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  1. Thanks, I like the minimalist look. Wait till you see my other tanks. Nice idea, I might try that one day...Do you know if the goldfish pick at the Marimo balls? I have one in my 6g Fluval Edge tank w/ endlers. The manzanita is wedged perfectly as it sits and I enjoy its simplistic beauty.
  2. Here it is again in HD although it is only a touch clearer.. I never realized iphone video was this bad. Thanks, the drift wood is sand blasted manzanita.
  3. No worries. Let me clarify/restate a few things. They are only being quarantined all together in this tank and will be split up later down the line. I have a 135g waiting for some of them as well as a couple ponds. Overstocking can be acceptable as long as water changes are frequent.
  4. Hey Goldfishers! For ease of maintenace, I recently changed up my discus tank to goldfish and wanted to share a quick iphone video of the new group. I will try to get an HD version once I figure out how to. They are currently undergoing quarantine all at once since they came from different local fish stores. The featured tank is a 95g corner filtered by a Fluval FX5 and Lifeguard UV sterilizer. I will be splitting up the group into another 135g w/ built in sump once things settle in. Fancy goldfish stock: White Oranda (4"), Chocolate Oranda (4"), Black Oranda (3.5") Red & white Ryukin (3.5"), White & red grade A Ranchu (3"), Three white & red telescopes (2.5"), one shubunkin (2.5"), shiro utsuri koi (2"), sanke koi (2"), two showa koi (2"), Chocolate pearlscale (1"), white ranchu (1"), two black moors (1"), eight black ranchus (1"), Misc: twenty plus powder blue endlers, twenty female guppies
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