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  1. Hello everyone, i am back on Koko's after i moved from hawaii back to the mainland. So as some of you remember i was worried about my fish traveling from hawaii to california, i sold my acrylic tank to one of my soldiers there, and kept my five fish in a tub for two weeks with daily water changes and feeding once a day, and my two red caps didnt take it so well i didnt want them to die so i gave them to another soldier of mine where they are growing beautifully and loving life. As for my other three fishies 1 calico tele, 1 gold tele, and my beautiful black and red oranda they got to fly with me in the plane! "well not in the plane with me but under the plane as cargo which was a better deal then having them shipped for me by ups or fed ex. When we arrived in california i had to wait 2 hours to get them as soon as i got them i bought a 60 gallon aquarium masters tank and stand ( i love the black sealant they use to bond the glass together) brought my AC70 with me and put the media inside a seperate bag and it traveled with my fish. i set it up bought a fluval 306 added my ac 110. so im running two aquaclear hob and a canister filter ive changed from bare bottom to sand to dirt and back to sand and my fishes are loving them. i recently bought a panda moore and its too beautiful and im really happy with the way things are going right now. besides the plants sand and goldfish, i bought some zebra danios, buenos aires tetras , and some algae eaters. they have been living together perfectly fine. Here they are Here is my panda look at damu being camera shy Full tank shot
  2. amazing tank i love your set up
  3. It looks great! cant wait what it will look like with your light upgrade
  4. Im hating on your tank right now it looks amazing that is what i want my tank to look like
  5. Thank you everyone they are doing great! Update i gave him one of my filter media and the levels are great now and they seem to be really loving it!!
  6. Is the black moor in the first picture the same as the fifth picture? if so that a mean color change. as for your orange tele i love his black spots. nice looking fish okay nevermind lol i seen the title how long did it take him to change to this color? and what did you feed him?
  7. On a serious note I have an acrylic tank and I have used vinegar and one used the api cleaner I haven't used bleach yet, I would start on a small spot just to take and doubts away. I am about to move to the mainland and would like to clean my tank with bleach as well please update us when you do
  8. Whos ready for the ufc fight tonight?
  9. They are some nice fish especially for lps fish you have taken care of them nicely. Can't wait top seeyour new goldfish
  10. You always capture great picture
  11. I think this is a great question, cant waitto see someone chime in and inform us
  12. Vaseline? Thats really cool. I will try that next time
  13. Here brother try this http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/95717-how-to-post-pics-photobucket/page__pid__1130525#entry1130525
  14. I first used it for my 10g starter kit it was great no air bubbles or anything the only hard part was the edges. Either than that its a good buy. Keep us updated
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