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  1. great, finally found a post from Helen. She uses 200mg per 10g Thanks again Helen
  2. Yes I have liquid. It is pure prazi. there are no instructions on it. so is it 50mg per 10g or 200mg per 10g this is just for normal quarantine steps
  3. Hi, there is a pinned post for praziquantel procedure rounds, what is the prazi mg per 10g tank I have a 10g and 30g quarantine tank, my prazi is 37.5mg per ml I want to make sure I am dosing the correct amount. thanks
  4. Thanks for the comments, I may seem confident but i am very scared each time. It does really help coming here as I have many people to talk to who do understand. I love your experience, it is a good lesson to know each goldfish is different just like ppl, and you cant expect the same reaction each time, what a relief I am very slow and cautious so i worry a lot about how long i keep them sedated The metal cuticle thing is a brilliant idea, I have ordered one. Just knowing i am not alone has been a great help In the last 24 hours watching both my oranda, swimming in the tank, able to see the food, they seem sooo happy, made all my stress and worry worthwhile. One especially has not been able to see much for a very long time. I have done barely enough on him, and some is a bit ragged but that's ok for now I am looking into ms-222 thanks, dont worry i would do a lot of research before i used anything different. Chances are we cant get here in nz either, nz is extremely fussy. The bottom part of the wen is a lot closer/tighter to the eye and when they lay on the side with the wen hanging away from the whole eye it looks good, until he has recovered and i put him back in the tank. Shucks it doesn't look like i have done anything. Better luck second time around
  5. Hi, did my second try of wen trimming today, Different oranda, smaller than the other one. Had everything ready as Helen and Lisa said. Did the clove oil, it looked like it was supposed to. Set the timer, at 10mins timer goes off, blankie kicked up a big fuss when picked him up, he swam around more, put back in, took out, he wriggled like mad. Wasnt sure what to do, he had his full ten minutes plus more. Even on the table he wriggled, i had him timered when to put in med water and when to take out etccc He continued to wiggle the whole time. Mostly I was looking to see what i could do, he has a very thin layer on his eye, I thought it was attached to the wen, it wasn't, it is dark like him, half way down his eye is clearer. it is like a eyelid, but just stays there. It took him so long to wake, I was really scared. Thought I had lost him. I held him up for so long my fingers were wrinkly. But he was such a fighter i couldn't give up. Once I was ready again I did the one from last time, he went to sleep faster this time, was really good, i did the other eye that i hadnt been able to last time. On the table the wen relaxes eye is really visible, but when in the water the weight of the wen makes it hang down more. I really struggle to make a difference with the bottom of the eye I did a better job with him this time, he woke easy and was swimming around strongly very early. Have you found this before, do they behave differently the very first time they are put to sleep?
  6. ohhh great thanks Helen..................Worried I had under dosed
  7. I had already watched Lisa's video and it was a great help. When I first watched Lisa's video, my stomach turned and swayed and I scrunched up my eyes Once I believed his need was greater than my fear..................it changed me is quite bizarre
  8. Hi everyone, thanks for the comments Helen, what was leon's weight when he had surgery? I wasn't thinking of using a scalpel for the whole procedure, just to help certain bits as a back up. I had cuticle scissors (brand new) but could not cut through the lower part at all. Before I try again I am going to collect more items, the better the range the more prepared I am My oranda is quite big, I worried the clove oil mix wasn't strong enough. It was a full ten minutes he was in, but didn't turn on his side I will try to weigh again properly before I try again. I am struggling to sign up to photobucket to give you pictures
  9. Hi, I had a big oranda whose wen had run out of control. He was very unhappy. Bottom sitting, banging into things, couldn't judge how to turn so always banging into things or against things. Very slow finding food, and pushed around. His top and bottom wen had grown so much they meet, totally covering his eye on one side. On the other side was just a tiny slit left for him to see out of. The more I watched him the more sorry I felt for him in his quality of life. I wasn't keen on doing myself. Then one day I wasn't too scared. I did find a vet that would trim it, but I just about need to sell my car to pay for it. I did a lot of research but the most helpful was Koko's video and comments. Very inspiring. Some things just stuck in my head..........quality of life.......step by step.....careful of the light.....min cut, half that clove.....sterilize..... I printed it and followed as well as I could. I was alone, I had a timer set for one minute, just turn it and it ticks off one minute again. One alteration for me was laying him down so I could use two hands. One to hold the tweezers to lift the wen, and the other to cut. I was more confident this way. Also bought some 3.5 zoom glasses which helped a lot. The top part of the wen was easy, just a big flap but really really thick. Wow he does have an eye I thought. The Bottom of the eye was harder, it curved close to the eye. I could hold it up a little with the tweezers, but I struggled to cut it. I was very conscious of how long I was taking and of possible other tools that may of helped me better. better safe than sorry so I took put him into the recovery water. It was a scary time which I also felt in koko's comments as normal. Happy to say he is fine. I put him in the guarantee tank I had cleaned while he recovered, left the light off, big shock, cant see can see. He now gets a fright when I approach because he couldn't see me much before and now bang I am there. I can see I could of done a better job. One side is just barely enough. It was the top wen that covered most of that eye. The other side is more the bottom wen covering the eye which I didn't do very well. I need some different tweezers and my curved scissors were too small. This was my first attempt and I didn't want to overdo, most of all I wanted to make sure he would recover. I wanted to ask Koko can I use a scalpel for some? When can I try again safely . It took the full ten minutes in the clove oil before he stopped wiggling properly, but didn't turn on his side like he was supposed to. He was 120gm in may when I weighed him, but my scales aren't working now for some reason. He is usually in a pond, on the deck with my tanks etc Anymore advice appreciated
  10. Hi, thanks for the response I do use prime, hadn't thought about double dose, Always shows 0.25ppm haven't had a different result for a month in any pond, tank or bucket this pond is 1000 litres, I did a hundred percent water change, Left filter didn't clean it, tested that afternoon and next morning they were all the same. And near daily since, no change I thought once I sorted it out in this pond, I could work on others Read about zeolite help, needed 10kilo for that size in a (diy drip feed from bio canister filter), recently cleaned filter, been about two weeks now and no change. My test kit is ok until 2017 (do the go off) ph around 7.4 - 8 I have taken the fish out waiting for it to become stable......but tanks read the same too any ideas? I know is ok and bad ammonia...........I just want 0.0 lol
  11. Hi, my tap water reads traces of ammonia straight from the tap so my tanks, my ponds all show traces what can I do thanks
  12. health places have it, it is a facial mask treatment lol also is used as a health food for dogs cats and people
  13. Hi, all has been going ok, just done the first round of prazi for flukes, both calico still in Q, BBoy looking real good, tail still ratty but mostly clear of blood in tail, after finished metro Blackie lost energy, bottom sat, slow to respond, saw fin flicking so began prazi, continued to bottom sit, lethagic, fin clamped, until day 5, improved steadily, day 6 WC, noticed is still white stringy poo in tank, not sure but believe is Blackie, any suggestions?
  14. Hi, I now have the repashy and the tri. Thanks again Helen. Can I have some doseages to make gel med food. B Boy wont eat the gelatine food, wont even bother trying now, this is third day, blackee will grab and spit out, B Boy is also leaning to the side. a lot less red in fins but still ratty. BB flicked his fin once for the first time ever, don't know if that mean anything. I am sure they have been on the meds since the 14th Jan (was just soaked then)
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