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  1. Also i wanted to switch my filter, i was going to buy a AC20 but at my lfs i saw this http://www.amazon.com/Deep-Blue-Professional-ADB88702-30-Gallon/dp/B009GO75VS/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1373665000&sr=8-4&keywords=biomaxx+filter

    and wondered what your guys thought on this was. if not ill stick with my ac20 i love aqua clears if not an fx5 will also do so filtered 10gallon tank


    dang it also, lol what size heater is good for a 10gallon betta tank i have a 50w but i cant get the temperature to be steady please advise

  2. Warning Pic Heavy!

    okay so here are some pictures of when i first set up the tank, two days ago i woke up and the tetra whisper filter died on me it probably has sand in the motor but i didnt have time to mess with it i had to get ready for work. So in a matter of 3-4 seconds flat i pulled out a internal whisper10g filter swapped out the media and had that bad boy running i didnt want napolean to think that there was gonna be no current! anyways here are some pictures of how it looked









    And here is a update of how it looks now i did not decide to go with real plants because im still trying to handle planting my goldies tank, but i had som fake plants stored so i used those i put the tallest plants in front of the filter output to baffle some of the current and i think its working out perfectly







  3. So I bought a aquarium master 10gallon with a same brand led light and a jebo 50w heater my wife bought carib sea white sand. He has been swimming like a boss lol I named him Napoleon. As for filtration im using a tetra 10g filter that came with a starter kit I had, I packed it with filter floss and biomax. But it seems that it creates too much current and when I turn it down im not sure if it filters good enough lol. I just bought a sponge filter please advise if this is a good choice for filtration for my tank I will post pics soon as I get home

  4. so im buying my little betta a tank today and im not sure if i should buy a 5gallon or ten gallon please advise i do want to plant it and maybe have a couple of little guys in there maybe guppies or tetras not sure, please help... also what equipment do i need. Thanks in advance

  5. It looks very nice :)

    Thank you bodoba

    It looks great!

    thanks alot

    Looks great!!!!

    Thank you

    How long did it take for the paint to dry?

    Nice tank:)

    thanks it took about 15 to fully dry i used a small fan to help me out a bit. the only problem i had was that one of the bottles of acrylic paintwas already open so it had some stiff parts and maybe also the sponge brushes i used werent all that great but it worked out pretty good i think.

    Beatuiful, :)

    Thank you Rai

    Nice...the fish really pop against the black!

    Dont they?! thats why i went for the black background

    Looks nice

    And I like the mixture of fish

    It gives alot of dimension

    Thanks i always worried about that but getting complements from ou guys eases my worries

    Looks amazing. :) You did a great job.

    thank you yafashelli, so did you i love the way your tank looks

    The Tank looks Great!!! I wish I could commit to having one color background ;)

    As for the fish you have in your tank...

    I wouldn't say that your mixing fish is Wrong, just not what most of us here do, we like to keep our goldfish with goldfish, for many different reasons,One being temp range,ph differences, feeding requirements,and goldfish tend to eat what ever they can fit in their mouths ;) lol

    Your Tank looks Lovely :)

    thank you lol and i was really worried about that in the beginning because a couple of danios ended on the floor and i wondered if it was cause of the goldies trying to eat them. but they dont bother the tetras at all. but i do contemplate putting them in my brother in laws tank but he is hard headed and does not take care of his fish even though i try and explain to him the importance in fish care

  6. i have three zebra danios, and 4 buenos aires tetras. I looked up what other fish would do with goldies and i found a list somewhere of what fish can stand cooler temps that would make them idela for goldies. They have been in the tank for over a month now and have had no problem they tetras have gotten bigger as well as the danios, if i am doing something wrong please advise so i cna fix it right away

  7. So i decided to jump on the bandwagon and paint my background and after seeing thitras video i went ahead and got some acrylic paint and went to town. i think it turned out pretty good. Here are some pictures



    ill try and get better ones today after my water change

  8. your tank is looking awesome!! Welcome back :D

    Just to warn you, I believe those plants with the white edging are ribbon plants, which are not true aquatic plants and will eventually rot and die over time if kept underwater. Do you happen to know what the grassy looking ones are? (I am wondering if those are mondo grass, but I'm not sure. Places like petco often sell ribbon plants and mondo grass, neither of which are truly aquatic)

    Thanks since then ive removed the ribon plants and gave to my daughter to learn resposibility and the "hair grass" is still in the tank i bought them from a lfs which has tons a planted tanks and they have never had those ribon plants and that day they did and i got them, as for the hair grass the shop owner has them in the display tank. BUT i just ordered from planted aquariums central and cant wait for the plants to get here.

  9. aww man im completely saddend by this....

    i really like my betta being in my office and i dont think i can get away with having a tank in my office. BUT nothing stops me when once i get started i will figure something and keep my betta safe and unstressed. Thanks for the advice

  10. look at the size of those fins :o

    I know right

    Lovely bettas they have at (certain chain pet store) these days.

    i bought this one at a local fish shop they. Chain stores may carry nice fish but by the time that people buy them they arent in th best conditon well that's in my opinion even tough i bought my calico and oranda at petsmart....

    Beautiful betta you have their!!

    Thank you

    Nice :thumb:


    What a beaut :)


    Very pretty fish. :)

    Thank you

    Beautiful Betta.

    Thanks it makes the paperwork in my office not seem as stressful as it is :ehh

  11. Well i started my new job about a month ago its a little hard for me to get use to but it could be worse. so to make things a little more soothing and calming for me i bought a betta i think the right name is a elephant ear betta not to sure help me out on what breed he is still dont have a name but i love it. the one thing about fish is that they are addictive.

    Here are some pictures ill get better ones later on today.



    Here is a blurry one


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