravel, and was pretty much trying to swim for his life. I caught my cousin at the tail end of it and scolded him, but the damage was done. I think he may have been doing it for a while, because.... Now Nemo's behavior is totally changed...! Where before he would lazily and happily hover in one spot popping his mouth open wanting food, happy to see me.... now, as soon as I approach he gets twitchy and darts around, avoiding me, hiding in the back of the tank. Wah!!! It's been about 3 days of this now. I read somewhere that goldfish can have memories of certain impressions for months... I hope he can recover? Has anyone done any psychological therapy for their traumatized fish? LOL. I have sat in front of his tank after feeding, just quietly without moving, even gave him a pea (was his favorite treat) and he is STILL mistrustful and will only come to the front of the tank to eat a little the scampers away, hiding under a plant and looking at me. WAHHHHH MY BABY. *sniff*
  2. I decided to do a video update instead! Had to flip video, and then couldn't figure out how to crop it so sorry its small!
  3. Hey everyone! The day is finally here for Nemo's big move to a bigger tank! Yay! It took me some time finding the stand for my new 20 gal upgrade (he was sitting sad in a 10 gal). I sanded and painted it and everything to give it a facelift. It's a granite top! I finally was able to buy everything I needed for the upgrade (filter floss & biomax rings, 15lb bag of crushed coral, new Hikari food, etc - ) all I need is a better bubbler wand. On the advice of dnalex I got the crushed coral to raise my pH and hardness of my tap water... because MAN is it soft! My last readings from the tap for this, a while ago, were: 40ppm KH 6.8 pH But the pH of the tank regularly bottoms out at 6.0, and I've been using baking soda as a buffer in the mean time. So! My question is this - for this 20 gal tank and those readings, how much crushed coral should I add? Should I continue to add a small bit of baking soda as a buffer until the coral reaches the optimal pH? How long would it take for it to do this? And about how long would the coral last - after how long should I add more/replace it? Thanks! **I had a thought, and you can see this in the pic - I have a small shallow glass dish, can I put the coral in this? for ease of removal and cleaning. There is no room in the filter at all, and I hated the idea of putting it in a stocking (ugly!) or mixing it in the substrate (also ugly - and hard to replace!) I figured I could sit a fake plant in there too, for aesthetics. I plan on also getting an anubias or two to provide some better water conditions as well. Those will come a little later (*cough*paycheck*cough*) but I plan on doing the setup/transfer tomorrow! SO EXCITED!! Pics to follow!
  4. I guess we are calling it case closed? thanks for all your help guys! If something comes up again I could always thread-bump it I suppose, but other than that I think we're out of the woods and he's back to his normal self. I wanted to show a happy!video of him cruising around, instead of just seeing him sicklike. I'm noticing he has developed more silver and gold scales... they had just been sort of few and far between before, amidst some flat, dull scales. but now look how shiny he is! XD The water IS clearing up, its much better than yesterday, so another 20% WC the next day or so should clear it up. tank readings today: .25ppm ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate, pH 7.3 did some amquel+.
  5. Will do, thanks so much! I always enjoyed learning in college, I wish I could have just continued earning scholarships and be a professional student lol. Now thanks to your help I have a little bit of know-how in an area previously unknown. always learning! So, as I work out stand solutions, how much crushed coral would be added at the start of the transfer for the 20gal? And any balancing ratio of baking soda? Like, would I transfer some of my original tank water into the new one, fill the rest with new water, add crushed coral, and call it a day? And/Or should I add a small buffer of baking soda as it takes some time for the coral to work and we don't want a pH crash? You're the best Alex! thanks for all of your help! (and the others too, thanks guys!)
  6. He is doing well! He seems to be back to his normal self. He was active and all perky/uppity/excited when I approached the tank, the little piggy. He keeps wanting to get food but I am sure not to feed him more than twice a day. Yay happy fishie! .25ppm ammonia again today, so I did a 25% WC and a little less than 1/4th teaspoon baking soda added back in. Will take reading in the next half hour. I thought MAYBE the nitrite and the nitrate was a teeny tiny bit of a darker shade than 0, but nowhere CLOSE to the next color change — it was closer 0. but. hey. Still working on tank stand ideas!
  7. Quick update while I'm at work... was busy last night, ammonia in tank was .25ppm again, but just did a dose of Amquel+ and no WC - his water is still pretty milky cloudy, want to do another WC today to clear it up.... if I do 30% ish change, should I add a *pinch* of baking soda to balance pH again? Last night's pH test was at 7.2.
