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  1. Hi Shakaho

    I posted some pics here http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/107733-hi-from-canberra/

    Not a good close up of the waterfall, unfortunately. It is pretty clean at the moment anyway.

    The filter I have is a Pond One Claritec 5000 UV. It is located nearly buried in the raised garden bed up behind the pond. I don't actually know what it's pump is, it is located down in the bottom pond, near the second pump. The water gets sucked in down in the bottom of the pond, then the pipe goes across the pond floor (under the pebble base) and comes up discretely between the big rocks and then under the retaining wall and into the filter. The output of the filter then goes to to the top of the waterfall , only about two feet of pipe or so. I am not sure if the filter is very good. You turn the nob to 'backflo' it and the water that comes out still appears as clean as the water does normally.

    The second pump is just a little Bunnings cheapy, which is an integrated unit with the fountain in the bottom part of the pond. We put that in just to create a bit more aeration for the fish and it is totally independent of the main unit.

    I suspect I have made some really dumb newbie mistake, but i's not obvious to me exactly what. Much appreciate you taking the time to help.

  2. Thanks Shakaho,

    Yes, I do mean string algae.

    Wasn't convinced about the salt hypothesis, but was looking for an easy solution. Rebuilding isn't viable was these stones literally weigh a tonne. The filter outlet goes straight to the top of the waterfall, so no options of planting there.

    I don't feed the fish much as they have plenty of plants to eat. They do go crazy for the fresh algae when it gets cleaned into the pond!

    Guess I'll just have to keep cleaning it and hope for some cold weather while we are away to slow the growth.

  3. I continue to have issues with algae in my pond. Lately it has started causing real problems as it is forming thick mats on the waterfall and actually diverting the water flow. As a result of that, some of the water is being directed out of the pod, effectively creating a slow leak.

    I have manually removed it, but it grows back.

    I have an upcoming two week trip and am concerned that the algae will grow and cause water level problems.

    One thing I am wondering about is whether salt would make any difference. The pond is only ever filled with tank ( rain) water, and the GH is normally less than 100. The PH is high but constant and all other parameters are normal. The pond is nearly a year old, but since spring it has had an almost constant algae bloom. It died out a couple of times but then comes back within a week or so. I am not sure if the die down is because I have added salt to try to raise the hardness, or if that is coincidence.

    I have read that the hardness level is related to algae blooms, but I can't tell whether that is a minor theoretical effect, or if I focus heavily on salting I might be able to get the green stuff under control.

    Any one have much experience with this?

  4. They eat the mozzie larvae.

    Seriously, I only got some fish to eat the wrigglies in the pond. But then I found myself fussing over them, reading everything around to try to make their home better for them. And giving them names. And then they had babies, so it was exciting to see if the babies would survive.

    Now I feed them each evening after work and find it so relaxing to spend a little time sitting by the pond, patting the cat, watching the fish, scooping out the algae. It is great stress management.

    Then I go inside and have another go at trying to work out what I need to do to make sure the pond is healthy.

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