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  1. Thank you for the advice! I don't have any water parameters.
  2. My family and I are going down south for a vacation in less than a week and my neighbor is feeding my Goldfish. The tank will not be able to be cleaned for around two weeks. How often would you advise me to feed my goldfish? 20 gallon tank, one Black Moor. Thank you.
  3. Hello I went to the grocery store today and got some gelatin for some Gel Food. Could you help me a little on how to prepare it and what to put in? Also, is this the right brand to get? Just making sure. Here's some things I have in my veggie drawer. 1. Peas. 2.Spinach 3.Broccoli 4.Green Squash (Is this okay? I hear you can feed Zucchini to Goldfish)
  4. I had a problem with this when I first started out with Goldfish (Back then when I knew NOTHING) I once had a small Black Moor (S/He once lived with Tuyet who is still alive and swimming today) and one day she was missing. I checked everywhere, but then I unplugged my filter and s/he came floating out of the tube of the fliter, absolutely shredded It wasn't pretty at all, but not as disgusting when my Pleco rotted in one of those ornaments. I had no idea my Pleco was dead, until the water change when I saw what was left of him I haven't had problems with violent filter killers anymore, thankfully.
  5. Fishy, fishy, fishy... I want to dig up my parent's backyard and turn it into a Goldfish zoo now!
  6. I'll have to look somewhere to buy food locally
  7. Tuyet (My Black Moor) : "What's on the menu today? Me: "Chopped up peas." Tuyet: "Again..?" That would have been our conversation between me and Tuyet today. So, I cleared up my overcrowding problem lately, but I know I need to feed my Black Moor some different food. Before I knew better, I always fed all my Goldfish flakes every. single. day. If that wasn't bad enough, I never knew to soak them. Either I had Goldfish with stomachs made of steel, or I was extremely lucky. They never had any diseases, not even swim bladder. All I have right now is a can of flake food (That I haven't touched in a long while since I knew it could give Goldfish swim bladder...) a can of floating pellets, and frozen peas. I'm not sure Tuyet likes Spinach very much. So, what kind of food would you suggest to feed to a hungry Black Moor?
  8. I measured and my biggest was about six inches! I'm surprised, since they never had lots of room to grow!
  9. I'm not sure. If you mean the water, it might have evaporated over time. They were cleaning it that day, I suppose they would put more water in it.
  10. Donating all four of my lovely Commons to my local Chinese Buffet pond in one week. I sure didn't see that one coming. The same woman at the checkout didn't mind getting a late donation though. This time I asked if I could take pictures. She graciouly allowed me to do so. I am happy to have just one Goldfish tank in my room. The flow of the water is sometimes relaxing, but the loud humming from my 10 gallon gets irritating. I retired the 10 gallon to the basement and put my Black Moor in her new 20 gallon. She seems very happy and I found a new name for her. I also gave my Black Moor a name. Her name is Tuyet, which ironically means "snow white" in Vietnamese. That's alright though, I like the way it sounds.(Too-yet I think...) Besides, my name means "Graceful" and let's just say it doesn't really fit me. Some of you wanted some pictures and I have some here. Enjoy... Here's some pictures of my Commons that I donated. Their new home. (Don't mind how 'dirty' it might look. They were cleaning it that day) This is usually where the fish like to hide most of the time. Tuyet in her new home!
  11. That's where I'm bringing her. I think I'll say when I get there "Have room for one more?" LOL! It'll give me an opportunity to take pictures too. Maybe I'll get my bucket back...just kidding.
  12. I do not believe I have a local fish club. I know where I can donate my common. Thanks for the info Thunder.
  13. Right now I have my Black Moor in a 10 gallon for the time being. She needs a new home and I only have a single 20 gallon with my common in it. I plan to keep the common and give my Black Moor to someone who can take proper care of her. I suppose it's not as easy to donate Black Moors since you can't mix fancies with commons and most places with ponds have commons. If I was to give her to someone on the forum, how in the world would I contact them? I know it's important to be very careful contacting people you don't know from online. Fill me on what I need to know, thank you. (Also, thank you Koko for fixing the forum!)
  14. So pretty! I love the black glittering colors!
  15. Thank you... I only need to find a home for my beloved female Black Moor. She's been so good with pushy Commons all these years...
  16. Actually I stumbled upon this earlier today! I Googled all of them, but I didn't see anything about Goldfish donations, especially fancy Goldfish like the Black Moor.
  17. I have the Moor and a (Calico?) Goldfish. I was planning on trying to find a new home for the Moor. Any suggestions? You could ask around here if anyone close to your area could meet to take her in? Maybe, but I was suggested to bring her to a "Goldfish Club" What is that exactly? Do they find good owners for your Goldfish?
  18. Aw sorry, I forgot to bring my camera, plus I will probably end up making a Photobucket account for the website later on. Lol, thanks Thunder
  19. I have the Moor and a (Calico?) Goldfish. I was planning on trying to find a new home for the Moor. Any suggestions?
  20. It's been a tough day today, not as bad as the night I was struggling with myself what to do with my Goldfish. I mentioned something about a Chinese restaurant having an indoor pond and I finally made a decision. Don't worry, it's not one of those small Chinese takouts that you find a tiny 5 gallon tank with four big Goldfish in it. So, my parents and I went to the grocery store and on the way back we went into that restaurant to ask if they take goldfish donations. The woman at the checkout said I could bring them in at any time the restaurant was open. I was very happy because we were out of there quick with no questions or problems. Before all that, I gave my three Goldies some peas for probably the last time. The big Goldfish nibbled my fingers as I put in the chopped up peas! So, when I got home from the store, I put the Goldfish in a bucket and we were on our way. I had my hand on the bucket the whole time we were in the car. Soon after, we brought them into the restaurant. The woman there said that they clean the pond every two weeks. She also had a very pretty Koi in there that was hers, the rest were donations. I'm sure my Goldfish will be happy there. Another good thing is that I gave her a thank-you note with a recommendation to Koko's Forum if she had questions about Goldfish I will surely miss them, but it had to be done so they would grow bigger, happier, and healthier. Just one more thing, the restaurant is near our area and we go there for birthdays and adoption days! Donating or giving away your Goldfish isn't so sad if you know they'll have a bright future. Maybe, just maybe I'll see them again.
  21. Those are totally amazing! You're artsy like me, only you do it for a job! Keep the awesomeness coming!
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