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  1. Man that little guy is awesome. I want to kidnapp him lol
  2. Rojo

    Betta for my office

    Also i wanted to switch my filter, i was going to buy a AC20 but at my lfs i saw this http://www.amazon.com/Deep-Blue-Professional-ADB88702-30-Gallon/dp/B009GO75VS/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1373665000&sr=8-4&keywords=biomaxx+filter and wondered what your guys thought on this was. if not ill stick with my ac20 i love aqua clears if not an fx5 will also do so filtered 10gallon tank dang it also, lol what size heater is good for a 10gallon betta tank i have a 50w but i cant get the temperature to be steady please advise
  3. Rojo

    Betta for my office

    Warning Pic Heavy! okay so here are some pictures of when i first set up the tank, two days ago i woke up and the tetra whisper filter died on me it probably has sand in the motor but i didnt have time to mess with it i had to get ready for work. So in a matter of 3-4 seconds flat i pulled out a internal whisper10g filter swapped out the media and had that bad boy running i didnt want napolean to think that there was gonna be no current! anyways here are some pictures of how it looked And here is a update of how it looks now i did not decide to go with real plants because im still trying to handle planting my goldies tank, but i had som fake plants stored so i used those i put the tallest plants in front of the filter output to baffle some of the current and i think its working out perfectly
  4. Rojo

    Betta for my office

    So I bought a aquarium master 10gallon with a same brand led light and a jebo 50w heater my wife bought carib sea white sand. He has been swimming like a boss lol I named him Napoleon. As for filtration im using a tetra 10g filter that came with a starter kit I had, I packed it with filter floss and biomax. But it seems that it creates too much current and when I turn it down im not sure if it filters good enough lol. I just bought a sponge filter please advise if this is a good choice for filtration for my tank I will post pics soon as I get home
  5. Rojo

    Betta for my office

    so im buying my little betta a tank today and im not sure if i should buy a 5gallon or ten gallon please advise i do want to plant it and maybe have a couple of little guys in there maybe guppies or tetras not sure, please help... also what equipment do i need. Thanks in advance
  6. Thank you bodoba thanks alot Thank you thanks it took about 15 to fully dry i used a small fan to help me out a bit. the only problem i had was that one of the bottles of acrylic paintwas already open so it had some stiff parts and maybe also the sponge brushes i used werent all that great but it worked out pretty good i think. Thank you Rai Dont they?! thats why i went for the black background Thanks i always worried about that but getting complements from ou guys eases my worries thank you yafashelli, so did you i love the way your tank looks thank you lol and i was really worried about that in the beginning because a couple of danios ended on the floor and i wondered if it was cause of the goldies trying to eat them. but they dont bother the tetras at all. but i do contemplate putting them in my brother in laws tank but he is hard headed and does not take care of his fish even though i try and explain to him the importance in fish care
  7. i have three zebra danios, and 4 buenos aires tetras. I looked up what other fish would do with goldies and i found a list somewhere of what fish can stand cooler temps that would make them idela for goldies. They have been in the tank for over a month now and have had no problem they tetras have gotten bigger as well as the danios, if i am doing something wrong please advise so i cna fix it right away
  8. So i decided to jump on the bandwagon and paint my background and after seeing thitras video i went ahead and got some acrylic paint and went to town. i think it turned out pretty good. Here are some pictures ill try and get better ones today after my water change
  9. beautiful tank i love your fish. im a little jealous
  10. for a second i thought that your whole bottom was planted. looks good my friend
  11. nice tank and nice fish nice tank and nice fish
  12. great fish and beautiful wen growth
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