  8. .25ppm ammonia today, 0ppm nitrite, 0ppm nitrate 20% WC - a couple of hours later, pH is holding up at 7.3-ish. he is swimming around dandily. he enjoyed his first bit of green bean tonight too & loved it! Water is still cloudy though.. darn bacterial bloom!
  9. awww! so he was always like that? poor little sweet thing. he's so cute! Good luck to ya!
  10. woah, it shot up to 7.5pH! was that too fast of a change?
  11. after this WC, tank reading for pH was 6.3. just added 1/2 tsp, will let you know in an hour. I actually have some going-ons and errands I have to attend to for the afternoon/evening... should leaving the tank be after this dose be ok until much later tonight? Nemo is cruising around. I though I caught him bottom sitting after his 2nd WC, but it was just for a bit. he psyched me out. Sigh! my other critters have been sick, too. Just got back this morning from the vet, where my old man cat Simba (19 yrs old) had to have a tooth extraction because of a major abscessed infection, poor guy was having seizures last night and everything. Baww! It went well though, but he's coming off of the meds and is totally woozy drunk falling all over the place, poor guy. My babiiies.... ! So, I'm glad Nemo is looking up lol.
  12. Here are my tap readings this morning: pH 6.5 ammonia .25ppm Nitrite 0ppm nitrate 0ppm What could be causing the pH to drop from my tap water change to tank? from 6.5 to 6.0? yikes! I hadn't done a WC last night, just did a dose of Amquel+ to help with the ammonia. But I had done a WC the day before. Tank was .25ppm ammonia, & Water was pretty cloudy this morning. His cloudy eye thing was starting to make an appearance again, so I did a 30% water change to help clear things up. However, I forgot to do any swishing of the filter, wasn't sure I should or not, so after the change I peeked at it and by halfway pulling the cartridge up to look at it, the filter spewed a bunch of gunk (little black/grey specs everywhere) so my WC just was rendered useless, so I did a back-to-back 40% change to try to clear up the gunk. At this change I DID swish out in the old tank water I removed the cartridge which had quite a bit of poo & gunk on it.. swishing made the water really dirty! So adding those up that was about a 70% WC.... water is still slightly cloudy, but I think his eyes are clearing up. Sheesh! A clear sign that this tank is too small and the filtration is not good enough anymore! It was fine 6 months ago when he was small... but! he's 5" now from nose to tail.
  13. API master test kit came in today! So, reading the info leaflet with regards to pH, anything lower than 6.0 will not register..... we don't know if this is a accurate reading? darn those test strips... this is even lower than what I thought I originally recorded?! oh no? 6.0 pH .25ppm ammonia 0ppm nirite 0ppm nitrate <<<< uh? Either it's low because I had been doing water changes daily and Amquel+? Or did I destroy the cycle? The test strips must have been SOMEWHAT of an indicator, which had read at 40ppm many times... surely it couldn't misread that much, right? LFS only had huge bags of crushed coral. Might have to look online. Also, had a feeling that I'd be getting ripped off on the ceramic media rings. Would crushed coral be a better and more cost efficient way as compared to using API's "PH up", or "Right PH 7.5" etc? I could see obviously I'd have to administer with every water change, therefore it would be pricey. And I'd have to monitor it more closely. But with coral it's slowly and regulates itself over time? BTW... Nemo swimming around happily and normally. I rewarded him with a late-night snack of a pea after all this hardship and he went BONKERS for it lol. I want to do more healthy things rather than just flakes! hopefully a plant or two to keep him company in his new tank... is it preferable to get plants that are often NOT nibbled on to reduce changes of decaying organic matter?
  14. Thanks everyone! You've been so helpful and supportive! <3 I'll take a short vid of him being happy for everyone to see rather than him being all sad and sick. Water is still slightly cloudy w/ what I think is a bacterial bloom, but the water changes are slowly making it clearer. I will see how about the crushed coral at the LFS tomorrow. About how much should I put in to gradually bring it up? Being that my silly little filter isn't set up properly (it still has the cartridge - I will be making the switch to other media soon after the seeding of the new tank I'm upgrading to... just stabilizing the cycle atm) I suppose I'll add it to the substrate? Should I do that now, or wait until the new tank? I'm still currently having a hard time figuring out the right stand for my new tank. It's slim pickings at the second hand stores here, and I can't do cinder blocks because my floorboards are raised off of the ground (house is build on a hill, lol)...hmmm. the search continues. I will be starting a topic in the DIY thread about this, wondering if my current setup could be successfully modified. will have to take pics. later everyone! gotta work now, lol. Thanks again for your help... will update if anything is awry...
