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  1. okay, cheers Chelsea, very helpful ....
  2. I have worked it out as 330-(56.7 x 4)-75 = 28.2L (56.7L being 15Us Gal) so 28,2 liters for the snails...yes?
  3. Okay thanks for that, how about goldfish a pond snail/ ramshorn snail and a Rnp/Bnp...would the 3 work? And how many of each?
  4. http://deosfluviatilis.hubpages.com/hub/Goldfish-Tankmates-Aquarium-Companions so will the rosy barbs eat the guppy fry do you recon?
  5. they grow up to 6 inches so i doubt they will be the goldfishes dinner...and the goldfish i am getting will be very young... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosy_barb
  6. 64–72F is the temp range for rosy barbs
  7. I am buying a 330 litre tank (87US gal) I want to have goldfish, rosy barbs and a rubbernose pleco, would this be possibe? I know that goldfish and rosy barbs can go together and goldfish and rubbernose pleco can go together but would the 3 species be okay in one tank? I will be having a planted aquarium.... I will also be having 3 guppies in my 20 litre tank and will feed the fry to the goldfish occasionally, would the barbs be able to feed on the fry too? If i cannot have a pleco with the two other species or cannot find a rubbernose pleco i will just have the barbs and goldfish... What numbers of each fish do you suggest?
  8. Thank you, will definitely take a look!!!
  9. Okay thank you, what substrate would you suggest for the plants and what plants do you think will be best?
  10. Okay thanks I didn't even think of that...so what about the snail with the extra filter from the small tank?
  11. Yeah I forgot to meantion imperial..thanks haha. So you don't think I would be able to have 2 goldfish in the 120L tank with one snail and have the filter from the 18L added into the 120L so I have two filters in the tank, would it then be able to cope with the extra waste? And regarding the QT I have 2 massive storage boxxes I would say could contain about the same amount as the 120L tank if not more, so I belive this would surfice.
  12. I started the cycle yesterday, and I am waiting for my API test kit to arive before I can test the nitroginous waste and pH.. It should arive today or tomorrow. Everywhere I read about the amount of water one goldfish required to ive many years thet mostly said 10gallons per goldfish, and that single tails require larger space, so I thought I would get fancies instead as they are smaller, and I was only planning to have one fish in the 18L at a time for 2-3 weeks just to ensure there was nothing wrong with them before I added them to the bigger tank, and I wasn't plaaning on getting any fish untill the 120L tank was cycled, what else could I put in with goldfish in that size tank? I won't be getting the 120L untill about the 28th of feb so will be two months before I can use the 120L roughly Thanks for the reply
  13. I have recently been reading up about goldfish and what to feed them etc..I have spent about 6 days doing so, I have a 18 litre tank (from when I was younger and had no idea what I was doing and my fish died after a few months)that I am currently cycling with ammonia, what I was wondering is would it be possible to use the water from the tank when it is cycled and put it into a 120litre (26 gallon) tank to help with cycling that tank, I am planning to put 3 fancies eventually in the tank and maybe a pond snail or something similar, I would like to add one other small animal that would go with the goldfish and the snail any ideas of what I could add in. I was planning to plant java fern and maybe a few other plants once the bigger tank is cycled I would then use the small tank to quarantine the new fish that I get one by one, would this 18 litre tank be big enough to keep a small baby goldfish in for 3 weeks to then add to the 120L?? Any help and advice would be appreciated!! Michael
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