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  1. Hi vic mao im no expert at all but i think that you get a masher or a grinder, and grind it all up into litle blocks and then feed it, im not expert so this is just a sujjestion
  2. Ho motherred cap banjo and blad my two common goldys have a filter with a tank its 55 gals with spounge filter and an air pump, its just angel my red comet doesnt have a filter and cantbas she is so old and is finding it hard to swim, we have tried to give her a filter but she doesnt like it as the wate flow is too strong, i tottally agree yes if she was healthy and ,uch younger i would hive her a filter but shes to old hanx for the advice though hun!
  3. Hi everyone yesterday i was having so much trouble getting onto kokos goldfish forum i was so worried that i might have to change to another forum, but know i am back, i thought i wouldnt be able to chat to you guys, my results from my goldfish problems have come back giving me the "all clear" he said that it was a common minor problem, so im so pleases to have my little sweetie back, thank you agian, it just shows you how addicted i am to kokos goldfish forum, i dont no what i would do with out it, i will be doing more topic posts today as i have lots to share with you guys, thanx again
  4. Hi this isnt when she is upside down but is when she is at the top she only sometimes goes upside down i will try to get a video for you Heres another video link from yesterday http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5yKRuoSY6jo
  5. Hi here is some basic info as requested There is no filter, there has not been for 4 years, so i dont have a size, she has a chloride remover and a stress free as recomended from the pets store, the tempo is 20 degrees celcius, i change the water completely all of it every week and clean the sides with a magnet every day, the last water change was three days ago, the size of the tank is 28 gallons, it hasnt been running because if no filter but i let it set 2 hrs before adding my goldfish (Angel), there is only one fish and has been for 4 yers as she is so old, i feed by fish goldfish flakes and peas cooked properly, no meds, nothing unusual appart from HANGING UPSIDE DOWN AND HAVING A LUMP ON THE BACK LEFT OF IT TAIL, AND ITS POO HAS SOME WHITE STRINGY LONG BITS IN IT, she doesnt stay at the bottom the complete opposite, i have already got a short video posted but here it is now, http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx1vN4sZuWY
  6. Hi everyone i dont have the correct kit so i will have to take my goldfish to the vets and take a sample of water too so i know if she will be okay i hope that you are okay with this and i will give you a post for how well she is doing,
  7. Hi she does not have a filter because she is so old and the last water change was 3 days ago Hope this helps you tithra and other experts
  8. Thankyou very much motherredcap i have uploaded itfor you guys to have a look at
  9. Hi tithra i have got a video here for you, here is a link for you to have a look at my goldfish http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx1vN4sZuWY
  10. Hi tithra i can its just that im having some problems with my computer and i cant coppy andast on my ipad
  11. Hi tithra i will take some samples and give them to the pet shop also how do you post a video on here
  12. Hi my goldfish had a problem its tail is at the top of the tank and its head is facing down, it is strugling to o to the bottom of the tank and im really scared that anything hapens to her, she is originally my sisters she is 5 yrs old and is a common goldfish and im really woried also she is floating on the top sometimes with with her tails and finout of the water please help me ...
  13. Hi my recipies are Spinatch Carrots mushed Goldfish flakes Water Brocolie Peas All mushed together and hen stured to keep the correct consistency and hen put in fridge for half an hour then freezer for half an hour
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