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  1. Depends... If you have 2 5 in oscars and a 1 in pleco then. yea.
  2. So today I was cleaning the tank and Dassu, one of my black Ranchus, panicked and swam up behind the HOB outflow and scraped off two of his little scales...I know it would grow back easily - but what color. The scraped part is now metallic, and I worry that it would grow back into that color. If it does, I might just nickname him "sparkly-butt". Thoughts?
  3. Well, for 2 of my non-goldfish tanks I had went coverless and only suffered from evaporation problems... If your tank comes with the black trim I guess you could cut plexiglass/glass to size - you can cut 2 pieces the length of the tank but 1/3 as wide so you can slide them back and fouth/etc.
  4. (unless that's them down in the bottom left hand corner?) Small aren't they? I've decided to name them Dassu and Kaii. Thanks! And that isn't a background....there are really 2 windows. Sunlight never shines into the tank though, as a patio hangs right outside of it. During the day, the light naturally illuminates the foreground - thus the black "UFO's" can be seen. -KK
  5. Need to add. My tank didn't realy change much huh? Old: New:
  6. HAPPY LATE NIGHT GUYS? Just to give you a short story of what happened: A few months ago I had some sort of disease in my tank which started to effect all of my GF in which made them lean sideways on the bottom of the tank and turned their belly's blood red. Did my best to keep them alive (didn't touch meds since I couldn't find what disease/problem it was) and did daily water changes - all were wiped out within two days. Lesson Learned: Always be prepared for whats coming and have a water test kit ( which I will promise to get tomorrow >.>) beside your tank 24/7.... After that - I gave up completly on goldfish - cleaned up all the water - stuck on a heater - and bought 7 hardy tetras (glowlight). Visitng San Francisco yesterday I went back to check out a goldfish shop that I use to always see sell exotic GF from. And guess what I've found. Black Jap. Ranchus! Couldn't get my manliness up to not get them. Ever since my goldfish reign I always wanted buffalo-cheeck ranchus, and finnaly I found some - but at a steep price.. Right after going home I settled them into a bucket with an airstone and modded my 55 gallon back into its original state in just a few hours. Now, where did my tetras go? I had a 10 gallon and AC 30 left over from my previous tanks/ideas and filled it up with all the old tank water and some media. 7 tetras in a 55 gallon with an AC 70, Penguin 350, and heater is too cost effective anyways. Did a 15% water change with Prime today and will be getting that test kit pretty soon. They're only an inch long and already showing some fine wen growth. -KK
  7. I can guess that almost all goldfish keepers would recommend you AC's. lolol On the other case, I had a 3 gallon that I wanted to switch an internal filter out of and Petsmart had AC's on sale, and the AC 30 was just a few pennies more expensive than the 20....you know what's coming..... All in all even with the AC 30, the flow control control made the water stagnant enough that my betta can swim easily. Three months passed already, and the the filter and fish are still running great! I guess you get into the habit of overfiltration after keeping GF.... Here is my filter media setup for the 3 gal: From bottom to top: Prefilter, AC sponge, filter floss, fine filter floss, biomedia from 2 AC 20 bags.
  8. Very nice fish! From the top, the pattern kinda looks like koi. Let's hope this fish will maintain it's black till adulthood .
  9. So I was cleaning my tank today and while taking the intake tube of the 70 off to scrub, the u-tube nub (controls the flow control) snaps right off. :madrant Then I took a wooden dowel in my art drawer and stuck it into the hole that was created after the piece went flying. PERFECT FIT! I slapped some crappy hot-glue work on the seams afterwards and its back on the job. Lesson: The AC baby's are tough! Lets hope that the filter doesn't break down again before my DIY job does.
  10. Does yours have the black trim on the tank? I remember seeing my Petsmart selling that set w/ a rimless on it.
  11. Yes it's possible to use it on a freshwater tank. I believe this is considered a sump? Water overflows in the black box on top and goes down the sump, in which the water is pumped back up with a pump - did it come with one? Let some experts comeby to give you futher info.
  12. That would be my recommendation as well. Agreed Sent from my SCH-I535 You don't say. I just bought an AC 30 for my 3 gallon betta tank...since they don't have the 20 anymore at Petsmart. Flow control + large media ftw. Edit: The Aquaclears are on sale now at Petsmart. Went to one that also had the C series on sale too. Good time to get one before it ends...
  13. Bad for the fish and bad for the seller. Seems like most sellers these days just want their money.....
  14. 90 gallons. There are many volume calculators online to verify that number. Although by "19 depth", do you mean 19 inches wide?
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