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  1. That is very nice and glad to hear that lily is good now
  2. I will be moving back to socal next month and would like to get some good spots for goldfish I've searched online and think that ck aquariums os pretty good. And I hope I get to meet someone upgrading so I can catch a great find like your congrats on the new tank
  3. For sure im really happy with this light and my fish seem to love it. Also thank you for the great service and professional shipping you have a lifetime customer!!!
  4. yes those tail are beautiful and i will stay on top of the parameters, i also brought over a cup full of my tank water and threw it into his filter im thinking of lending him one of my aquaclear70 but im not sure how good of an idea that is.. i also told him that he might have to do daily water changes.
  5. So to update everyone i went to petco after work to take pictures and one thing led to another and i adopted them! but since i dont want to be overstocked my buddy decided to get back into the hobby and he bought a 30g setup and we brought them home! im so glad they are not at petco anymore This is them at petco This was last night settled into their new home! and this was this morning
  6. I feel the pain now lol I cant wait to let you guys know what happened Haha ain't that the truth! Ahhh I feel your pain. I went to Petco a couple of days ago and they had tiny chocolate pom poms! I've never seen a store carry pom poms and one of the guys was so adorable! On a positive note that store's tanks are almost always terrible but this time they were clean and the fish looked great. That made me happy, though leaving without my pom pom buddy did not. Chocolate pom poms! i would have taken all of them and figured it out when i got home
  7. Thank you for the reply i will buy some crushed coral today now should i place it inside the filter after i bag it. or inside the tank?
  8. That is one idea i had but i will be over stocked if i ad one more fish to my tank i cant imagine two beautiful fan tails and im moving back to the mainland next month so those are some things i have to think about but i cant stop myself from wanting to buy them
  9. So today i went to petco to pick up some gravel not by choice but out of compromise. Anywho whenever i walk into a pet shop i always go look at the goldfish selection and for some reason petco stopped ordering goldfish they said something about there goldfish tanks...... go figure But as i was talking to the rep there i notice two beautiful faintails, swimming in the plant tanks they have, they where so beautiful with amazing tails color and size they where up for adoption and needless to say they almost came home with me! but it would have been a fight with my wife lol. But i cant stop thinking about them i want to go back and get them tomorrow ill go during my lunch break and take pictures so you guys can see what beauties they where.
  10. okay so today i got my package from tasty worms and i tested my tap and tank water. Here are my reading any help and advise would be greatly appreciated Tank Tap P.H: 7.4 P.H: 7.4 GH: 71.6 KH: 53.7 Ammonia: 0ppm Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 5ppm Nitrate: 5ppm
  11. Okay so after a really long afternoon im done!!! i made the repashy my little guys didnt want any at first but are slowly eating it. the hikari i will give them tomorrow. my kids and wife wanted me to put gravel back on so after a long battle i lost and gravel went back in lol. I had to compromise after she had bought my fish the order from tasty worms. My Rex's wen is growing im really excited about his improvement, im not sure if you can see his bloodstreaked fins i want to fix this asap (this is for another thread) My Moila just looking big and beautiful she hasn't had any growth in her wen i dont think it will grow My tele Biggie he is getting fat but is still short lol he cant decide what color he wants to be lol im really loving the light i will try and find a old picture of the way it didnt illuminate the way it does now With the new light with the old light
  12. So ive been impatiently waiting for my package that i ordered last week on the 21 which i mentioned on another thread, been tracking it everyday at least 5 times a day on the usps website lol now its finally here! So everyone is tracking i ordered the gh/hk test kit, saki hikari color enhancing pellet food, and the soilent green repashy. i am super excited to make the repashy for my little guys and see how they like it. i also cant wait to know the hardness of my water and see what i need to do to control and keep my parameters stable. And last but not least my sister in law bought me a new light fixture as a early birthday present its an awesome light it has like a million led's lol. its the finnex ray 2 if i can recall correctly its an awesome light and it really makes my tank stand out. I will post pictures after i get back from picking up my son i got an extra day off from work so i thought id surprise my son at the bus stop.
  13. Man that is really something my female drops eggs all the time but im not sure if my guy knows what to do or they all end up eating the egg. thanks for sharing the pictures good luck to you
  14. For me it started out as a favor and quickly became an obsession! I found it to be very therapeutic and it eases my anxiety issues. My wife isn't the happiest at times with me about my hobby but she has been very grateful that these little guys of mine came into our family that last night she was the one that bought me the repashy saki hikari and the gh/kh test kit from tastyworms! All day long i think about the well being of my new kids and i love coming home and seeing the reaction i get from them. Overall it frees me from all the problems of the world and frees me from all the demons that i fight on the daily. I owe a lot to my fish and they have know clue of how good they have been for me. This is a great thread Green Tea thank you for allowing to post the reason behind the love for my fish!
  15. You can easily decide on whether to get the kits or not by calling your water utility and ask them what the tap kH/alkalinity/carbonate hardness is. If they tell you it's under 50ppm, definitely get the kit, because you will want to buffer your water. Measuring the pH and seeing that it doesn't really change between your measurements doesn't really tell you anything about the hardness of the water, and if your water is soft, you can still run into problems. So, better be safe than sorry. Call, get the actual value, and then go from there. I am going to call the water company today and once the test kit get here see how much is the difference from what they said and what the test reads. what buffers would you guys recommend, i read that buff it up from GC is really good and i was looking at the seachem buffer on tasty worms. Thank you for your reply
  16. Before i went to bed last night i placed my order from Tasty Worms my impatience got the best of me. Once i get the package i will test it . Thank you for the reply Also thank you for the thread!
  17. Should i go ahead and purchase the API gh/kh test kit? i always see that we have to post those water levels, and i dont like the idea of going to the lfs to get them tested. any input would be great.
  18. There are two links in my signature on salt, and they will describe in more detail the kind(s) of salt you could use. Essentially, any salt (sodium chloride) that has no additives. After almost 2 hours of store after store i got it! the internet on my phone was kind of slow so i couldnt load your links in time and i am a very inpatient person lol. out of all the major stores and supermarkets Target was the one that had them. i will treat my fish tomorrow after work i am also going to order prazi i am moving back to the mailand at the end of next month and i want to make sure my little soldiers are in top shape for this relocation. Thank alot.
  19. I can't seem to find the canning and pickling salt I did however find morton kosher sal. Is there another option for me to buy?
  20. Technically you can keep saltwater in any size aquarium you want. I've seen people keep coral in a 3 gallon tank, but it's not something anyone would recommend for a beginner. The smaller the tank is, the less stable the system is and things can fluctuate and go wrong more quickly. I'm not saying you shouldn't get a 20 gal, just realize that the less water volume you have, the harder it is to keep it stable. Thank you! that was very well stated, short, sweet and to the point. it will definitely change my train of thought about this i might upgrade my 55 to a 120-150g for my three goldies and add two more fancies, and turn the 55 into a saltwater tank, i was going to initially do a planted tank but after going out and seeing how beautiful these saltwater fish are has completely changed my mind. Once again thank you
  21. A little update we went to a fish store yesterday and one of the employees there said we could even get a 20g long tank and make it saltwater tank along with a canister filter. Just get the right salt mixture and get the parameters right and when water evaporated just fill it back up regular water as long as the salt leves were good
  22. Your tank is amazing i love your Anubias, your fish look great also
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