  15. Nemo was swimming around like normal today! And greeting me at the front of the tank. My heart soars! Ammonia .25ppm today. Then 20% WC. .3% salt dip update: His limit appears to be just over 2 minutes... he started to drift to his side again.. I waited a second or so for him to right himself... but when he didn't, and when my gentle nudges with my finger didn't seem right him, took him out immediately again. He seems to be doing well...! In fact, just after his WC and before the dip, he was almost hyper in his tank! He was zooming around all energetically and even did a weird somersault tumble when he tried to turn too fast, sort of like how you can slide out from underneath yourself and tumble if you're turning on a bike onto a gravel road, lol.! (At least this has happened to me...) Oh strange! Funny fishie! Can't wait to get him the space he deserves. So, I'm running out of AmQuel... is there some buffer things I should pick up as well at the LFS? My API master test kit will be here on Thursday. Hooray!
  16. Flips, My readings for the tap have been consistent from the first post, except I didn't have the ammonia test. Now that I do, these were my last readings from a couple of days ago: · * Ammonia Level (Tap): 0ppm ~ maybe .05ppm? it's really negligible. (it's not a solid yellow like my chart yet it's not much leaning toward green either, certainly not .25ppm. Not even in between 0 and .25 really. I rinsed out the test tube pretty well, I thought. · * Nitrite Level (Tap) 0ppm · * Nitrate level (Tap) 0ppm Comparison between the RO water vs. tap parameters. · * Ph Level, (RO) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 6.2 pH, 0~20ppm KH, 25ppm GH · * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 6.8 pH, 40ppm KH, 25ppm GH
  17. Not any more... per alex's suggestion I've switched over to my tap and am using amquel+ to dechlorinate. My pH and GH/KH were just marginally higher in the tap than what my parameters had been using the RO water. The water is super soft here (rain water catchment reservoirs.) So we are gearing up to slowing raise those levels. Will do! I want to take a video of him swimming around happily for you now, I hate to only show him to you while he's under the weather.
  18. Nemo seems to be doing really good, he was swimming around when I got home. Ammonia was at a negligible amount... .10pmm I seem to have a bacterial bloom! Water is a little hazy white as compared to yesterday after the 20% WC I did. Is this a bad/good thing, and should I do another water change? Is it a sign that the BB are coming back? Since I seem to have bumped my cycle when I changed out the cartridge media on 2/1. (I will be switching over to the other stuff very soon with the seeding of my new filter-to-be with the floss & biothingies.) Unfortunately I just ran out of my last teststrip yesterday (D'oh!) but my master kit is on its way. To play it safe, should I just do 20% daily WC to keep this bloom and any other parameters under control until my kit comes?
  19. Yes sir! I felt bad for him! I also forgot to mention his eyes got really bulgy in the dip too, I was a little unnerved... like the inside disc of his eye was angled down toward his stomach with the top part sticking way out at the top. OMG? like a 45° angle.
  20. Ammonia .25ppm, did a 20% WC. Took out a plant to give him more swim room. Folks said he was more active today! .3% salt dip: He was only able to stay in for about 2 minutes 15 sec or so..... he was really moving his mouth in a gasping way, open in a really big O not really swimming but propelling himself backward along the edge of the container in circles. It looked like he was resting on the edge of the container almost sideways which I knew wasn't good, so i'd give him a gently nudge with my finger and he'd right himself and them swim backwards for a little more. I took him out immediately when my nudges didn't make him move and he remained on his side. He seems to be fine in his holding tank now, swimming around. phew!
  21. thanks! will have to be tomorrow. will do! *waves flag*
  22. Status update! So strange, that puckered white eye issue really did almost go away a few hours after I posted that last night (after the WC), and this morning was not really there. However, when I returned this evening from work it was definitely back again, though maybe not as bad as before. He was bottom sitting again, (apparently most of the day too, according to my folks) but when I was starting the WC he became active. Checked the parameters and ammonia was at .25ppm. I did a 50% WC and almost immediately (1/2 hour later) his eye was fine again. huh! direct correlation! He ate, albeit sort of oddly... he had the appetite, but he was chewing up his flakes and then spitting them out in a cloud of little pieces, but was hungrily going after more. He eventually vacuumed/foraged it all off of the gravel in due time. I was concerned that all of the little bits would get lost in there and make things worse. It's been another hour later, and he is actively swimming around and foraging.
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